ESTACA Engineering School

ESTACA Engineering School

Founded in 1925, ESTACA Engineering School is an advanced engineering based institute ranked among the top schools in Europe that provides highest education quality. In partnership with the ISAE Group (group of the world leaders in aerospace education), ESTACA is a renowned establishment in the educational atmosphere.

Founded Year: 1925
Institution Type: Private

12 Avenue Paul Delouvrier (RD10), 78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose ESTACA Engineering School

Listed Advantages to Consider ESTACA:

Unique Learning Experience: ESTACA is the exclusively dedicated school to provide training in five sectors of transportation.

Pedagogical Approach: Emphasizes on students’ autonomy and a “learning by doing” approach.

Recognition: ESTACA belongs to one of the top post-bac schools.

Global Opportunities: ESTACA graduates work abroad and encourage “French expert construction.”

Inclusivity: ESTACA stimulates the women interest for engineering with the purpose of promoting relevance of female students in the engineering training.

Eco-Mindedness: Researchers at the ESTACA disseminate the smartest forms of transportation solutions.

Industry Partnership: In ESTACA campus, students and departments communicate with professional partners.

Community Spirit: ESTACA’s environment is favorable and supportive with personalized guidance, strong school spirit, solidarity, and teamwork.

Future Focus: Graduates from ESTACA are capable and innovative, ready to shape and formulate a transport system.

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ESTACA Engineering School Accreditations

CTI Accreditation

The French Commission des titres d’ingenieurs(CTI) accreditation serves as a testament to ESTACA’s goal of training excellent engineers along with its academic standards and relevant curriculum.

EUR-ACE Accreditation

ESTACA’s engineering program stands at the international scale with the prestigious accreditation of EUR-ACE, the framework to sets a standard for high-quality engineering education. This ensures engineering education at ESTACA is at par with the international standard certifying its engineering programs with relevant and quality education

ESTACA Engineering School Scholarships

ESTACA avails various financial aids, such as loans or grants. Some students are also eligible for scholarships as mentioned below:

Eiffel Scholarship Program: This scholarship is run by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs aiming to reach the outstanding international students willing to take up the master and doctoral degree programs.

Campus France Scholarship Search Tool: Campus France includes a functional search assistance to help students to get financial aid to their respective level of education, field of study, and nationality.

Erasmus: For European students their home university’s international office provides more details of Erasmus to study abroad.

ESTACA Engineering School Placements

ESTACA Career service helps in the job hunt by providing these tricks:

  • CV and Cover Letter Improvement
  • Strategic Company Targeting
  • Up-to-date Market Analysis
  • Realistic Interview Simulations

Fostering the Broader Skills by Means of Internships

ESTACA is famous in France and abroad to educate its students for future challenges through its unique placements.

World-class Internship Program

ESTACA is an incredible school that offers every student to complete 48 weeks of corporate work experience while studying, this opportunity includes:

  • Four mandatory and two elective courses
  • Long term stay-ins for a full year
  • Chance to work in France or worldwide with the well-known leading companies
  • Valuable contribution of ESTACA interns

ESTACA students spend 12 months in an internship program to get equipped with:

  • Extensive training in the engineering basics
  • Proficiency in foreign languages
  • Broad range of skills for a professional set up

Proven Expert Industry

In 2018 ESTACA noted with 98% students receiving employment within 2 months after their graduation in the high-tech fields, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics
  • Space
  • Guided transport
  • Rail industries

11% of ESTACA young engineers start with their first jobs offering diversity and versatility in terms of fields of employment.

ESTACA engineers work under diverse roles in their careers, including:

  • Research and development
  • Technical sales
  • Maintenance
  • Production
  • Operation
  • Quality control

Student Services Offered by ESTACA Engineering School

Providing Comfortable Student Accommodation

A comfortable and safe environment is provided with every required set for the students utilization. With the beautiful PARIS-SACLAY campus school offers comfortable place to stay.

Guided Assistance

The school’s International Department aids for suitable housing of students who have any type of difficulties. Together with the International Student Union (ESCI), the school contributes to satisfied housing conditions.

Search Platforms

To ease the process, ESTACA has partnered with two efficient accommodation search platforms:

ImmoJeune: This platform enables the students to look for rental houses around the school within short term, whether it is private landlord/agency or school residence accommodation renting. This offers the main component of the platform allowing students to share rooms, combine furniture, and even arrange carpools. Students enjoy the free comprehensive guides for renting, housing assistane, rental deposit with valuable tips bypassing the entrance to the access code of ESTACA.

HousingAnywhere: For the students studying semester abroad, this platform offers exchange on Erasmus or while doing internship. Students can seek website’s room or rent apartment while making another source of off-campus housing.

Student Life at ESTACA Engineering School

Cultural Enrichment

BDA offers students with the rich campus culture and diversity by artistic expression with varied student activities ranging from photo competition, concerts, or theatrical plays. The drawing club or video club adds to the music club or just journalism club and photo club to deliver their creative gifts.

Humanitarian Initiatives with ESTACAIDE

Established group of students called ESTACAIDE improves children social conditions by providing access to their education rendering community outreaches such as children workshops, construction projects, and joint activities with local organizations.

Experiment the pleasures in the Science

PEGASE develops the ignites the curiosity for science by engaging experiments as well as regular school visits for the humanitarian works ensuring knowledgeable conditions in Senegal.

Sustainability with Rhea

Rhea guides the transaction towards the students’ environmental awareness and sustainability by engaging pick-up activities by conducting energy transition workshops and educating the public on general societal issues.

Discover with Junior ESTACA

In the junior years of their students, ESTACA provides a link between the students and business environments to enhance the practical skills through technical studies. This includes the practical knowledge as well as understanding the concepts in a more interactive way.

Celebrations & Sports Galore

The BDS association is a major hub of activities and numerous clubs offering various nautical and skiing dives to balance work and play by engaging the sporting events. The main events of the year include Gala figures for the epicurean lovers.

Technological Societies

With a wide scope for innovation and technology, ESTACA involves in Moto Tech, making remotely-controlled planes, ESTACA Space and Odyssey builds rockets and ESTACA Formula team for building racing cars to gain from the practical experience.

Automotive Greatness

The entire process of original design and construction of vehicles  are performd by ITD students that involves Students’ Association in many spheres including racing prototypes and electric vehicles to engage the theoretical and practical skills.

Enabling Innovative Solutions

ESTACA offers ESTACA Projects of Innovation and Challenges (EPIC) to conquer and complete the competitions to develop new solutions for the current industry challenges.

Unraveling the Maritime

The West Association for Vessels of ESTACA (WAVE) collaborates among students by forming group for marine energy conservation while organizing various nautical activities such as a Solar & Energy Boat Challenge.

Portal to Rail Systems

ESTACA is the French rail student association encouraging young people to organize industrial visits like the production of line building, as well as the design of driving simulation desks and miniature circuits.

ESTACA Engineering School Ranking

Happiness Barometer ranks ESTACA as 8th engineering school offering remarkable student experience.

ESTACA ranked at the 6th position for its outstanding academic faculty, international orientation and impressive employment records of its graduates.

Raising its ranking from 11th in 2020 to 9th in 2023 among third-level engineering schools, ESTACA reaches 18th in the Usine Nouvelle ranking.

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