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University of Poitiers

Universite de Poitiers serves as a hub of excellence and innovation for many generations education in its present founded in 1431. Sharing wide range of traditions with the modern world and quality education it offers, the strong academic environment. The principle of Universite de Poitiers decision-making foster innovation and progress while making it the favorite learning institution for every student and researcher all over the world.

Founded Year: 1431
Institution Type: Public

20 Rue Guillaume 7 le Troubadour, 86000 Poitiers, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose Universite de Poitiers

Universite de Poitiers is heuristic in its tradition that goes beyond geographical area and operates campuses in Greater Poitiers, Niort, Angouleme, Chatellerault & Segonzac. It also provides a wide range

Spearheading Innovation

University of Poitiers has continued playing a strategic role to enhance its education and research innovation.

  • It is the first among three French universities owning property assets focusing on Sudan Development and Social Responsibility (DDRS).
  • Well-designed and contemporary structured efficient energy uses the architecture of older structures on the campus.

A Global Family

From the details obtained from the University of Poitiers international students studying here are form more than 16% of the total student body, offering a dynamic study environment.

Every year an average of 4,000 students enrolls as international students in the University. Wherein, it has 49% of its doctoral students from other countries.

Exceptional Opportunities

With the aspect of the Universite de Poitiers to providing its students with a rich opportunity develop it has numerous partnerships with the best institutions.

A Warm Welcome

Universite de Poitiers stretch out its helping hand to welcome every new student, professor, researcher or any other administrative staff.

  • Efficient and friendly supports are given by an International Relations Office tailored for students.

The EURAXESS service center also guarantees a proper welcome upon arrival of lecturers and researchers

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Universite de Poitiers Accreditations

Universite de Poitiers offers more credibility, prescient work in waste management and ambitious projects known for its academicism and research philosophies.

The Universite de Poitiers has rose up to the challenge during the year 2021 that collaborates the successful project bid in ‘ExcellenceS sous toutes ses formes’ project as a funding scheme supported by Agence Nationale de la Recherche and Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France.

Universite de Poitiers Scholarships

The Universite de Poitiers provides several types of financial aid to its students based on the different parameters.

CROUS Scholarship Based on Social Criteria

For these scholarships and/or university accommodation, students need to complete a single Student Social Application.

Dispositif Visale – The CROUS Student Rental Deposit

The Visale guarantee deposits are available to all students under the age of 30 which is backed up by the government and the Action Logement organization.

University Student Social Guidance Service

Social Guidance Service is available at the Universite de Poitiers to address issues related to administration such as accommodation and health, and applications depending on the students’ circumstances.

Help in the Reimbursement of University Fees

The Universite de Poitiers offers fee reimbursements for students enrolled in the previous year where the application is sent to the Student Social Service (University Fund).

Universite de Poitiers Placements

Universite de Poitiers prepares students for their successful future boasting them in association with JobTeaser. This is the number one recruitment site for the 20-30-year-old student with the concept to help students in placement by providing them with numerous internship and job opportunities.

Connecting Students with Potential Employers

As a university, the Universite de Poitiers enrolls around 28,000 students for the employment benefit.

JobTeaser also allows employers to:

  • Get exposure about the student population in large numbers.
  • Monitor the progress of student’s internships and companies job openings.
  • Control job postings and edit, delete, or restore them for posting again.
  • Develop employer brand by providing a separate hosting venue.

JobTeaser and the Career Center

JobTeaser’s Career Center is a platform which leads its way across Europe and implements intranet of more than 200 establishments. With the effective employer branding products and a specific way of delivering job is offered to students. This at the local or international level provides the platform to the students to get thousands of job offers ensuring a smooth transition to working life.

Opportunities for Students and Graduates

The Career Center of the Universite de Poitiers helps students to define and achieve their career objectives to find employment. With their personalized profile, students can:

  • Receive internships, work-study, and job offers to match their interests and preferences.
  • Watch more than 1,500 job videos categorized by industry and get to know about the partner companies.
  • Upload their CV online and get information about the events being held by the university or different companies.
  • Find job search strategies in the resource area and information.

Keeping up with Opportunities and Events

Students receive daily job listings and weekly event reminders through email to alerts  them and make sure that the offers and events are related to their search query.

Student Services Offered by Universite de Poitiers

The Universite de Poitiers cares about its students by offering a range of student’s services encompassing a vast range of academic resources from administrative guidance to health service and an diverse collection of library to facilitate students with the learn with easy and meaningful things.

The ‘Tuition Service’ or the Admissions Office is the office to handle all student affairs related to enrollment, exams, and study certificate or transfer student files.

Consulting on Operational and Organizational Modifications

  • Giving tips to arrange the study schedules
  • Offering helpful assistance with a cancellation or modifications of enrolments

Student Health Service

SSE of the Universite de Poitiers is a primary healthcare provider aiming to improve the health of all its staff and students. With the direct employment by the institution or from outsource campuses such as Niort and Angouleme, the program focuses on – ENSMA, CNRS and INSERM staff.

University Libraries – the centre for your knowledge acquisition

  • The Poitiers University Libraries (BU) is the source of information for all the courses offered in the University.
  • LHS has library facility that boasts an access to a collection of over 8, 00, 000 books and 6,000 journals.
  • There are around 120 e-books and databases available in scientific references, publications, and bulletins.

Crous – Included for Help in Daily Life

Crous enables and supports student existence by providing social services for students, as well as helping students to find employment. Catering and campus life facilities are also available within their sphere of responsibility to make student experience better.

Travel in Poitiers – The Easy Way

The city offers ample of transport means for the students such as Vitalis bus service which charges at a relatively cheap fare which has monthly, three monthly, six monthly or annual packages. Even with the choice of the students, cycling is available which is eco-friendly and has a provision of cycle paths, soft lanes and secure bicycle parking.

Student Life at Universite de Poitiers

Universite de Poitier offers a perfect combination of education, art and culture in a single setting with the concept of developing the student personality. It highly focuses on the individual presentation of the university as a place of education, arts, and culture with many artistic and cultural performances that take place in different indoor and outdoor platforms. This aims of liberating student and exposing them to new experiences.

Promoting Participation and Preserving Artistic Creation

The Vice-President in charge of Culture and Life on Campus Isabelle Lamothe understands the role of art and culture while fulfilling various needs and expectations of the students. This also helps students to discover the works of art endeavoring its goal of help students understand the world on different levels of aesthetic and sensitivity.

Artist residencies and art installations grant to support students’ artwork aiming to maintain a rich collaboration with cultural institutions and impact positively the cultural life of the region.


The Universite de Poitiers recognizes and celebrates the university’s student athletes and keep updating on the MUD Campus.

Universite de Poitiers Rankings

Shanghai based on Academic Performance

In 2023 Shanghai Ranking held the Universite de Poitiers among the top 800 universities for research performance. And has ranked it 25th nationally among 300 higher education and research institutions that occupies the 20th place among 70 French universities.

Based on the number of scientific papers, the Universite de Poitiers ranks 17 among 70 French universities based on the number of scientific papers in the year of 2013-2017.


In 2018, the Universite de Poitiers was ranked by Intenational CWTS Leiden Ranking on Research among 938 universities from 55 countries.

In the years between 2013 and 2016, Universite de Poitiers was ranked 745th in the world from the selected 1,396 papers.

According to the International QS ranking

In the 2017-2018 editions of ]the international QS ranking, the Universite de Poitiers ranked 26th among the French universities and 32nd among the 39 French higher educational institutions.

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