Universite Catholique De L'ouest

Universite Catholique De l'Ouest

Pinnacle of success, Universite Catholique De l’Ouest (UCO), founded in 1875, not only is a leading institute of academic community but is also a symbol of bright future for higher education and research. Beside, this esteemed institution is one of the oldest in Greater West that welcomes a diverse group of students, about 12,800+, across its campuses from both national and abroad countries.

With the academic achievement and the potency of strong overseas alumni network, UCO has all the ingredients to produce world-class trained and cognizant professionals.

Founded Year: 1875
Institution Type: Private

3 Pl. André Leroy, 49000 Angers, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Universite Catholique De l'Ouest

International Exposure and Customized Attention from Mentors through Regular Meetings

UCO is a blend of cultures through collaboration and activities to create a diverse environment for students from all nations. Every year, UCO Angers campus receives roughly 200 exchange program students from around 81 different countries and 1,100 students at CIDEF. All these students are under the supervision of International Office.

Renowned Legacy, Reliable Future

With the history of 140 years, UCO holds the domestic and foreign recognition in terms of institution, economic and academic standards. In collaboration with UDESCA network, UCO is the prestigious school of the non-profit higher education associations.

Commitment to Student Success

UCO embodies the concept of 100% achievement in the graduation rates of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The academic excellence is attributed with the result-oriented education with the supportive services and the supervisory system in place.

Joining UCO can be the first step toward fantastic future with lot of opportunities spread through personal growth and professional success.

Take first step towards your Study Abroad Journey

Universite Catholique De l'Ouest Placements

Plunge into the Life of Professional Internships at the Universite Catholique De l’ouest (UCO)

By its great attention to education and vocational training, UCO has been carrying out internships in all its programs for more than 50 years. This provides an opportunity for the students to utilize their gained knowledge in viewing the business world by developing their first professional skills.

UCO Internships Benefits

Exposure to Real World of Work: Students can get into internship and enrich their professional life experience by working in a real environment that provides exposure to the corporate life.

Refining Professional Projects: With internships, students can validate the correctness of their ambitions and potential in career path.

Building a Relational Network: The internship course offers an opportunity of networking that is a significant element to succeed in a professional life.

UCO’s Unique Placement Initiatives

Since 20 years, UCO’s Angers campus has been known for being a pioneer in the educational innovation like job round table, thematic workshop, speed meeting, company visit and many more.

These initiatives help students to:

  • Explore jobs, career connections and training opportunities at UCO.
  • Work with real professional practitioners to get actual job experience.
  • Collect the information for the future projects.
  • Activate their professional networks.

Student Services Offered by Universite Catholique De l'Ouest

Accommodation Support

Housing Office of UCO is responsible to get the best housing arrangement for all the incoming international students with the below options:

Rooms and Flats: Over 500 dorms and rooms starting area available from singles to family flats.

Private Halls of Residence: Rooms are to be reserved in advance.

Independent Housing:  Irrespective of gender, UCO helps to looking for the independent housing like Residence Cambridges.

Homestay: Opportunity to live with the French locals to learn their culture as a supreme experience.

University Halls of Residence:  UCO has limited space for the exchange students and so they allocate the rooms on a prioritized basis.

Visa and Legal Assistance

UCO offers acceptance letters for all the international students as well as the exchange students. Besides, UCO processes all the required steps for the non-EU students by taking online registration upon their arrival in France.

Insurance Guidance

UCO organizes the sessions of health, tenants and personal insurance coverage within a semester where European students must have their European Health Card where as non-Europeans can proceed to sign in to the French general social security system.

The main function of the student services in Universite Catholique De l’Ouest is to help all international and exchange students adapt to the new environment.

Student Life at Universite Catholique De l'Ouest

An Overall Cohesive and Friendly Atmosphere

At UCO students are engaged in studying, working, learning, and having fun, these crucially split the difference between the student and student community that practically draws them into a vibrant and enthusiastic community that resembles one big family of friends.

Management in UCO also furnishes their students with the work premises to facilitate them with to get ideas to do projects.

Vibrant Associative Life

Concerts, on-campus events, and productions staged by the student associations along with the academic events of the academic calendar provides opportunities for the students take part in cultural events. This comes in a diverse range of music festivals, theatrical performances, social gatherings, charitable initiatives etc to give the experience of life and colors. And all these witness the resilient and spirited students at the University with their passion, activity, and commitment.

Art and Academics

UCO not only just provides academic tuition, but also nourishes cultural experience of the students with a wide array of possibilities like shows, conferences, meetings up with artists and writers and competitions.

In partnership with student cultural associations, UCO offers access to the students for networking, internship, and discount of event tickets.

Sporting Activities at UCO

Sport activities are offered under the supervision that includes bookings of accessible gyms and courts at cheaper rates. From the beginner to the pro-athlete UCO has a sports facility for all.

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