IGR-IAE de Rennes

IAE Rennes was established in 1955, later it was transformed to IGR-IAE de Rennes in 1969 promoting its developmental processes in western France.

Along with the high-quality education, IGR-IAE de Rennes offer programs in various fields of learning such as – Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, and International Management.

Founded Year: 1955
Institution Type: Public

11 Rue Jean Macé, 35700 Rennes, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose IGR-IAE de Rennes

Innovative Research: IGR-IAE de Rennes uses exciting research in management to address tangible issues that businesses face daily while practicing them. There are two research teams in the school under marketing, retailing, finance, human resource management and logistics management. Working closely with the Cross-disciplinary Research Groups, IGR-IAE aims to organize national and international seminars.

Strong Corporate Network: IGR-IAE de Rennes has a strong corporate and territorial base with 46% of its graduate students to get direct employment with the organizations in their final semester.

Alumni Connection: Through the alumni, IGR-IAE de Rennes has a strong link with the graduates to find ways, means and directions for their professional projects with expert guidance from alumni and industries.

International Focus: IGR-IAE de Rennes provides international seminars and continuously searches for new international academic partnerships representing its international student community and academics.

With the multinational students, IGR-IAE de Rennes actively hosts the community and assists 50-60 partners from the universities. This provides the great opportunity to work directly with over 50 nationalities and get a real taste of true international environment with the diverse academic activities.

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IGR-IAE de Rennes Accreditations

IGR-IAE de Rennes offers accredited master’s programs to different specializations of nursing students.

IGR-IAE de Rennes Scholarships

Various scholarships and grants are available on the Campus France or the official website of the French Government.

French Embassies’ Scholarship: Many French embassies provide scholarships for students enrolled in French programs based on academic merit. This scholarship is awarded under the Cooperation and Cultural Action Sections (SCAC) of the country’s embassies.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship: Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France offer this scholarship scheme to foster international appeal towards the French educational system for masters and PhD level programs.

As an Eiffel scholarship holder of the 2018-2019 academic year, Duong Van Nhat / Vietnam, claims that this scholarship undertakes the studies in France.

For Indian students – UGAM/Legrand: This scholarship is developed in collaboration with the Franco-Indian Education Trust to provide quality education to the students from India. The French Embassy in India gives reimbursement for tuition fee, and allowance up to €7,500 for living expenses.

Foundation UR1: IGR-IAE de Rennes founded in 1971 provides scholarship for student to undertake research masters as well as mobility allowance and a travel allowance for international students.

IGR-IAE de Rennes Placements

IGR-IAE de Rennes offers significant internships for accounting and auditing, MBAIM, IHRM students Master of Finance.

Career Center – A Doorway to Work and Career

  • Construct career goals using 1,500 corporate videos and 100 chats per year.
  • Find the right job/internship available
  • Preparation of interviews for the professional job along with the submission of CVs.
  • Information about internship for international students in France
  • Invitations to attend Career events
  • HR information for IGR-IAE students
  • E-mail notifications
  • Opportunity to post the students resumes

Extra Events during the Course of the Year

The Career Week that offers a series of events to inform students about the current employment opportunities in France.

The Journee de Simulation du Recrutement (Mock Interview Day) isa planned day to focus on the interviewing process.

The Forum des Entreprises (Career Day) offers a vocational fair every year that involves 60 companies to meet students regarding their internships and employments.

An international seminar is also conducted with the purpose to discuss the issues related to the international annual seminar.

Student Services Offered by IGR-IAE de Rennes

IGR-IAE de Rennes offers integrated services for the students with a rich choice of services to enhance the quality of student life along with offering complete education effectively to develop their personality.

Affordable Accommodation

Faculty of Economics and Management IGR-IAE de Rennes offers student housing for Master’s program and exchange students at a lower price of €244 per month.

These include La Mode, La Normandi, La Jackson, La Duchesse Anne, and La Recouvrance under the administration of the CROUS which is French based student welfare organization offering the cheapest student housing in Rennes.

IGR-IAE de Rennes enables bookings for accommodation for its students through the student coordinators.

Students of IGR-IAE de Rennes get assistance to get the long-stay Visa to have a resident’s permit at least for up-to one year.

Pre-Arrival Protocol

IGR-IAE de Rennes also helps its students to make arrangement in France before their arrival in France. These include:

  • Visa application procedures
  • Travel arrangements
  • Connect to program coordinators
  • Arrangement of adequate insurance

IT Services and Wi-Fi

IGR-IAE de Rennes ensures its students get access to the online student platform and wi-fi access along with two computer halls with printers.


The official website of IGR-IAE de Rennes provides its relevant information to its students regarding managing their budgets while preventing them from stress while studying in Rennes.

Restaurants are run by CROUS available to grab a warm meal while providing special meal and shared kitchen facility.

Buddy Program

IGR-IAE de Rennes offers a buddy program to unite international students with local students to help them adapt with the new campus life in Rennes.

Student Life at IGR-IAE de Rennes

Welcome Services

To adapt students to the academic environment, the IGR-IAE de Rennes facilitates welcome services, by facilitating the students togo through a good run in the French culture.

BDE: IGR-IAE de Rennes offers highly interdisciplinary and collaborative events with a large number of international students come together to share a common interest. Bureau des Eleves (BDE) acts as interconnections between the numerous members and organizers.

IGR Diffusion: This team allows its students to apply for a job offer hosting Open Days, Educational Fairs and Students Recruiting and many more.

Cultural and Sports Activities

IGR-IAE de Rennes provides cultural and sports activities by engaging its students in various associations.

BDA offers creative and innovative experience of  the musical events, inclusive of festivals to its students.

IGR Junior Consulting: By bridging academia and profession, theoretical viewpoints of the students are enhanced by concrete and practical knowledge. It offers its students to get affiliated to different companies and acts as intermediaries for seeking work experience in the companies with five centers at – Commercial, Communication, Quality, Human Resources, and Treasury.

IGR Alumni: Club structures and IGR Alumni provide students with opportunities to establish connections with professionals offering internships and jobs.

Association Activities

IGR Entraides and Together for Morocco foster the spirit of solidarity, respect, and commitment among students by promoting charity events, compassion and advocacy among the students for the welfare of the society.

IGR Agora helps the students to share their ideas by discussing philosophical, political, economic and even cultural matters to enhance productive discussions and debates.

IGR-IAE de Rennes Rankings

Internationally acclaimed university, IGR-IAE de Rennes ranks number 1 in nurturing the scholarly community.

QS “World University Rankings” positioned it amongst the world’s 1000 best universities.

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