Devinci Higher Education

Devinci Higher Education

Devinci Higher Education is not just any education Institution, It is a vibrant, thriving community of over 9500 students across its four schools: EMLV, ESILV, IIM and Devinci Executive Education. It is a host to more than 1200 international students and has vibrant multicultural centre that promotes innovation, sportsmanship, and global markets. Devinci Higher Education believes their  students should enjoy the advantages of both worlds – a traditional education system, which promotes and implements cutting-edge teaching processes as well as infrastructure. The faculty members with vast experience come from different professional backgrounds, which allows them to bring a various richness of knowledge and skills into the classroom.

Founded Year: 1995
Institution Type: Private

12 Av. Léonard de Vinci, 92400 Courbevoie, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Study at Devinci Higher Education

Devinci higher education’s ability to focus on practical learning is what sets it apart from the other schools. It offers practical knowledge through internships, projects and simulation environments. This helps the students gear up to tackle the ever changing market opportunities, pushes for development of skills needed in their respective fields.

Devinci Higher Education is not only concerned with academic excellence but also about extracurricular activities, where students can pursue their interests and talents beyond the classroom.

Students benefit from many clubs, organizations and events that enable them gain leadership skills as well as building networks and lasting memories.

Reputation and Reach: Devinci Higher Education has a very strong network that comprises of over 13,500 alumni and more. As a Research Centre, they have four research groups that makes them the champions of innovation and academic performance.

Unique Location: La Défense business district provides environment in which study and professional life flow together harmoniously. Its unique location provides students with a direct opportunity to peer inside this global business environment, enabling them to benefit from it.

Innovating Higher Education: Devinci Higher Education was founded in 1995 with a mission to reshape French higher education system, overcoming challenges for accessing public universities and gaining entrance into the famous ‘Grandes Ecoles’. From the onset of the organization’s existence, they have been working towards achieving educational superiority and diversity in a world that is more globalized.

Breaking Academic Barriers: Transversal education is an interdisciplinary approach, connecting various specializations through the students’ option to work in multidisciplinary teams. This model, which relies on a multi-school incubator gives access to double degrees in entrepreneurship, finance and digital marketing.

Diversity and Inclusion: Devinci higher education adhere to values of social open-mindedness and profile diversity. Student community at Devinci Higher Education is based on sports, culture and openness. Devinci encourages and supports students with disabilities in all courses, thus successfully implementing diversity.

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Devinci Higher Education Accreditations

Devinci Higher Education comprises of EMLV which has numerous accreditations. EMLV has been acknowledged and recognized by many esteemed organizations for its method of delivering outstanding, comprehensive business education. These accreditations include:

AACSB Accredited: AACSB accredited EMLV in 2021. This is an accreditation that lasts for a period not more than five years. AACSB ensures quality assurance and professional development of over 1.600 member organisations worldwide as well as more than 850 accredited business schools globally.

EFMD Master Accredited: EMLV has been accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development in 2022. The accreditation, valid for five years – the maximum period allowed, attests to EMLV’s excellent achievements as regards academy and pedagogy oriented policies.

AMBA Accredited: The EMLV is thus placed in the top 2% of business schools worldwide, as a sign of recognition for its MIM and MBA programs. These accreditations and memberships are a sign of EMLV’S dedication in providing quality education that ensures its students have right knowledge ready to thrive well on global platform.

Scholarships offered by Devinci Higher Education

Devinci Higher Education provides a range of scholarships designed to support you on your academic journey. Whether you’re a non-French student, a woman in STEM, or dedicated to promoting diversity, there’s a scholarship opportunity waiting for you at Devinci.

Scholarship NameDescriptionEligibilityDeadlines
Early Bird Discount20% tuition fee waiverNon-French students applying for EMLV, ESILV, or IIM programsBefore April 15th, 2024
Diversity ScholarshipTuition fee waiver of 10% to 50%Non-French candidates with outstanding academic, professional or personal qualitiesBefore June 30th, 2024
Women’s Empowerment ScholarshipTuition fee funding of upto 4000 Euros per year and a dedicated coaching programNon-French, female students under 30 years applying for ESILV Grande Ecole programme at Master LevelMay 31st, 2024

Placements Offered by Devinci Higher Education

Devinci Higher Education is one of the leading business schools in France that has pioneered in creating the leaders of tomorrow. They have evolved with time, and have now changed their placement approach in line with the industry of the day.

Powerful Industry Partnerships: Their collaborations with major French and foreign companies make students obtain wide exposure. This partnership covers startups to multinational companies, so students are able to find where they fit.

Personalized Career Guidance: The personalized career counseling is an essential part of the placement program at Devinci. This is done through prolonged meetings with career counselors, enabling students to recognize their career objectives. Networking events such as business dating and forums, also, give the students a golden chance to expand their professional network.

Develop Practical experience Ready for the Job: Devinci is proud of its link of academic knowledge and business practice. In order to give the students actual practice, they offer internships, apprenticeships, and working abroad. This also improves their skills therefore making them well-armed to meet the requirements of the industry.

Comprehensive Support System: Devinci provides its assistance to graduates. Their Alumni Association also plays a role in consolidating good relationships and arranging frequent networking events. It enables the alumnus to network, seek counsel, and pursue other possibilities.

Devinci Higher Education practices the strategic synergy between theory and practice and in the corporate sector, confront it with competence and professionalism.

Student Services offered by Devinci Higher Education

The Devinci Higher Education aims at offering international students a hassle-free and smooth academic journey. From the moment when they arrive to their graduation, Devinci higher education make sure that all of what a student needs throughout their study duration. Wide array of services includes individual attention, cultural integration programs, academic advisors, career counselling and others. Taking on such a transformative learning adventure with Devinci Higher Education feels comfortable and forward-looking every step of the way.

Airport pickup: Moving to a foreign country is not easy, let alone for students who are far away from home. Devinci provides their airport transfer services which ensure that the students reach safely and they are comfortable.

Accommodation assistance: Finding appropriate accommodation in a foreign country can be very tasking. Due to this trend, Devinci Higher Education provides support on housing options where students are guided towards securing comfortable accommodations at prices that they can afford.

Orientation programs: In order to acclimatize student into their new surroundings, Devinci has orientation program. This program offers important insights into the academic standards, cultural practices, campus facilities and others.

Academic guidance: Devinci Higher Education recognizes the fact that every student has individual academic goals. That is why they offer individualized academic counselling to promote their performance in studies and exploit the full potential.

Bank account: Devinci also guides international students in bank account opening. This service is particularly useful for those students, who may be totally unfamiliar with the local banking system and regulations.

Health and wellness services: The student’s welfare matters most and the school Devinci caters for them. Hence, they give opportunities to find diverse kinds of the health and wellness services on campus such as medical clinics, counselling programs and recreational activities.

Student Life at Devinci Higher Education

A Thriving Student Life at the De Vinci Higher Education is Ideal for International students.

Embrace Fitness: In addition to classrooms and sporting grounds, De Vinci has ultramodern gym facilities that consist of weight-training rooms as well as cardio trainer’s room among other supporting recreational areas such the dance studios and martial artwork arena.

Nurture your Entrepreneurial Spirit: De Vinci Higher Education students who have aspired to be entrepreneurs are given full support during their process in becoming one. At all stages from conceptualization to the launch, they are guided via workshops coaching connections with other entrepreneurs.

Connect with De Vinci Alumni: A dynamic network of more than 18,000 Alumni is available at the De Vinci Higher Education. This network is an avenue for students to learn about and benefit from internship opportunities, educational & professional advice as well a stage where they can share tips. Events and meetings are conducted regularly to let student interact with the alumnus by developing a network for their career prospective.

ESN Devinci: The De Vinci College’s Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is designed as a student association to enhance the life of exchange students and international learners. It provides an incredible opportunity for foreign students to blend, get assistance and mix with other local students from the three campuses.

Devinci Higher Education Rankings

  • Le Figaro, L’Etudiant, and Le Point place EMLV in the Top 3 of post-bac business schools in France for 2022-2023.
  • EMLV’s Masters in Management program has jumped five places in five years, earning it the 3rd spot in France.
  • In the Le Figaro ranking, EMLV is 3rd out of 14 post-bac business schools.
  • EMLV’s MBA program made its debut in the QS Global MBA Rankings, recognized as one of the top 11 MBA institutions in France.
  • EMLV’s Masters in Management program has jumped five places in five years, earning it the 3rd spot in France.
  •  EMLV’s MBA program made its debut in the QS Global MBA Rankings, recognized as one of the top 11 MBA institutions in France.

Devinci Higher Education Statistics

  • Devinci Higher Education, based in France, boasts a vibrant academic community with over 15,000 students.
  • Strongly rooted in the corporate world, it fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Devinci emphasizes on international exposure with a network spanning over 50 countries.
  • It’s famous for its 300,000 square meters of state-of-the-art campus facilities.

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