IAE Dijon School of Management

IAE Dijon School of Management

Established in 1722 by Royal Ordinance of Louis XV King of France, IAE Dijon School of Management – Universite de Bourgogne has a long history to welcome every student to contribute to the continuing history of the institution. The campus is centuries old with the developed the premiere learning and research region, located gracefully at the doorstep of the city centre.

IAE Dijon – Universite de Bourgogne preserves its robust historical knots and pioneers its groundbreaking educational programs located in the six geographical locations within the Burgundy region. Dijon campus is approximately 113 hectare currently offering 350 academic programs to the students from a various backgrounds.

Founded Year: 1955
Institution Type: Public

2 Bd Gabriel, 21000 Dijon, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose IAE Dijon School of Management

A historic campus with a beautiful campus

The IAE Dijon School of Management offers its new faculties to settle down in the beautiful campus located on the outskirts of the city center. In this way, uB creates five other campuses in Burgundy and became the largest higher learning and research institution in the region.

Steering the International Policy for Global Education:

One of the key principles of uB’s strategic development plan is to focus on international policy. This includes cooperation between universities, the internationalization of university programs, the encouragement of student mobility, attracting international students for degree programs, the admission of foreign students and professors, and the mobility of teachers and administrators.

Academic and Research Excellence

uB has 350 academic programs, 14,800 degrees and has 29,685 students which includes the conventional classroom learning, the massive open online courses and distance learning. The following resources are provided for research – 72 million € budget for research activities, 32 research units, 950 PhD students in six doctoral schools, and 825 popular science research seminars offered by the Experimentarium.

International Reach

uB hosts around 2,278 international students from 123 countries linked with more than 350 universities across the globe. It has an international centre for French studies that provides French language courses for the international students.

Enriching Campus Life

A Global University: Connecting People across Continents

IAE Dijon – Universite de Bourgogne shows its international presence in a wider volume of its initiatives within France with more than 300 companies all over the world being the successful partner with Asia, particularly, China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Also is in partnership with the Eastern European countries that provides common academic and science based collaborations and degree.

Take first step towards your Study Abroad Journey

IAE Dijon School of Management Scholarships

Understanding the Scholarship Fundamentals

The scholarships are Eco-Mobility grants open for application depending on several factors such as the socio-economic status of an individual as well as the destination country. During the mobility, students receive payments several weeks or months after the trip.

Erasmus+ the studies and the internships are financed through grants

Erasmus + grants for studies and placements and serve its students with the purpose of pursuing studies or practice in a foreign country.

This is also available to the students for their studies considering a semester or an academic year abroad.

Additional Grant Opportunities

Ensuring that the students get a chance of travelling, IAE Dijon – Universite de Bourgogne offers an opportunity to study in another country and an extra grant is also provided.

Other Scholarships

Besides, the above mentioned grants, students can get the following for their international mobility – Regional Council of Burgundy-Franche-Comte Bursary, Ministerial aid, a grant from the Franco-German University, and other closets from other organization.

IAE Dijon School of Management Placements

Going beyond the Framework

To ensure that students meet their intended career objectives across different countries, Universite de Bourgogne – Dijon offers international career services. This helps its student to build their own international career and the different ways to accomplish them.

Internships: A Gateway for Professional Experience across the World

IAE Dijon – Universite de Bourgogne offers a set a window to engage its students with the internship program and provide professional opportunity considering:

Erasmus+ Internship: Under this exchange program students gain valuable working experience in their desire area of interest.

Embassy Internship: This improves the professional experience and competences of the students in the network of European universities.

FLE Internship: These are suitable for those students who want to be a French Foreign Language teacher.

Language Assistants: A Chance to Inform

Universite de Bourgogne – Dijon offers various possibilities to its students to learn and become a language assistant to educate themselves.

Student Services Offered by IAE Dijon School of Management

IAE Dijon School of Management boasts its student with numerous opportunities and options to support them while learning in the city as well as other parts of the world.

Universite de Bourgogne has a great number of University libraries located in the different campuses – Dijon, Chalon-sur-Saone, Macon, Auxerre, Le Creusot and Nevers. These libraries offer:

Books in different categories of the IAE Dijon – Universite de Bourgogneject, journals, reviews, online documents, videos, DVDs and e-Books along with the media library that contains Novels, Magazines, and Comics.

Specifically designated tables and chairs are available to carry out students work along with the computerized sections and wireless internet sections marked for individual or group use.

Housing is made comfortable as well as in reasonable prices.

Student Residence CROUS is also available which provides 4,100 individual accommodations as well as well-equipped apartments to help students find the secure living space. Offering below housing benefits include:

  • Local housing taxes exemption to its students.
  • State financed schemes for student’s accommodation.
  • Owner’s private residence, a home stay or personal apartment.

Cutting-Edge Digital Services

Universite de Bourgogne has high-quality digital sources for its students to access the scope academic and personal development. The digital services include:

Virtual Desktop: A digital workplace is a single point of entry for many digital services. Also free-access terminals are available to the needs of the students is provided through the IT account to access various resources within the virtual desktop and also assist them to handle multi-service card.

Wi-Fi Zones: Both wired and wireless internet is made available across all campuses of the university. The University infrastructure also ensures that its students have continuous connectivity to the digital world.

Student Life at IAE Dijon School of Management

IAE Dijon School of Management provides a full and vibrant student life surrounded with culturally significant sights and great opportunities.

Eating on Campus

CROUS of IAE Dijon – Universite de Bourgogne as the local student centers provide a wide range of foods to meet and satisfy every customer’s need. Additionally offers convenient and effortless dining and also accepts Izly card.

Culture Life

IAE Dijon – Universite de Bourgogne develops the cultural events to involve its students and offer them an opportunity to work on their strengths such as Atheneum, an art studio for exhibition, observation, and promotion. Also, the university offers a platform for the free exchange of various forms of art.

Sports Associated  with many Activities

To ensure that its students lead a healthy and enjoyable life, IAE Dijon-Universite de Bourgogne continuously make efforts to offer sports facilities and promote it across the country. This is carried out  with the help of sporting associations like Service Universitaiare des Activites Physiques et Sprortives (SUAPS), Regional Community for University Sports, and Dijon University ClIAE Dijon – Universite de Bourgogne (DUC).

IAE Dijon School of Management Rankings


IAE Dijon School of Management occupies 701-800th position in the 2017 ARWU (Shanghai) Ranking. This ranking shows the uB’s deddication in its research performance tha involves more than 1000 universities across the globe and is among the leading universities of the world.


According to the Leiden Ranking In 2017, the IAE Dijon- Univeriste de Bourgogne stands at 649th position out of 902 universities in 54 countries. It is also ranked 18th among 24 selected French institutions that measures to evaluate research output.

Times Higher Education

The Universite Bourgogne Franche-Comte (UBFC) is affiliated to the University of Burgundy and is ranked 501-600 in the THE World University Ranking in 2017. In the ranking of selected French higher education institutions, UBFC is ranked 23 out of 27.

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