IMT Mines Ales Engineering

IMT Mines Ales Engineering

IMT Mines Ales Engineering founded in 1843, is one of the oldest and most prestigious engineering schools in France which is considered as the epitome of France’s academic glory which is just an hour’s drive from Montpellier. With the fascinating history and recent developments it has integrated into France IMT, with the aim to contribute innovation and dynamic growth.

Founded Year: 1843
Institution Type: Public

6 Av. de Clavières, 30100 Alès, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose IMT Mines Ales School

As one of the best engineering schools, IMT Mines Ales nurture student’s aspirations by guiding through the project and the creation stage offering them with the special skills about the field, and study general engineering backgrounds simultaneously.

Enriched and Diversified Education

The school provides an advantage of supporting its curriculum with the international recognized research laboratories that encompasses a central program.

With the professional direction as well as university grades in the assignments navigate through different professions and sectors.

Personalized Guidance for Staff Advancement

IMT Mines Ales has its main purpose to give the possible growth professionally to its students including the individual and professional project assistance. This ensures the succeeding with more sustainability, and social responsibility.

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IMT Mines Ales Engineering Accreditations

Recognized for its well-established education quality and engineering degree, IMT Mines Ales gain its credibility by its authoritative accreditations.

ERASMUS+ Charter

IMT Mines Ales has been granted the ERASMUS+ Charter promoting partnership with European higher education institutions to help students gain the theoretical knowledge of various fields of along with the valuable experiences to their education.

IMT Mines Ales Engineering Scholarships

With a renowned name in global education, IMT Mines Ales presents the unique Engineering Scholarships ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder the path of budding engineers. Scholarships with 50% reduction in tuition fees are offered to the students whose family income does not exceed €3,000.

Comprehensive Support System

The Financial Aid Department at IMT Mines Ales aims to create a well-rounded support system, stating several social measures for students:

Scholarship and Financial Aid Procedure: This grants students with an educational assistance.

On-campus Social Worker: The school counsellor is situated in the school to offer an immediate assistance whenever they might request it.

Student Psychological Services: IMT Ales organizes a psychological counselling sessions at the private and confidential places for students.

Disability Advisor: To ensure the assistance, disabled students receive a grant of 30% bonus during exams.

Infirmary: Prioritizing on the physical wellness, the school has an on-site health centre to cater any health-related issues or emergency.

IMT Mines Ales Engineering Placements

For 175 years, IMT Mines Ales helps students to pursue their careers by offering opportunity to gain insight with the practical experience necessary to fully succeed on their professional journey.

Holistic Learning Approach: IMT Ales Mines combines the theoretical and practical knowledge of scientific, managerial, and methodological discipline to offer students to think out of the box to develop their creativity and innovation.

Impressive Placement Record: Characterized for the studies, IMT Mines Ale provides specific approach to help their students to get employed even before finishing their upper level studies.

Discover Potential with Personalized Plans: IMT Mines Ales focuses on the strengths and achievements of each student.

Student Entrepreneurs: Students join ‘D2E’ diploma program after completing their engineering degree aiming to provide the right business idea of brainstorming and implementation, along with coaching support.

Red Thread: IMT Mines Ales proposes the “Fil rouge” project for the students willing to work on individual project during their term. It provides an opportunity to its students to design and deliver their project fitting their curriculum.

Research Pathway: The IMT Mines Ales aims to facilitate the research career from the day the students enters into the school. It plays a major role in the recruitment process including laboratory immersion, internships, or final projects in research challenges.

Student Services Offered by IMT Mines Ales Engineering

At IMT Mines Ales Engineering, the learning experience and students’ well-being comes first along with providing a variety of services to students to foster a student’s life.

Excellent Student Accommodation

Located around 2 km from IMT Mines Ales Engineering students can enjoy the Viget site in Ales and benefit from the best student house popularly known as the “MEUH”. This campus is the largest with 702 flats in 24 buildings, each being tailored to match the condition of every student.

Facilities include:

  • Secure car parking
  • Bicycle stands
  • Convenient laundry services
  • High-speed internet connections
  • An around-the-clock caretaker service
  • A collaborative co-working space
  • 24 hours security system protecting the lives and ensuring the safety of its inhabitants.

A Vibrant Campus Life

The “Student House” is not only for studying and inhabiting but also provides a space for the enjoyment and relaxation. IMT Mines Ales provides a great social life, with a bar, music room and a night club always full of students’ parties.

For the fitness enthusiasts, the campus provides:

  • A fully-equipped gym
  • Tennis courts
  • A multi-sport complex
  • A bowling alley
  • A fitness trail bear PineDre name.

Managed by Alumni

The alumni association of IMT Mines Ales, manages “Residence des Etudiants” ensuring to tune in the needs the expectations of the students.

Student Life at IMT Mines Ales Engineering

Located at the junction of the Cevennes and the Mediterranean, IMT Mines is a recognized scientific and technological institute. The campus holds 40,000 students a mixture of the elegance of an historic city with the bustling nature of a modern educational hub.

Eco-friendly Transportation

IMT Mines Ales has its dedication to sustainable transport by providing a transport of different types of vehicles on its various different sites across campus. This includes:

  • Bike and scooter racks for all campuses
  • Pedestrian zones including the Louis Leprince-Ringuet
  • Provision of the stops at different places

Inclusive Campus

As part of its Inclusivity policy, IMT Mines facilities the wheelchair ramps to help students with disabilities. The campus has the parking zones, ramps and lifts for the access to buildings and moving through different floors of building.

Exploring the Campus Sites

IMT Mines Ales boasts multiple campuses with the unique features:

Clavieres Campus: The main academic and regulatory service provider provides the limited parking and preferring travel by bicycle for the transport.

Louis Leprince-Ringuet Technological Campus: Its public transportation systems are based on the one-way direction and full of bike routes.

Creativity Hub: This hub creates an excitement across all school activities by providing a place to work either alone or together, a conference room for meetings and seminars and more. Additionally the school has a cafeteria and a reading room to boost the creativity, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Helioparc Campus (Pau): A research lab dedicated to Psychosensory Material Properties is available.

IMT Mines Ales Engineering Rankings

IMT Mines Ales, a top and highly regarded engineering school in France, presents better results both in the national and international rankings.

The L’Etudiant’s Ranking

  • Grouped in the “group A” ranking in the top 15% of the prime engineering schools
  • Ranked at 24th in the year 2021

The Figaro Etudiant Ranking

  • Ranked at the 6th position acknowledging the best generalist school.
  • Placed at the 2nd position in the construction sector and 16th in the digital sector.
  • Ranked among the top 400 Universities globally.
  • Took 3rd place among the Engineering schools in French.
  • Ranked in all 16 SDGs by 17 SDGs with the unique ranking in tackling the climate change problems, good quality drinkable water, and sustainable development collaboration.

Webometrics World Ranking

IMT Mines Ales is placed among the world’s 10% institutes that bring out academic results through its print media and online disbursements.

HappyAtSchool Ranking

Based on the student’s satisfaction, IMT Mines takes 13th position in the country.

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