Established in 1994, ENSAI (French National School of Statistics and Information Analysis) is known as one of the top French higher education institutions specialized in data engineering and data analysis.

ENSAI’S Academic and Research Committee guarantees academic excellence and research by providing most proficient teaching and well-structured curricula. Moreover, the Pedagogy Commission analyses and pinpoints the pedagogical problems through interaction with departmental student delegates, subject teacher-instructors and Associate Deans.

Founded Year: 1994
Institution Type: Public

51 Rue Blaise Pascal, 35170 Bruz, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why Choose ENSAI

ENSAI offers a wide range of programs to meet all-round topics such as Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Science focusing on the latest Big Data and Machine Learning.

Values and Responsibility

Preparing its students, ENSAI aims to requisite technical skills by facilitating their deliberation at the ethical and moral involvement of their career. Students are trained to keep them updated about the data handling legal obligations such as the EU’s GDPR.

Diversity and Equality

ENSAI is unique for its diverse and non-discrimination principles along with special programs aiming to create a safe environment for all. Support ing from discrimination and sexual violence ENSAI commits to provide an inclusive environment for all students.

Additionally ENSAI offers:

Individualized Attention: ENSAI provides personalized learning to each student .

Commitment to Excellence: ENSAI is well known for its international programs in Data Science that includes data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms inferring a high-quality education.

Prime Location: ENSAI strategically placed beyond the old city of Rennes with high aestheticzed setting of a creative learning space.

Extensive Research Opportunities: Through the postgraduate degrees ENSAI offers PhD programs and research.

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ENSAI Accreditations

As a well-known French university, ENSAI institution has been accredited by the French Accreditation Board for Engineering Education, CTI.

This CTI accreditation for ENSAI proves is status as top engineering college globally by signifying the high grade of studies in engineering program assuring potential students and employers to have the best engineering program in the Institution

ENSAI Scholarships

GENES grant application is analogous to students to fill in the DSE (the online campus work) form. DSE goes through a second review by CROUS, a French student assistance organization.

Under these ENSAI scholarships, payments are made on a monthly basis, in tenths, starting with the beginning of the academic year guaranteeing an unwavering financial base for students along their academic strives.

Furthermore, holding a CROUS scholarship status provides financial ease as well as facilitates student housing applications.

ENSAI Placements

Discovering Statistician Internship

According to the academic rules ENSAI program contacts with the professional world during their internship allowing them to cope with the professional restrictions. ENSAI deals with the complexity to build up team spirit to test their learning.

Applying Data Science Skills

With the second year of the Engineer Statistician program, another internship awaits for the students.

The junior engineers complete a final internship program merging through the national and local projects  leading into professional environment.

Recruit an ENSAI Graduate

ENSAI Alumni are built up since 1998 with over 5,000 students being employed in Statistics and Data Science such as the financial and tech sectors. Operating as an intermediary communications between the business community and the members HR as well as recruitment specialists of ENSAI define recruitment strategy.

Student Services Offered by ENSAI

ENSAI Institution Office of World Affairs provides a full set of services to the international students including:

  • Support in getting visas validation processes and booking lodgings prior to their departure.
  • Transportation from the railway station or Rennes airport to the respective accommodation.
  • Welcome Kits such as pillows, bedclothes, cooking gear, and scholastic materials.
  • Assistance after the flight including navigation on local transportation, grocery shopping, opening bank accounts, and renting insurance.
  • Ensuring the free availability of national student health insurance in France.
  • International student orientation organization.
  • Free French language courses.
  • Providing a cultural and sports activities customized for the foreign students.

ENSAI Library

Numerous sources are available at ENSAI library concentrating more on scientific articles, chapters and pre-print scientific documents from specialized bibliographic database universities under Paris-Saclay. The library is made accessible to the students, staff from the GENES, and personnel from INSEE are also given preference in borrowing books.

Accommodation Facilities

A variety of housing options are available on Ker Lann Campus where students can choose from the different types of housing options out of seven residences that includes multiple room types. Besides, the association also provides a free service to help students to obtain a rental guarantee.

Dining and Transportation

A number of dining options are available in the campus such as burgers, sandwiches, paninis, salads and full meals. Additionally, multiple modes of transportation, for example, cars, buses, and trains bring ENSAI near to the urban parts of the city, making students’ life easy and convenient.

Student Life at ENSAI

Union & Clubs

ENSAI revolves around Student Union, Office of Students (BDE), 00Stat that runs a club for Music, Photography, Ski, Travel, and Theater clubs. This BDE makes sure that every student is engaged in different types of activities like cultural events, organizing the cafeteria and producing the official Plaquette Alpha guide.

Practical Experience and ENSAI Junior Consultant

ENSAI Junior Consultant (EJC) program isthe best place for the students who are keen to their learnings into practice. Through the student association executing statistic surveys for businesses and administrations, the callous university theories are becoming practical applications.

Connecting with the Professional World

ENSAI lets students to get ready for their life by offering the Forums acting as a virtual space where students can interact and share career insights with the professionals’ world. This platform holds ENSAI Business forum each year with around 60 businesses.

Impacting Networking and Employment

Alumni Association of ENSAI gathers about 4,000 members from different fields producing strong networking. The Role of the Association is to organize functions, provide job contacts, and participate in important events of the school to get the feedback on the changes of the curriculum.

Sports & Leisure

ENSAI student community plays inevitable part in the students’ life offering a wide variety of participation in sports which include football, basketball, and volley ball, tennis, cross-training and running. These activities are taken over by the professional leads to take good care of students’ bodies.

ENSAI Rankings

ENSAI ranks at the 6th position in the top of the “Master in Big Data & Data Sciences” of Eduniversal in the year 2024. The Master for Smart Data Science placed at the 2nd position as the top Master’s in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data in the regions of Brittany and Normandy.

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