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Ecole de Management de Strasbourg

Ecole de Management de Strasbourg Business School was established in 2007 which occupies special position in the French system by inspiring the Anglo-Saxon model.

It is well-developed effective, agile, and professional institution that focuses on the development of talents. This discovers the potential of each student by promoting the development of various talents, unique abilities, and personal interest.

Founded Year: 2007
Institution Type: Public

61 Av. de la Forêt-Noire, 67000 Strasbourg, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose Ecole de Management de Strasbourg

The EM Strasbourg Difference

EM Strasbourg is different and stands out from the crowd empowering students with a change by being them and develops their strengths and attributes. Here, individualism is encouraged and offers great opportunities for every student to be himself/herself and develop his/her creative potential.

Vision and Mission

With the vision of being the best management school in the Upper Rhine Valley, EM Strasbourg aims at innovation and distinction. It believes in preparing future managers and leaders with a “European perspective” to tackle organizational issues.

Education with a Twist

EM Strasbourg understands the importance of versatility through its teaching methods that include the adoption of new technologies in teaching. It also offers arrangement of events to promote the development of ideas through its programs like the Project Hive, which is EM Strasbourg’s entrepreneurial project incubator.

Transdisciplinarity and Inclusivity

EM Strasbourg equips its students through education to make them managers of tomorrow. They promote an interdisciplinary learning model to help students for their workplace through their knowledge and tools. The core principle of EM Strasbourg includes sustainability, ethics, and diversity, integrated into the overall learning process.

A Global Outlook

Students of EM Strasbourg get real international experience in partnership with more than 240 universities to ensure that students can build their careers in France and other countries.

A Future-Forward Approach

EM Strasbourg adapts to societal, environmental, economic, technological changes and innovations and updates its educational programs regularly.

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Ecole de Management de Strasbourg Accreditations

EM Strasbourg has a record of International accreditations that shows the quality standard of the school.

AACSB Accreditation

Since 2015, EM Strasbourg Business School has been accredited by AACSB which is a unique accreditation demonstrating the success of the school in terms of administration and management. The AACSB grants the key highlights of EM Strasbourg, through the Peer Review Team:

This also implies that the firm is strongly rooted within the local market that boasts its operations aiming to focus on the fact that the doctoral program.

A focus on people, and the development of good rapport with the students

EPAS Accreditation: EFMD Programme Accreditation System

EM Strasbourg has been accredited first in 2009 for the master’s degree program- Grande Ecole (EPAS) that identifies its outstanding management skills across the world. This also focuses to maintain relationships that include –

Mandatory international exchange programs for the hardworking, smart, dedicated and responsible teaching and administrative staff.  This also includes intensive, comprehensive, and academic professional preparation of its students.

AMBA Accreditation

In June 2020, EM Strasbourg’s Program Grande Ecole master’s degree is valued and its impact on an international level was impressed by-

  • Developing programming posts with the strong links with the University of Strasbourg
  • Efficient learning processes due to an upgrade of infrastructure and physical facilities

EQUIS Accreditation

EM Strasbourg received the EQUIS accreditation in March 2022, which is valid for three years. EQUIS is a accreditation that acknowledges all over globe and proves the high effectiveness with the main attention to the internationalization, CSR, and links to the practice.

Ecole de Management de Strasbourg Placements

Ecole de Management de Strasbourg (EM Strasbourg) offers comprehensive and pertinent knowledge to its students emphasizing on personality development.

Expansive Alumni Network

EM Strasbourg Alumni includes more than 27,000 graduates and this network allows for quick communication with previous batch students and an index of professional contacts.

Stepping Stones to Success

EM Strasbourg is quite diverse and well-placed throughout various industries, from ventures to growth and established organizations including multinational corporations.

Oriented Professional Development

EM Strasbourg offers effective courses with its efficiency designed along with the integration protocol offering one-on-one tuition and guidance, professional level exposure and support student till they leave for another phase of training.

  • Find internships and work-study programs: All along with curriculum in EM Strasbourg, student gets an opportunity to do internships and work-study sessions. This is the combination of theory and practices with the dedicated team to ensure that it is a place its students in the desired company.
  • Develop own project: EM Strasbourg offers the Cap Career team that helps students to define, build and achieve their career and personal aspirations through seminars, courses as well an individual appointments.

Individual Growth and Development

EM Strasbourg is based on the idea of self-disclosure and the confidence of transforming its students into an active part of their future lives. The Cap Career team works with the plan for over three years that offers a plenty of capacities for its students to elaborate and develop their individual temperaments.

EM Strasbourg’s Training Program

At EM Strasbourg, careers’ education and development is paramount in context with the independent career support integrated with its program. This also provides the means to develop an individual career plan that suits specific students overturning stereotypical and cliched career patterns.

Employment Assisstance

EM Strasbourg supports its students with unlimited graduation and assist them to find their dream jobs with the specialized career service known as Career +.

Student Services Offered by Ecole de Management de Strasbourg

Ecole de Management de Strasbourg (EM Strasbourg) promotes its students’ with the academic success and provides various services to address the students needs at all levels of learning through the academic assistance and financial help.

Public Mobilization at EM Strasbourg

EM Strasbourg has a social action service to help its students in various areas of student life from financing studies to health issues. With regards to students’ finances, this service offers administration of different financial aid and scholarship programs.

Thus, EM Strasbourg established the Mission Handicap established at the human sciences University of Nice.

Mission Handicap is a service that develops its students with a handicap and provides assistance to the learner with an effective learning. This service provides:

Counseling with students to offer them university career and qualitative professional reinsertion.

Adjustments of the study courses recommended for differently able students to help them through various terms of examination conditions.

EM Strasbourg’s Listening Cell

It is a service that started in 2011 to provide a secure environment whether a student, staff or even a visitor to listen closely aiming to meet their needs. These individuals are victims or observers of discrimination, harassment or aggressions or have a difficult personal situation.

Openness and Talents System

EM Strasbourg’s “Openness and Talents” program aims at vulnerability issues regarding health and/or socio-economic situation. After three years of Bachelor studies, only selected students join the school through the direct main Window an eligible component known as the Grande Ecole Program. The system is facilitated through:

Social openness sector: Gives 10 scholarships and offers tuition fee for five academic years from the social condition.

Disability sector: Provides 10 places, along with the tuition fee waivers contingent to certain circumstances, admitting its students to assess the MDPH documents.

EM Strasbourg is committed to share its knowledge with its students with an intention to enhance their knowledge as well as impact their daily lives in every aspect. This offers:

‘HEADLIGHTS’: This is a tutoring service through collaboration with Fedeeh, the website that motivates middle and high school students with disabilities to learn to achieve their educational dream.

‘Excellent Tutoring’: As a part of the Cordees de la Securite Ecole de Management de Strasbourg has a national status, aiming to avail equal opportunities to the senior high school students, as well as the preparatory students.

Student Life at Ecole de Management de Strasbourg

Living a student life at Ecole de Management de Strasbourg is a culture realized through various student organizations offering interesting projects.

Humanitarian Office

The Humanitarian Office at EM Strasbourg offers is an opportunity for its students to have a positive and valuable change in society. This association gives its students the chance to:

  • Enhance the welfare of people in the community as well as other parts of the world.
  • Indulge inhe activities like humanitarian missions, bus, shelters, blood donation, breakfast, and raffles.
  • Organize fund-raising events like inter-school competitions and improve the financial condition of the school.

International Office

The International Office helps international students to feel comfortable and become a part of the EM Strasbourg community. The office offers:

  • Orientation weeks for the international students when they join the institution
  • Organizes cultural visits and visits to the largest European cities
  • Sponsor evenings to encourage interaction between the local and international students

Arts Office

Arts Office at EM Strasbourg encourages its students to participate in different artistic events to facilitate – talent evenings, arts week, fashion week, and other workshops to enhance the artistic abilities of its students.

Sports Office

EM Strasbourg offers sports administered by the Sports Office which ensures that students have a balance between academic work and physical activity.

Top national sports competitions and tournaments are also offered including TIGRES, WESKI, Grandes Ecole World Challenge, and ECRICOME Challenge.

Student’s Office

Coordinate many events for the students that includes the integration weekend, Christmas dinner, ski trips, galas, and after work events that help students interact.

Multimedia Office

Multimedia Office offers a technological multimedia learning for its expertise while conducting the screening evenings and the production of the Yearbook that captures the students’ life.

Europe Etudes

Europe Etudes offers Junior Enterprises at EM Strasbourg that works as a real consulting firm that allows its students to:

Create consulting firms focusing on the actual projects for the clients.

Provide services in marketing, communication, entrepreneurship, and technical translation.


Start’EM encourages students/learners to venture into the world of business through:

Coordinating and offering entrepreneurial conferences, meetings, workshops, and other events.

Offer ENACTUS PROGRAM to implement social entrepreneurship projects.

Ecole de Management de Strasbourg Rankings

Grande Ecole Program 2023/24

EM Strasbourg’s Grandes Ecoles program achieves impressive rankings in multiple areas:

7th place by The Moci

According to the Le Figaro Student, it is ranked 17th, 18th by The Student and 19th position by Point

QS Masters in Management Ranking in France.

Ranked 20th by Challenges, 84th rank in Financial Times

Bachelor International Affairs 2023/24

The Bachelor International Affairs program EM Strasbourg to impress consistent high rankings:

According to Challenges and The Moci, it stands 10th best institute.

The Student and Le Figaro ranked it 13th and 14th respectively.

The Parisian ranked it 23rd.

University Masters 2023/24

EM Strasbourg’s University Masters program stands out with exceptional recognition in:

1st position by The Moci, in Master European Management Studies

M1+M2 Accounting Control, audit program got 5/5 from Challenges.

The Eduniversal MS & MBA Master Rankings

  • The Eduniversal MS & MBA Master Rankings is recognized for EM Strasbourg’s masters’ programs: Master 2 Management of health and medico-social organizations ranked 5th
  • Master 2 E-marketing and digital strategy and Master European Management Studies ranked 6th
  • Master 2 Business Engineering and Master 2 Tourism Management ranked 7th.
  • Master 2 Marketing et Gestion des Evenements ranked 9th
  • The Master Accounting / Control / Audit program was placed at position 10.
  • Master 2 in MAE Student Cycle , Entrepreneurship , Marketing and Market Listening, Management Control and Supply Chain Management were placed 14th ,12th,21st, 22nd and 28th respectively.

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