ISEP School of Digital Engineers

ISEP-School of Digital Engineers

ISEP-School of Digital Engineers is the future companion to get on board and become the best digital engineer.

Students passionate to create an opportunity for robust digital technologies can look for ISEP-School of Digital Engineers, as their best choice. ISEP has a great proven track record with a detailed curriculum can be the ideal school for digital talent who are still coming up.

Founded Year: 1955
Institution Type: Private

28, rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, 75006 Paris


Courses Offered

Reasons to Choose ISEP-School of Digital Engineers

With the technical innovations the learning experiences of ISEP program are unmatched. Here’s why students around the globe choose ISEP:

  • ISEP Engineering Master Degree Program (IEMDP) program is intended to equip students with tech-specific skills and the specialized expertise required for the developing digital environment.
  • International Integrated Cycle (CII) & Exchange Programs, ISEP has collaboration with an extensive group of 115 universities to guarantee a top-notch international experience in education. These programs provide opportunities for the students to explore and reach the farthest ends of the world through a wide range of curricular activities spread over 5 continents.
  • French Learning Program: With the excellent advantage for the students who wish to discover French during their education at ISEP.

ISEP is not merely a business school in fact it is a place where ideas are clashed and new possibilities breakthrough.

Recognized Excellence: Founded in 1955, ISEP consistently ranks within the top 10 French Engineering schools for digital technology, and its teaching is internationally renowned for its uncompromised excellence.

Unique Locations: With the close collaboration with tech companies, the strategic location of campuses is spread in Paris and Issy-les-Moulinaux.

Inclusive Education: By providing a wide-ranging curriculum on digital technology, ISEP creates an environment to form competence in IT systems, AI, cyber security etc.

Global Footprint: Worldwide presence of ISEP plus meaningful collaborations with universities like Stanford has makes it 100% English program.

Customizable Curriculum: With the opportunity for personalized learning, ISEP allows their student to finish the engineering program by finishing with or without an apprenticeship.

ISEP Alumni

ISEP has a lot of respect for its alumnae and organizes services like coaching, experience sharing, and also help them by providing professional assistance. Almost 9600 ISEP alumni from the past years, joining this great body is its asset too.

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ISEP-School of Digital Engineers Accreditations

The ISEP enjoys a high reputation due to the accreditation of the Engineering Accreditation Institution (CTI). CTI award accentuates the quality training and education that ISEP imparts to students so that they are well-equipped for the stringent and challenging needs of the digital engineering ecosystem.

The ISEP association of Digital Engineers is affiliated with an internationally renowned university, making it a competent educational institution in the area of digital engineering.

Decisions by the international students to continue their acquisition of the Master’s degree at ISEP join a program at the French government respecting it as internationally acclaimed.

ISEP-School of Digital Engineers Scholarships

For all the future digital engineers and tech enthusiasts, the ISEP-School of Digital Engineers Scholarships is bringing an excellent opportunity to kick start their career in the tech world.

Discovering Scholarship Opportunities

Finding the right scholarship opportunities can be challenging.

  • The cultural service of the French embassy offering an array of scholarships details suitable for aspiring digital engineers.
  • Students can also find valuable scholarship information at the French consulate of their country.

ISEP-School of Digital Engineers Placements

ISEP-School of Digital Engineers: A bridge to thrilling placement chances.

Being an internationally acclaimed institution, ISEP School of Digital Engineers represents the lighthouse of perfection towards the digital engineering world. ISEP is admired for its desire to provide advanced learning opportunities ensuring the formidable placement opportunities.

Unparalleled Placement Prospects

With excellent industry networking and an assertive education approach, ISEP provides good job prospects to its students. The curriculum of the school offers a comprehensive coverage of the sector whereby students can avail technologies and present them with practical skills.

Latest Highlights

ISEP has a great job placement rate as 90% of its graduates getting employed in less than four months after graduation.

Recently, JDN revealed that the ISEP graduates receive a higher salary than the national average of new graduates in France.

With the influence of the ISEP students get job opportunities in abroad also.

Nurturing the Future Leaders in Digital Engineering

Breaking the walls of tradition ISEP gives practical learning opportunities through research projects, internships to know how to deal with the real-life problems. This focus of the school churns out professionals who can survive in the trending digital world.

Global Reach

With the international partnerships with many prestigious educational institutions ISEP provides their students the opportunity to study out of the country and get international exposure. This not only enriches their academic life but also widens their range of future job opportunities.

ISEP School of Digital Engineers is the ideal place to make a successful career in digital engineering.

Student Services Offered by ISEP-School of Digital Engineers

ISEP’s Student Services focusing on the digital engineering is an academic resource for students.

Student Facilities

ISEP provides an array of facilities for its student community:

  • Fast internet speeds during the open hours.
  • Free Wi-Fi network in the ISEP campus, i.e each student receives an Office365 account from Microsoft free of cost.
  • The ISEP library maintains the collection of books, periodicals, and newspapers, and many more.
  • Working in partnership with the Catholic University, ISEP works in partnership with Catholic University availing free libraries to students.

Academic Digital Platform

ISEP offers a comprehensive digital platform for academic integration:

Moodle:  A portal to locate the course materials, and e-resources that can be downloaded

Hyperplanning: A tool to track courses and class timetables

Weberp: A portal that maintains the personalized view of student information and grades

MS Office 365: A variety of productivity services, such as Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, make a box of this kind.

With the true holistic academic environment at ISEP, each student gets an opportunity to make use of the available cutting-edge digital tools and resources.

Student Life at ISEP-School of Digital Engineers

The lively student life of the ISEP School of Digital Engineers is centered on the charismatic Student Union, referred as BDE. Entirely governed by student coordinators elected by the student body, the BDE provides an interactive and vibrant atmosphere for students by conducting a number of events, workshops and activities every year aiming to build the diverse student community building. ISEP always has something interesting for its student right from coding competitions to hackathons, cultural fairs to career fairs.

Also, there are many clubs and organizations in the school that includes all diversity interests, for example, robotics, game development, entrepreneurship.

Student-led Initiatives

The BDE is famous for putting together an array of social events and extracurricular activities and discussion forums, gearing towards students’ involvement and their personal development. This defines the great number of student engagement opportunities.

ISEP Junior Company: Bridging the Academic-Industry Divide.

The ISEP Junior Company is one of the most distinct units, this is student-oriented consulting group that satisfies the corporate customers of various companies by offering them creative and strategic solutions. This project allows students to gain practical knowledge with an exposure to the industry, thus becoming a bridge between academics and the professional field.

With the given potential students of ISEP-School of Digital Engineers can be leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, and more important, pioneers of the future.

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