INSEEC Business School

INSEEC Business School

INSEEC Business School provides unparalleled opportunities for academic learning with a mission to provide an innovative model of educational programs to develop the international business knowledge at the highest level.

With the core concept to bridge the gap between technical and theoretical education, INSEEC reflects its acknowledgement and recognition. Based on the conceptual principles of attention, and excellence, the school strives for the student’s satisfaction.

Founded Year: 1975
Institution Type: Private

27 Av. Claude Vellefaux, 75010 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Reasons to Choose INSEEC Business School

Proven Expertise

With the best knowledge of management, communication, computer science, engineering and values of social responsibilities INSEEC has a goal of openness, consistency and employability.

Strategic Locations

INSEEC with the main campus at San Francisco and campuses spread at Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Monaco, London, Abidjan and Geneva offers the opportunity to immerse students in the global world.

Diverse Range of classes

From the initial and on-going trainings to the tailored E-Learning, INSEEC gives students the vital knowledge about the management to help them choose the specific field of expertise.

International Reputation

With the campus at France, INSEEC holds higher standard of facilities, technologies and contribution to the global reputation of Paris as an innovative and dynamic agglomeration.

Partnership with Industries

INSEEC graduate programs and masters collaborate with companies to help students reach the success podium.

With the development in the personality as well as incubation of the entrepreneurial skills, INSEEC offers various professional degrees to provide the strong network of alumni for the exciting career.

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INSEEC Business School Accreditations

INSEEC Business School is honored with two most prestigious accreditations – AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System).

AFNOR Certification

In November 2020, INSEEC was globally recognized by the Organic Certification Commission of AFNOR, acknowledging its educational quality and the strength of its programs.

AFNOR is an accredited member of the Committee Francaise d’Aeration Accreditation (COFRAC), a reputable and trusted accreditation institution that is widely recognized.

INSEEC Business School Scholarships

Focusing on self-education to professional success by passing over the financial hurdles INSEEC Business School offers a wide range of scholarships and financial assistance.

The “Mobility” Grant

It facilitates students’ outbound activities with the unlimited study or internships opportunities in abroad.

The Esteemed Erasmus+ Scholarship

With the support of the financial participation of the Erasmus+ scheme, INSEEC helps students to achieve the academic goals wherein eligible students receive grants covering their studies and/or one year of internship in Europe.

Factors affecting the conditions and values of the grants include:

  • The destination
  • Length of stay

And, students who are willing to know more about international relations are allowed to contact the department websites.

The Accessible CROUS Scholarship

For the students with the Chateaubriand and FondeJeunes scholarships, INSEEC’s BBA and Post-Bachelor’s programs offer CROUS scholarship opportunities.

Jacques Lambert Foundation Grant

Selected students from the first-year business school can avail this unique scholarship granting an award based on the curriculum and professional efficiency. Along with this, INSEEC aims to offer qualitative higher education across a variety of domains for French students.

INSEEC Business School Placements

Additional to offering many courses, INSEEC Business School offers placement opportunities through internships and employment.


INSEEC improves its professional values by acquiring abilities, experience, and knowledge to establish a professional path and find employment in the preferred industry.

By pursuing successful professional integration, INSEEC offers the workshops on CV writing, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, networking, and salary negotiations relevant to the opportunities suitable for the students.

The platform maintains its personal page like the CV library belonging to INSEEC along with maintaining the details of the internship programs regularly to provide the students with job opportunities.

Additionally to the internship the school gives students an excellent opportunity of the professional life for work placements, volunteer agreements and initiation to entrepreneurship as well as their military service.

Post Graduation Opportunities

INSEEC School constantly produces graduates along with the 95% of employment assistance program.

Student Services Offered by INSEEC Business School

At INSEEC Business School, student services improve student success by enriching their educational path and making it enjoyable and productive. Along with the attractive bank offers and selective help for housing, INSEEC provides the best student community atmosphere at the campus.

Innovative Financial Support

By working in partnership with Caisse d’Epargne Ile-de-France and Uniloan, INSEEC Business School provides an attractive financial support service to access tailored-made loans for students help.

Exploring Beyond Borders

Students under the age of 27 are given discounts for their education and for the tram tickets with preferential rates on charges on SNCF which make their local and national traveling easy.

Tailored Technology Discounts

INSEEC enables its students to have a competitive edge in the field of study with the great discount benefits from top technology companies suchas Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and HP.

Ease of Mobility

VIAHUMANIS platform isa search engine to help the student find accommodations located near their workplaces to provide an easy transition from school to work-study environment.

License Assistance

The improved discount for getting a driving license will give the students of INSEEC more opportunities for commuting.

Finding Perfect Home

Together with Study Apart, Nexity, Studefi and KoLiving, INSEEC students may find a matching accommodation is as easy as reserving a room at La Casa Coliving.

Cultural Enrichment

Students are allowed to enjoy up to 50% discount at some selected shops and they can visit some museums for free inorder to improve their cultural experiences.

Stay Active, Stay Fit

INSEEC intends to keep fit the students with health by providing them with special facilities of fitness centers, swimming pools, and ice rinks.

Food and Shopping

Students get discounts at fast food and partner restaurants on campus, for buying clothes, and streaming movies to keep their life enjoyable.

INSEEC Business School Student Life

INSEEC Business School provides the theoretical grounding but also inserts its students into the dynamic and diverse community of the society to handle business challenges for the future.

Learning and Living Together

The INSEEC atmosphere is highly oriented to sharing and communicating organizing practical and hands-on experiences to make a difference in the student community.

A Showcase for Skills

At INSEEC, the student association offers a rare opportunity for students to engage in entrepreneurial projects that has business projects and competitions to help building a CV as well as gaining necessary experience.

Associations across campuses

Students have a wide choice from the Art & Culture clubs such as ‘Wine About’ and ‘Studio in Bordeaux’ to humanitarian groups such as ‘MHIGE’, ‘CASEXIT’, and ‘MEDI-NSEEC’, the diversity of the student body takes care of the Ecology club ‘Grin’seec’ and the department of ‘INSEEC-COUNSEIL’ (COMM) and ‘IBO (JOBS)’.

Online Presence

INSEEC Business School shows its presence through the digital social platform such as Instagram and Facebook to connect all its students and be involved as well.


INSEEC “BDS In Taurus” provide “Wine About” to the sports enthusiast students within the campus.

INSEEC Business School Rankings

In the 2022 Edition of the ‘Post-Prepa’ Business Schools ranking by La Supplement Estudiant, the INSEEC Grande Ecole stands at 18th position.

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