ESPOL - European School of Political and Social Sciences

European School of Political and Social Sciences

Since 1894, ESPOL – European School of Political and Social Science is the prestigious Catholic University of Lille and is well-recognized for its mission to generate leaders. It is a well-diversified study system to prepare students for a successful career, in political life in various other areas within Europe.

Founded Year: 1894
Institution Type: Private

83 Bd Vauban, 59000 Lille, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose ESPOL - European School of Political and Social Sciences

Interdisciplinary and Multilingual Education: Education at ESPOL is the information and knowledge base for the qualified professionals to meet global human resource professionals. ESPOL offers basic and comprehensive professional education focusing on the bilingual education in French and English for Political Science.

Innovative Pedagogy: ESPOL approach to deliver knowledge incorporates innovation and challenges its students to make significant contributions within the European Union and other parts of the world. This innovative system into curricula makes this learning ESPOL School as one of the most advanced.

Active Research: ESPOL’s faculty actively engages in research endeavors to advance political science knowledge to its students regarding the advancements in the studies. ESPOL-LAB organize various projects like “Just Conservation”, “Reconnect”, and “OCTAV” as an evidence to their endeavor to tackle social problems.

An Emphasis on Duty and Responsibility: The expectations of ESPOL students demonstrate responsibility and to be proactive in the learning environment to take an active role in the learning process. Through this effectiveness students can enter into the workforce or the desired fields of their specialization.

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ESPOL - European School of Political and Social Sciences Labels

A Promising Adventure in Learning: Erasmus+ Program in ICL

Discovering the academic breakthrough through the Erasmus+ program shows the strong societal responsibilities of the ESPOL to the Charter strengthening’s to the society in terms of inclusivity and diversity for a international experience to the students and staff.

The Erasmus+ program is unique and outstanding, ensuring the international accessibility is achieved as planned through the organized activities such as the ‘International At Home’ programs, Erasmus Days, and Europe Day to avail mobility opportunities to support the freedom to make decisions, and gain all kinds of academic promotions.

ESPOL - European School of Political and Social Sciences Scholarships

Scholarships for Outstanding Achievers

ESPOL presents a unique opportunity through the ESPOL Scholarship to diligent students from Bachelor 2 to Master 2 to build academic excellence and motivation. This scholarship ranges from 1000€ to 2000€ fulfilling the student’s academic dreams without any financial constraints.

Discover More Financial Aid with Campus Bourse

ESPOL commits to ensure every student access funding opportunities -The Campus Bourse – Grant Search Engine is a tool that provides an extensive scholarships under diverse categories. These financial aids cater to both doctoral or master’s students regardless of where they reside domestically or abroad.

Dream Education Journey with ESPOL

Campus France’s comprehensive tool is an online resource that provides detailed information about all available scholarships with the financial aid to match for every student needs.

ESPOL - European School of Political and Social Sciences Placements

ESPOL-European School of Political and Social Sciences introduce its students to the active and invigorating student´s Club – ALUMNI ESPOL positioned as a versatile and active network of existing and former students. This fosters continuous self- and mutual improvement of its students.

Enriching Internship Experiences

Internships are highly valued at ESPOL for the educational development as well as to attain jobs while enhancing employability. This offers educational plan and internships during the completion of both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Additionally, this internship provides direct experience facilitating the evangelization of students’ career trajectories.

Career Workshops as a Path to Skill Building

ESPOL coordinates with its students from the beginning of the first semester of the Bachelor’s degree program career awareness seminars to prepare its students for their respective careers. Career skills are furnished through the sessions to prepare the curriculum vitae along with the preparation of application letters and interviews. ESPOL organizes “job-dating” meetings of students with scouts for employment offices or staff.

Media Training Workshops

ESPOL offers intensive and comprehensive media training sessions through the constructive lectures with the relevant insight in press, radio and TV journalists.

Student Services Offered by ESPOL - European School of Political and Social Sciences

ESPOL stands for academic achievement, for growth of the students in personality and in concern with the world to contribute towards the creation of young leaders of the future. This ensures that the campus offers all the necessary facilities and service to ensure that students spend productive time.


Academic activities are offered in the modern ESPOL university library with its stock of books over 400 000 that provides reading materials in all the study fields. The library is online with the numerous affiliations with libraries all over the world.


The housing facility is provided at ESPOL in the form of flats through the ‘Student Service Association’ commonly referred to as “The All”.  “The All” provides approximately fifteen and more student residences on the campus or nearby in accordance to the students’ choice to make it easier to look for your new home while studying.


The food services offered at the ESPOL campus have seven cafeterias that include self-service, table-service, and sandwich places’ lunch and dinners.

ESPOL campus offers the CPSU that is the Student Health Centre to provide full-service such as medical specialists – doctors, psychologists and gynecologists. Additionally, this includes physical, emotional, medical, or any kind of ailment of CPSU.

Student Life at ESPOL - European School of Political and Social Sciences

Enriching and fun-filled learning experience at ESPOL unfolds classroom learning through creative, professional-focused student community. This encourages staff and students to participate actively in the educational innovations.


Student at ESPOL learn to be an event planner, a debater, and a community developer by organizing extra activities under the jurisdiction of the Student Bureau, commonly known as BDE. To complement the academic experience, parties, trips or welcoming for new students, the BDE guarantees an active involvement in the student’s life.


ESPOL invites a rich number of associations with various interests and cares about different activities through BDD. This association unleashes the theatre and painting and cinema stimulates the various BDD associations of oenology and gastronomy dinners. almost for last, after-work and tasting diheart


For all the sports lovers to engage in the physical and sport activities, ESPOL offers BDS association for managing related activities.


ESPOL alumni connect with the current students to keep relations with the school active with the goal to progress and develop.

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