Nantes Université

Nantes Université

Nantes Universite is known for the fortress of enlightenment, ingenuity and dare devils offering research and training facilities for over five decades. This school plays the role of one of the potent leaders of the employment market in the region of Pays de la Loire and a top contributing factor in the city of Nantes.

Founded Year: 1960
Institution Type: Public

1, quai de Tourville BP 13522, 44035 Nantes Cedex 1

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Nantes Universite

Broad Employment Opportunities: Nantes Universite has around 3700 staff members and has 6 campuses in Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, La Roche-sur-Yon, Le Mans, and Angers. With its welcoming profile many scientific, administrative, and technical staff members are hired in Nantes Universite every year to help in improving and expanding.

Contribute to the City Progress: Nantes Universite team assists in the development of the city since the team is one of the important contributors to the growth of Nantes. Currently over one hundred thousand students and employees in the university make the one twelfth of the population associated with the university either as a student or a worker.

Value the Human Element: Nantes Universite significantly contributes to the importance to human values, focusing students as the main mission for the development of young and energetic university atmosphere.

Promoting International Partnerships: Nantes Universite has a vocation for internationalization that constantly builds relationship with all over the world for the creation of international course offerings across various disciplines.

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Nantes Universite Accreditations

Nantes Universite is an established hub for education and fully accredited by premier institutions. For its great number of accreditations that proves the institution’s determination offer high-quality education for its learners.

PhD students as the professionals operate in laboratories that are affiliated to the University’s 43 accredited research institutions, and engage in expanding their knowledge in different fields of specialization.

This academic institution comprises 11 post-graduate schools that are accredited by the government that covers all sort of disciplines from the subject knowledge to the postgraduate candidates and enhance their research capabilities.

Nantes Universite has got the approval of the governing bodies in France for the quality education standard. These accreditations also speak about the university’s academic environment and its consistent engagements in research.

Nantes Universite Scholarships

Nantes Universite provides academic scholarships for international students to chase them for better education. The two famous scholarships are the EIFFEL scholarships and AUF scholarships.

EIFFEL Scholarships: These scholarships are offered by Campus France offering a wide range of services and supports. The EIFFEL scholarships aim at the international exchange and are focused on students from the VSE.

AUF Scholarships: These scholarships are featured by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie that targets French spoken students worldwide.

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For further data on these scholarships visit Campus France scholarship list frequently.

Nantes Universite Placements

Nantes University helps the students and their graduates in the process of searching for a job by offering articulated well-structured Career Center tool.

Career Center Offers

Internship and Job Offers: This provides its students to get first-hand access to the exciting openings from renowned partner companies.

Company Presentations: This platform provides a great way to learn and understand the dream companies and their best practices.

Business Videos: To find out the current and upcoming details about the industry.

University Events: Offers participation in the events and workshops focusing on to choose the intended career path for their students.

Resources and Advice Articles: Help students with the tips before going on the job hunting process.

Live Video Chats: Getting answered by the recruiter’s students during the online event increases the chances of scoring an interview calls.

Corresponding to the vacancies career plans and dreams, students can job dating, workshops and any social related activities.

Job Opportunities for International Students

The Nantes Universite allows the international students to study and also assists students to get temporary jobs for them.

Foreign students from other countries can work legitimacy up to 964 hours in a year, which is almost equal to 20 hours per week possessing the visa for a long stay – lawful residence permit (VLS-TS).

Student Services Offered by Nantes Universite

Nantes Universite reveals numerous other services offered to the student community to provide an adequate support and comfort in their academic pursuit.

University Library

All the seven branches of Nantes Universite provide extensive electronically and manually based integrated teaching and research document resources. With a web-based product it offers distinctive catalog embracing both printed and digital resources known as Nantilus.

Services offered include

  • Places to study, group desks, etc
  • Borrow books and interlibrary loans
  • Information and support through chat and e-mail
  • Documentary research through training sessions
  • Computer and internet facility to provide copying services for visitors
  • Library funding and availability of funding to train for publication of PhD students’ work
  • Cultural events and exhibitions

Healthcare and Social Protection

Availability, accessibility, coverage, accountability, and sustainability in healthcare and social protection are offered at Nantes Universite.

EU Nationals

If the student holds the valid European Health Insurance Card they need to register with the health insurance scheme. This specification for reimbursement of healthcare costs includes feuille de soins, photocopy of the EHIC, a student card, and R. I. B.

Non-EU Nationals

Students belonging to the European Union countries required to pay for the student social security scheme to pay the charges. The registration procedures for students of Non European Union who do not possess the EHIC are provided in French, English and Spanish on website especially for the international students.

Student Health Service

The Nantes Universite has a Health Centre that caters for the students’ general health physically and mentally by offering them check-ups, help in disability and social work. First year students are offered with the fundamental health check up. Students have a chance to get appointments through an email, and the appointment can be booked online.

Social Workers for Students

Student having some accommodation or financial problem can seek assistance or counseling from a social worker.

Student Life at Nantes Universite

Boost Your Curiosity: Cultural activities include art, dance, drama, music, poetry, and multicultural festivals. Workshops include academic and occupational for students, parent teacher meetings, voluntary work, and enterprise activities for young students as well as community and health fountains.

Students at Nantes Universite offer a wide range of cultural activities to engage them during their leisures and in weekly art classes and art related activities. The organizer or performer of art productions and events offer opportunities to work Student blog called “The Culture and you”. Demonstrating their skills within the frameworks of the annual Turbulences Festival or at the Temps d’Exposition event students are offered with the formal sessions and practical trainings in writing, proof-reading, poetry, graphic design, performing arts, and dancing, vocal arts and so many.

The Hub of Cultural Life: The Student Center offers information on catalogs, academic calendars, course schedules, and course information that includes description, prerequisites, syllabi, and instructor information.

Students come to the campus to spend time, relax, communicate, listen to music, dance, attend exhibitions, etc also provides shelter for concerts, exhibitions, debates, movie, shows, and other forms of theatre performances. Additionally student associations and a cafeteria functions 24 hours a day.

Music and Performance: University Theater and Bands University theatre offers several performances such as theater events and drama academy award shows by giving the performances to fans. These performances are impressive and audience enjoys the performance without infringing on the legal rights of the performers.

Film Festivals and Museums

Annually several international film festivals are hosted at the school to showcase movies produced by different countries.

Sporting Activities

There are number of activities offered within the campus othat includes water activities, dancing class, team sports and many others. These also provide outstanding performers such as actors, artists, sportsmen, and sportswomen.

Office of Student Life

Students’ office works for the students and helps to coordinate their activities while significantly contributing in the Campus development. This office also provides facilities like community services, cultural troupes, and student’s organizations respectively.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

The ESN Nantes association helps international students in three aspects that includes list of services, language conversation groups, local outings/visits and welcome parties.

Nantes Universite Rankings

Nantes Universite: Moving up the Ladder in Global Rankings

It was established as one of the most attractive educational centers, Nantes Universit earned a high degree of recognition on the international level and became recognized as prestigious.

However Nantes Universite has not entered any rankings but has a tendency to strengthen its position regularly with its impression in all of the main ranking systems, such as the Times Higher Education (THE), Reuters, and the Leiden Ranking.


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