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Established in 1900, ECAM LaSalle is an innovation hub for research, education, and quality research institution ensuring its curriculum meets the professional needs. The school provides the combination of scientific rigor, humanistic and social perspectives, cross-disciplinary sciences knowledge and world’s openness places.

Founded Year: 1900
Institution Type: Public

40 Mnt Saint-Barthélémy, 69321 Lyon, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose ECAM LaSalle

ECAM LaSalle’s helps engineers to take responsibilities and contribute to the creativity by offering the continuous evolution with time to meet the needs of the industry.

Humanist Values: ECAM LaSalle helps students in their technical growth reflecting their all round education that includes work ethics, curiosity, respect and solidarity.

Collaborative Education: With a small class number and individual teaching methods the school offers personal and professional development of its students. This includes academic support, language assistance for foreigners, and an outsourcing dwellers’ program with ECAM graduates.

Partnership with the Industry: ECAM LaSalle develops mutual employers’ partnerships with the students to ensure a lively, real, and up-to-date training.

Global Outlook: With international partners, ECAM LaSalle students get an opportunity for worldwide mobility and to get a global perspective.

Location Advantage: Lyon is as European intersection, rich in connections such as airports and railways, giving opportunities to its students to study at the city.

Embracing Diversity and Equality: Community engagement and student support facilitates the volunteering approach by ECAM LaSalle in its educational programs.

ECAM La Salle set itself on a path defined by the philosophical concepts of its founder, the educator Saint-Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, and builds an atmosphere that has total dedication to the advancement of young adults. One of our educational contract main pillars is holistic development where intellectual, physical, emotional, social, moral, and spiritual growth is the core.

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ECAM LaSalle Accreditations

Prestigious Recognition from CTI

The CTI (Commission des Titres d’ingenieur) accredits ECAM LaSalle with the degree-awarding engineering degrees equivalent to a master’s level.

Specialized Master Programs Accreditations

ECAM LaSalle is accredited by the Conference des Grandes Ecoles – colleges of excellence across French universities.

In addition, ECAM LaSalle incorporates ‘Campus France Bienvenue en France’ accreditation recognizing its educational services while supporting for international students.

ECAM LaSalle Scholarships

Academic and personal development opportunities can be easily reached with the help of ECAM LaSalle scholarships. The sophisticated enterprise still continues to democratize higher education through its multitude of financial aids that are tailored to the different student categories.

Scholarship for the Lasallian and the IALU Network students

By joining the Lasallian Catholic or the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) association, ECAM LaSalle offers scholarship to nurture and promote academic excellence by providing such financial aid.

Mobility Scholarships for International Students

ECAM LaSalle has initiated the scholarships for the students of international students by enhancing the internationalization of the French higher education.

ECAM LaSalle Placements

The campus of ECAM LaSalle is dedicated to value the national and international student’s professional fulfillment. With the various programs and career opportunities students are

Internship Program

ECAM LaSalle provides industry exposure by providing internships to master their skills while increasing the chance of employment opportunities.

Part-Time Master’s Programs

ECAM LaSalle offers part-time Master’s programs since 1992 that includes Mechanical and Industrial Engineering with an opportunity to obtain specialized qualifications

Innovative Apprenticeship Contracts

ECAM LaSalle offers an apprentice while providing an opportunity for a partially paid vacation covering the external fund budgets while eliminating the financial constraint.

Apprenticeship contract is a 2-month mission which includes international learning experience.

Promising Career Opportunities

ECAM LaSalle provides student support even after graduation from college, that includes Jobteaser platform, graduate plays, and senior positions.

Student Services Offered by ECAM LaSalle

ECAM LaSalle offers a range of services such as health and restaurant facilities to ensure comfort and fulfillment in a student lifestyle.

On-Campus Accommodation

ECAM LaSalle offers on-campus housing facilitates, that includes:

  • Resource utilization and their easy access
  • Fully furnished accommodations
  • No additional charges or revenues
  • The Jean Bouisset Residence and Fourviere Residence provides recreational facilities as campus housing to ensure students live in comfortable conditions.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Ecame LaSalle provides its students with the off campus apartments like CROUS, LOGIFAC, and Via-Humanis.

Dining Services

Students get variety of delicious and nutritious food at cafeteria and CROUS located on campus by offering fresh products and seasonal healthy diet for its students.

Wellness Services

Students’ well being is the core of ECAM LaSalle’s programs offering a variety of wellness services, including:

  • On-campus doctor
  • Counselling service
  • Sports clubs
  • Gym facility
  • Student organizations

Health Insurance

Some of the benefits like medical expenses including doctor consultation fees, medications orders, and hospitalization bills are included. ECAM LaSalle health program also offers mental and physical wellness.


Welcoming Everyone

ECAM LaSalle offers the existence of poverty and discriminating elements such as ethnicity, and social.

Funding for Disabled Students

Students with disabilities are welcomed at ECAM LaSalle to study while providing the customized assistance, special adjustments, and services.

Campus Visit

The college offers Open House Day and Immersion Days to its students to come and visit the campus. Also, the university provides personalized campus tours for the student.

Student Life at ECAM LaSalle

At ECAM LaSalle, students are guided with the variety of experiential learning opportunities employing them personal and academic experience. The campus of ECAM LaSalle is dedicated to value the national and international students professional fulfillment.

The University’s Student Union and Campus Life

Association of AEI is the student association that plans all the events during the year and for over 40 clubs on campus as well.

Dynamic Student Associations

At ECAM LaSalle, student associations work in a group by organizing tech to humanitarian groups that fit in to any kind of club. Some of them are the IEL (Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leaders) club, EcoECAM, and ECAM Humanitarian club aiming at diversity, ecological sustainability, and humanitarianism.

Sports and Fitness Focus

ECAM le LaSalle ensures healthy and active lifestyles for its students by offering various clubs that includes the BDS organized sports communities, where students can participate in tournaments and other activities, including Chess, Fitness and Cheerleading Clubs. Ski & Mountain Club, Surf Club, and Motorcycle Club are also the part of the physical fitness to enrich the adventures campus life.

Exploring Specialization and Innovation

The Clubs Office at ECAM LaSalle provides a variety of clubs for its students to join and helps them to actively participate in aerospace, robotics, and novelty projects. The Eco’Innov Club and the Genius Club helps students to take part in competitions with energy efficiency topics, and in developing entrepreneurial projects.

Unmatched Student Support

ECAM LaSalle offers a range of student support systems including mentoring programs, housing assistance and French language support to all its national and international students in particular.

ECAM LaSalle Rankings

ECAM LaSalle, in the field of engineering consistently stands among the top ones that shows its international professionalism, its close relationships with enterprises, and impressive employment rate. In 2023, EdUniversal Ranking highly rated the ECAM LaSalle for its quality education.

ECAM Engineering program has been ranked as 3rd undergraduate engineering school in Aeronautic, Mechanics and Automotive.

Master in technological industrial management placed the ECAM in the 2nd place.

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