CY Cergy Paris University

CY Cergy Paris University

CY Cergy Paris University is striving to reach the next level in academic achievement to become one of the leading universities by 2030. To achieve this, the university designs the undergraduate college (CY Sup), and the graduate schools – CY Tech, CY Arts and Humanities, CY Education, and CY Law and Science policy. It further ties in with the renowned ESSEC Business School, which is the graduate school member of the CY Alliance and the CY Initiative.

Founded Year: 2020
Institution Type: Private

33 Bd du Port, 95000 Cergy, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose CY Cergy Paris University

A Multidisciplinary Approach

With its unique administrative framework, CYU offers more than 200 degrees across the existing educational fields. The university has created a broad ecosystem of students to encourage and allow them to innovate for humanity. It is a multi-disciplinary model comprising several educational programs including Bachelor, Doctorate, and specialization in master’s, engineering cycle, university diplomas, and university bachelor of technology, and so on.

Revolutionizing Pedagogy

CY Cergy Paris University values the role of transversal pedagogy by using a project-based approach for its teaching methods. This teaching method includes personal guidance, collaborative action, and advanced professional training. Together with ESSEC Business School, ACT Bachelor a new degree program is implemented to demonstrate the professional development by implementing projects with civic, ecological, and social aspects.

A Strong Local Presence

Geographically, CY Cergy Paris University is situated in the middle of Cergy-Pontoise in France in a close alliance with its local community. It builds the CY Alliance a transnational organization consisting of 13 higher education and research institutions in Western Paris, aiming to get 80% of students.

 A Global Vision

CY Cergy Paris University is an international educational center recognized all over the world. Following the directions of the University the member of the EUTOPIA alliance is composed of the ten European Universities.

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CY Cergy Paris University Accreditations

CY Cergy Paris University: Overview of Accreditations

Since the collaboration with ESSEC in the year (2020), CY Cergy Paris University has become a global tag as an academic learning center.

Partnership with ESSEC

ESSEC is a member of the CY Alliance and is a long-time partner of CYU for elevating the learning experience at the university.

Triple Crown Accreditations

Being a part of CYU, it is distinguished by three accreditations: EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB accreditation, which is also called the “Triple Crown” attributing to the three most recognized accreditation agencies.

  • EQUIS: Europe’s quality improvement system’s accreditation allows for the establishment of independence and for the first time the joint creation of criteria to indicate the quality.
  • AACSB: AACSB accreditation given by the Association of Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business recognizes this University in a global business environment.
  • AMBA: AMBA is an accrediting body of the leading MBA, DBA, and Master programs globally, marking them as the top ones.

CY Cergy Paris University Scholarships

Cy Cergy Paris University offers Amazing students scholarships

CY Cergy Paris University proposes high chances to its Erasmus+ scholarship holders during a Bachelor’s or Master’s study to enjoy studies in one of the most famous universities in France.

Scholarship in Masters Program in CY Tech

The Master’s scholarship in CY Tech provides financial aid through the following arrangement:

The first payment: This implies the payment of the first 80% of the total scholarships and the other process involves the document, the arrival certificate, and the passing of the first linguistic online test.

The second payment: Another 20% of the scholarship is paid after submitting the mandatory Erasmus+ report, transcript of records, and results of the second online registration test.

Bachelors Scholarship for Degree Stream in CY Tech

Similarly, the Bachelor’s scholarship in CY Tech is disbursed in two phases as well:

The first installment: Usually 80% of the whole amount is made after all the papers works of an organization along with the first written online test.

The second installment: The remaining 20% scholarship is granted after the host university provides a mobility certificate. With the required Erasmus+ report submission to confirm the completion of the second online linguistic exam.

These scholarships along with the university’s extension are examples to illustrate the importance of international education, research and development, cultural diversity, and cooperation to promote the intellectual success of their students.

Student Services Offered by CY Cergy Paris University

A Comprehensive Overview of Students’ Support Services at CY Cergy Paris University

CY Cergy Paris University is not only recognized in the academy but also cares about the students’ well-being. They provide a set of complementary components to promote the complete student experience.

Holistic Health Services

CY Cergy Paris University prioritizes the health of its students with services including:

  • On-call, immediate emergency responses with different hotlines are guaranteed.
  • The ‘Sante Psy’ program to offer free and secret telephone sessions with professional psychologists who are expertise in the field
  • Roundtable discussion of Preventive Health Examination (PSE), pays the health insurance scheme.
  • Free dental checkups for students aged 18, 21, and 24 to enhance the dental health of the campus community.

Financial Aid and Support

Finance is an important element for the student’s success.

For which the university offers:

  • Help the students to look after the academic funding, incentives, and housing benefits along with informative materials, and appropriate instruction.
  • CY Genius Platforms are a resource for the encouragement of academics as well as career profiling.
  • Emerging help for students to tackle the financial help operated in collaboration with Secours Populaire.

Regional support from the Ile-de-France region to provide for the housing, transportation, and base living expenses requirements.

Additional Services

CY Cergy Paris University further supports student life through:

  • International co-operations cater to students aiming to go abroad.
  • An emphasis on a research effort and the financial support of researchers.
  • Giving important information on the issue of passengers’ transportation, housing, and legal rights.

Student Life at CY Cergy Paris University

Discover the exciting academic life of students at CY Cergy Paris University by the annual surveys conducted by the OVE (Observatory of Student Life). Along with that ad hoc surveys are also carried out to track the growth and development of students.

Insightful Surveys Inform Improvements

These surveys provide the arising information from the university to provide better existing facilities and services.

Focused Survey of 2022

In 2022, OVE in collaboration with student life services oriented some significant themes about campus life and wellbeing.

Health: This evaluates the health services both, mentally and physically as well as the special diseases like disability and endometriosis.

Living conditions: To support the students’ housing convenience, they focus on housing quality and mobility to cater to different requirements.

Campus Life: Apart from sports and cultural events, they also represent the important indicators of student involvement and satisfaction.

The favorable, pleasant, and dynamic ambiance allows the students to participate in academic life, as well as to get involved in other kinds of activities.

CY Cergy Paris University Rankings

Acknowledgment of Outstanding Performance of Cy Cergy Paris University

Cy Cergy Paris University is successful in its ranking among the international university rankings, thereby leading its way as the pioneer of a reputable educational facility providing expertise in economics and business.

A Part of the World-Changing Rankings

  • THE (Times Higher Education) recognized and ranked the university by demonstrating its 175th position in business and economics at the IHSS World University Ranking.
  • In partnership with the ESSEC master program and with the updates in the Financial Times ranking Cy Cergy Paris University ranks on the 6th position updated in the Financial Times ranking, attaining the 6th position.

In addition to the shared results of the institutional excellence of Cy Cergy Paris University and ESSEC ranks among the first 180 universities of the world in the ARWU. This ranks the combination of the universities to the 5th position for Paris-Dauphine University’s French performance.

Compared to the previous years, Cy Cergy Paris University ranks among the 300 in The World University ranking (2022) and is positioned in the top 601-800 universities globally.

CYU ranks among the top 300 in the mathematics category by the Shanghai Rankings in the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021.

Ranked among the first 150 best institutions in the world concerning the finance field ESSEC has

  • Demonstrating superiority over other institutions like Shanghai’s in regards to the Finance field of ESSEC.
  • The mission to reach the top 200 top-notch universities worldwide by 2030 with growing international prestige certainly due to the university’s unrelenting dedication to both teaching and research quality.

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