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VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School

The core concepts, excellence and tradition of VATEL – Hotel & Tourism Business School establish the front-runner educational institution for international students pursuing hospitality and tourism in the management fields. With 50 locations in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, VATEL is known to mould the future leader.

Founded Year: 1981
Institution Type: Private

1 place des Millésimes 33000 BORDEAUX

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School?

With the French art of hospitality and quality management skills, VATEL is renowned as the gold standard of esteem, distinctiveness, and naturalness.

Alumni Network

VATEL with 42,000 alumni boasts the successful carving of the students’ future in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Going International

Marked by sustainability and progressiveness, The VATEL School marks its achievement with sustainable and progressive international achievement. Through its international network been operational for two decades, VATEL is recognised as the great hotel and tourism management school.

The Five-Pillar Success

  • Deep-rooted student connections
  • Stimulating learning environments
  • Knowledge transfer and expertise
  • Upholding proper conduct
  • Collaboration with industry experts

The VATEL faculty represents teaching from industry old-timers and universities with the combination of academic and practical exposure.

The VATEL Uniform: The official, national emblem of Nigeria is a source of uniformity and the highest standard for the entire country.

VATEL’s Franchises: VATEL has partnered with the global spread to pursue well structure common cause to create a great future campus.

With the international voyage of multicultural character, hospitality, and tourism management plays a major factor.

Take first step towards your Study Abroad Journey

VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School Scholarships

A great chance to improve skills and ambitions

With VATEL, studying abroad is more accessible by the scholarships offered here for the postgraduates and undergraduates along with quality education for the hospitality aspirants.

Master’s Scholarships at VATEL

With the premium scholarships international student can level up to Master’s degree in Hotel management.

  • With 50% to 100% discounts.
  • Outstanding performance awards of 1,000 EUR to 5,000 EUR.
  • Along with the Education Agency, French Abroad and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs offer an Excellence Scholarship of 500 EUR yearly covering the tuition fees up to 5,000 EUR.
  • Housing allowance along with the Fulbright Scholarship offers medical insurance.
  • The LivingFrance and Charpak programs offer waivers in tuitions and stipends providing financial assistance to the students.
  • Additionally, the Charpak Master Scholarship offers a great deal of worth 5000 EUR.

Bachelor Scholarships at VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School

Bachelor’s students are recognized for their dedicated academic achievements and competitions.

Every international student is awarded with VATEL Scholarship Excellence for Hospitality during the CESEM first-year program to help with the tuition fees worth 2,500 EUR.

For full-time BBA, the Scholarship of Excellence covers the full amount of 4,000 EUR for deserving students.

VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School Placements

Top Grade in Intern Opportunities

  • 1st-year Bachelors: 4 months corporate internship in France.
  • 2nd year Bachelors: 5-6months of international operational internship.
  • 3rd-year Bachelors: 6 months of internship.

Top Grade in Intern Opportunities

  • 1st-year Bachelors: 4 months corporate internship in France.
  • 2nd year Bachelors: 5-6months of international operational internship.
  • 3rd-year Bachelors: 6 months of internship.

Student Services offered by VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School

The dedicated Student Affairs Staff at the VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School provides the proper guidance throughout the academic journey so that students can learn to be confident to manage themselves.

Accommodation Assistance: Offers the opportunity to give the right accommodations to the students so that they can find single apartments with compatible roommates.

  • Residence Permit Paperwork: To make the stay more relaxed, they provide services aiming to remove any uncertainty.
  • Bank Account Setup: Student Affairs office may help students to open a French bank account.
  • The VATEL team plays an instrumental role in Health and Welfare Services
  • French Medical Coverage Registration: During the registration, French Medical Coverage assures full coverage of the student.
  • Housing Allowance Application: The Counsellor of Student Affairs assist students to apply for temporary finance assistance (CAF) to relieve them with any financial pressures.

Student Life at VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School

The VATEL school provides a supportive community and better education standards as an added advantage to the students. VATEL (i.e. Bordeaux Student Council) offers better student life quality with the help of “The Student Council (World Campus Bordeaux)”.

The team is dedicated for the following:

  • Organize a diverse range of activities from local chill-outs to wine tastings, tournaments, and charity parties.
  • Offer special deals with restaurants, neighbouring clubs, and nearby areas.
  • Provide academic help to the students with effective tutoring.

Signature VATEL Bordeaux Events
VATEL organizes two annual events to capstone the student experience:

The Gala: Students can enjoy their party at the end of the academic session before the internship.
The Integration Weekend: Customised orientation program along with the VATEL school’s culture to promote unity in fresher.

VATEL is considered as the best place to learn providing students with the ability to create everlasting experiences including academic achievements and professional development.

VATEL-Hotel & Tourism Business School

By providing top-quality education in shaping the leaders of tomorrow to work in the hospitality industry, VATEL – Hotel & Tourism Business School leading in the area of hospitality and tourism education.

The QS World University Rankings rank VATEL at the 1st position in the list of French Business Schools demonstrating its focus on professionalism.

A Significant Global Player

  • In 2023, the World University Rankings has placed the VATEL at the 11th global position for Hospitality & Leisure Management.
  • Adding to it, VATEL holds the title of “Best Hospitality Management School” (HIMA) with 17th place in the World Wide Hospitality Awards.

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