University of Toulon

University of Toulon

Founded in 1968, the University of Toulon (UTLN) holds the tradition of academic excellence with the forward-thinking approach to education.

Founded Year: 1968
Institution Type: Public

Av. de l’Université, 83130 La Garde, Franc

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose the University of Toulon

Interdisciplinary Education

UTLN offers a broad range of programs with 100 different degrees across 3 campuses tailored to meet regional, social and economic needs ensuring its graduates are ready for the job market.

International Focus

UTLN encourages student mobility in partnership of KA203 project to ensure that the students get experience about social entrepreneurship education.

Commitment to the Student Success

With the commitment to the student’s success, UTLN improves its courses to increase incoming mobility offering more courses in the English-language while enhancing the third year as the “European class” modules.

Broad Geographic and Thematic Strategies

The University located on the shores of the Mediterranean promotes in developing projects for North-South exchanges by establishing partnerships with universities in Comoros and Mozambique. It is also involved in significant thematic projects, such as “CMQ 4MED” to support the maritime economic development in the region.

Vibrant Research Environment

With 15 Research Units, UTLN encourages staff mobility, resulting in the development of international student education.

Commendable International Outreach

UTLN involve in the international arena offering better prospects for the successful development in Asia Pacific operating for the 15 years in Vietnam.

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Surveys and Statistics of the University of Toulon

Annual Surveys

The University of Toulon manages different surveys, studies and reports supporting its students to monitor the development in integration with careers.

Evaluation Department by professional integration surveys focuse on the career surveys.

Key highlights:

  • In-depth study of the students their careers.
  • Summary reports and performance sheets of each training course.
  • Selected professional groups including university doctors.

Maintaining the College Schedules

To improve the ability with the most important events in the school year’s calendar, University of Toulon provides up-to-date information about:

  • Important academic dates
  • Exam periods
  • Respective university’s CA governs over the calendars

Study Regulations

The university is a transparent organization where students can find information about:

  • Types of training access
  • Transmission of grades and ECTS

Language Learning Environments

The University of Toulon provides abroad learning opportunities development by offering various opportunities for the students to:

  • Get ready for an overseas excursion
  • Provide certificates as a proof of their language competence.

These learning opportunities enhance students’ CVs acquired through:

  • European classes
  • Certifications
  • Self-paced learning in Language Resource Center.

International Services Offered by University of Toulon

Global Vision for the Education

The University of Toulon regularly invites international students, guest lecturers, and promoting innovative degree programs worldwide. The Department of International Relations (SRI) and its Vice-President are the key roles behind this international strategy.


The university has a dedicated team to guide international students to CROUS, the national agency for French student services as well as for online application without exchange program. The exchange students fill the SRI by following instructions or suggestions to get in touch with CROUS.


The University of Toulon supports comprehensive accommodation through the Studapart by offering an internet platform to its students to find accommodation deals like studios, flatshares and homestays including the below benefits:

  • Discounts for University of Toulon students.
  • Authentic ads and safe online payment platforms.
  • User-friendly rental applications with 100% digitalized processes.
  • Financial support of up to €300 for apartment.

Additionally, Studapart offers the Guarantee service for international students, who need a French guarantor.

Student Life at University of Toulon

The Department of Student Life (SVE)

The team of SVE offers administrative assistance to help students to form student associations, student leaders, and cultural delegates. Dedicated to retain and enhance the student’s life, the student council takes in charge for organizing two week events.

Culture and Art

To develop the academic program, the university provides variety of cultural activities for the students ranging from the highly interactive campus-oriented workshops as well as the cheaper tickets and passes.

Support to the Students with Disability

The University is well equipped with programs to support students with disabilities, by offering suitable assistance involving human services and technical support.

Athletics Department (SUAPS)

Sports enthusiast students can choose from more than 30 different sporting events arranged by the athletics department and offer them to enjoy in university sports, weekend outing, and engage in competitions.

University-Based Department of Preventive Medicine & Health Care (SUMPPS)

SUMPPS has a highly qualified team of medical practitioners offering a wide range of health services ranging from the systematic medical screenings and the compulsory medical examinations to the emergency health care.

The role of Students Affairs is to assist its students throughout the student life with the extra counseling by ensuring that no student is left behind.

Furthermore, International Relations Office of the University of Toulon offers academic function including numerous activities aiming to offer social life and improving extracurricular aspects of its students.

Placement Details at University of Toulon

Impressive Internship and Job Positions

Orientation and Integration support service at Toulon University is famous for promoting career advancement among its students to directly access the companies for internship ensuring an easy move from academic to real-world environment.

Streamlined Placement Process

The University of Toulon provides the marketplace to its students for internship, employment and student-job bids.

Partnering with JobTeaser

Initiating assistance to the students’ with the professional projects, JobTeaser is one of the career sites in Europe with over 400 establishments including the job offer dissemination and the employer branding operations.

The JobTeaser gives all its users an easy and direct access about career details by offering career opportunities at the fingertips.

Benefitting from the Career Center

Through 2021 academic year, students got good support in a wide range of career areas. The key offerings include:

  • Professional video about the Company areas introducing different roles of professionals
  • Upcoming career events’ announcements of the companies
  • Deals for internship, work-study, and job openings
  • Email notifications regarding jobs and events
  • Tips and techniques to prepare the applications

Entrepreneurship at the University of Toulon

Nurturing Business Minds

The University of Toulon is an ideal launch pad to encourage students, young graduates, and doctoral students to venture into entrepreneurship by offering a unique platform for young business minds.

Nation Student-Entrepreneur Status (SNEE)

By extending its full support, the University of Toulon opts for the National Student-Entrepreneur Status (SNEE), endorsed by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, and Research. This enables students under 28 to develop an entrepreneurial project via the Pepite system.

Benefits include

  • Personalized tutoring
  • Pepite prize of €12,000 for that project
  • Pepite serves as a replacement for the startups and highly innovative businesses of Verrouilles district.
  • Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Business Accompaniment Plan (CAB)
  • Young entrepreneurs can easily reach PEPITIZI – a site developed for their peers.

The D2E, Student Entrepreneur Diploma

Students New-Entrepreneurs Experience (SNEE) is offered for 1 year to every student who studies at university and has interest in either business creation or activity takeover.

Pepite Cre@tude PACA-Est Center

In June 2014 University of Toulon collaborated with the University of Cote d’Azur for promoting innovation in the PACA – Estienne local area (PACA-Est). It is the combination of different public clubs, top innovative organizations and experienced professional communities. Apart from guidance on best practices, strategy, and financial management, the center also provides mentorship and ample of trainings to the budding entrepreneurs.

Local Economic Agents and Entrepreneurship Fair

Pepite Cre@titude works in partnership with different economic players such as Interface 83, the CJD Center for Young Leaders (CJD_CEYL), Women 3000, Alumni, INPI, and many more, to function as a place for entrepreneurship by offering events held in the form of open days, forums, training sessions, and competitions.

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