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Ferrandi Paris is the top business school in hospitality and tourism. Being a part of the Conseil de la Conference des grandes Ecoles (CGE) the school welcomes a national and international students.

Ferrandi Paris is not only an educational path to the students but also provide a coherent endeavor involving personal development and achievement. With its versatility, it allows students of over 25 nations to acquire French skills and knowledge in gastronomy in the multi-cultural surroundings. Along with that, they provide professional experiences in cooking with great mastery.

Founded Year: 1920
Institution Type: Public

28 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Ferrandi Paris

Entering the World of French Gastronomy

It can be hobby or a job to change, Ferrandi Paris certificates each student by providing the walk through in a different learning system, to start the journey in the French cuisine.

This highlights of Ferrandi Paris certification programs as follows

Prestige: Globally recognized as a top culinary school with four campuses in France having 2500 students working on on vocational, Associate and Masters’ degrees.

Practical Focus: The practical approach covers around 70% of the course, giving an opportunity to the students to learn in a short period of time.

Professional Immersion: Gives chance to the students to manage the work individually or in a group according to the time frame. This provides the clear idea to decide the future career in the culinary industry.

Supportive Environment: Usually English is used to instruct the students to create conducive learning environment for the international students.

Guest Chef Input: Respected members of the professional association of the MOF chefs as well as the Michelin-starred chefs of the participating colleges conduct performances to reveal the different types of cooking. And this gives students an avenue to discover their own personality in the kitchen.

A Kitchen of Different Cooking Skills

Being a Ferrandi Paris student grants an opportunity to work with various outstanding personalities, with the professional chef-instructors from top international places and a student pool of 30 nationalities that bind together around the gastronomy.

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Ferrandi Paris Accreditations

Being a member of the EFMD Global Network (not-to-profit) organization

Ferrandi stands out for its accreditations and awards in the competitive culinary and hospitality education.

Ferrandi Paris Scholarships

So far, Ferrandi Paris does not have scholarships for international students. However, there are two important factors:

  1. Campus Bourses: An Impressive Database to Finance Students.

It is an online platform created by Campus France to untangle this riddle by focusing on increasing international mobility and student exchange.

Students can get scholarship information on the website known as Campus Bourses that automatically collects all the scholarship information offered by the French government, local authorities, corporations, foundations and schools.

It is an unparalleled hub where students can visit to identify multiple financial route ways.

  1. The Foreign Ministry’s Scholarships: Like an Enchanted Forest, Discover the Spot of French Gastronomy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France provides support to cultural exchange and education by allocating the grants to foreign students.

Ferrandi Paris Placements

Career Center at Ferrandi Paris accompanies students starting from their admission, throughout their internship and apprenticeships, all the way up to their first job.

Advantages of the Career Center

Personalized guidance: Assist students to shape their profiles, based on the criteria such as educational background, experience and career aspirations to attract certain companies.

Preparation and support: To help students to make their best application both during the French training or abroad.

Robust network: Ferrandi Paris’s rich network is indeed an enjoyable experience to find a job near to the campus.

Job Dating at the Career Center

Students looking for apprenticeship contracts are assisted by the Career Center specialists, by scheduling business meetings with companies from hotel and catering sector to create unique networking opportunities.

The Power of the Ferrandi Paris Network

Ferrandi Paris’s network comprises over 12,000 companies, spanning a multitude of sectors like:

  • Palaces and boutique hotels
  • Government institutions
  • Top-tier restaurants
  • Industries that cater to consumers and groups.
  • Market stands and cafes owned by local firms will be in favor.
  • High-profile companies

A Global Reach

Ferrandi Paris provides the international career experience for the students looking to work in other countries from UK to the UAE and from the US to China.

Alumni Network

Upon admission, students join the alumni association availing the below benefits:

  • Full access to all the offers available on the ferrandialumni.fr portal
  • Connection with various professionals by participating in the exclusive events like the annual Gala Evening and professional workshops.

Student Services Offered by Ferrandi Paris

To support the overall growth of the students along with the high quality non-academic programs to match the different needs, Ferrandi Paris offers an individual support by providing an opportunity to study and work with the teachers in a collaborative mode.

Furthermore, a nurse office which is always open for any health issues and locating a grant, housing, and banking.

Student Life at Ferrandi Paris

With the combination of intellectual, cultural and social life Ferrandi Paris provide a healthy development and positivity.

Dive into Prestigious Events

Ferrandi Paris, hosts a range of renowned events such as Taste of Paris, Fete de la gastronomie, Challenge culinaire du President de la Republique and SIAL for the students to participate. This provides the fascinating practical interaction and networking throughout the learning.

Embrace the School’s Values

Reflecting its core values such as commitment to reach out to others, respect to individuals and a team spirit, Student Union Bureau(BDE) at Ferrandi Paris illustrates campus integration days, students sponsorship, sports, and events .

Places to Share and Live

To stay connected through the cohort areas, these include:

A student lounge and cafeteria for as snacks and drinks

In charge Students’ Office to arrange the fun after works programs to establish the connections with the companies, and also looks after the vegetable garden in the campus

Library, working spaces, as well as electronic learning and intranet platform to provide developmental operations

Latest classrooms with digital facilities

Sports centers such as a gym and basketball hall and a sports association that organizes tournaments to support sports development.

Ferrandi Paris Rankings

The Best Performances According to Eduniversal Ranking

Ferrandi Paris shines with a total of three top positions:

  • The degree of Master of Science in Hospitality Management steps up into the second position.
  • The Bachelors of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship raised its position to the second in the World’s Trophy for the creation of entrepreneurs and enterprises classifications.

Bachelor degree in Food and Beverage and Hospitality Management got third place in the Entrepreneurship, and Tourism.

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