Université de Lorraine

University of Lorraine

Universite de Lorraine is in the heart of Europe and is a central optimum that covers all fundamental and human sciences. It is a multi-disciplinary Greater Region network associated to internationally recognized communities fostering inter/trans-disciplinary approach to rigorous research and innovations from academia to the implementation of change process.

Founded Year: 1572
Institution Type: Public

34 Cr Léopold, 54000 Nancy, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose Universite de Lorraine

Universite de Lorraine on a charter of values steers its operations:

Universality: Reinforcing the domain of science and creating a progressive climate Universite de Lorraine recognizes multicultural presence and basic human rights.

Creativity: Universite de Lorraine continues to be innovative and dynamic while adopting interdisciplinary approaches and new paradigms of knowledge creation and dissemination.

Reflexivity: The institution fosters education and openness by nurturing a culture of inquiry and self-doubt to embrace the change for the better future of its students.

Solidarity: Universite de Lorraine provides an atmosphere of cooperation as well as discussion promoting environment with the culture of sharing experiences and assembling multiple resources to work on the collective ideas.

Responsibility: Universite de Lorraine is engaged in assessing the risks and opportunities associated with the new developments in scientific insights

Universite de Lorraine is the combination of the beneficial concepts of both past and present assuring the equal opportunities for its students that includes non-discrimination of the minority.

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Universite de Lorraine Accreditations

Universite de Lorraine is among the best academic institutions with its significant achievements in managing the “HR Excellence in Research”.

With its emphasis on academic performance, Universite de Lorraine maintains its success and proves to be a model across the globe and its accreditations are a testament to this legacy

Universite de Lorraine Scholarships

Eiffel Scholarships of Excellence program is one of the unique and remarkable innovative programs formed by Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France.

This scholarship program is aimed at helping the future decision-makers from private and public sectors to gain more skills and knowledge in various fields of study focusing the emerging countries.

Fields of Study

Eiffel Scholarships of Excellence program is valid for various study fields from where students can choose the program based on their previous academic records.

In Science and Technology, the program covers – Biology and Health ,Ecological Transition, Mathematics and Digital Technology, and Engineering Sciences.

In the Humanities and Social Sciences, the program covers – History,French Language and Civilisation, Law – Political Sciences and Economics – Management.

Universite de Lorraine Placements

Encouraging Student Entrepreneurship

The Universite de Lorraine has a Student Entrepreneurship Center called PeeL a part of the national Student Centers for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship (PEPITE). It aims at forming the entrepreneurial culture that actively supports over 2300 student entrepreneurs with activities such as  awareness, training, and support actions.

Pursuing the Student-Entrepreneur Diploma

Universite de Lorraine grants the National Student-Entrepreneur Status to the students to develop his/her enterprising project within PEPITE. It also assists its students in the work areas, and business creation partners. While offering the Specialized Diploma in student-Entrepreneur, Universite de Lorraine aims at young graduates to complete their venture in the entrepreneurship and management fields.

University Orientation and Professional Integration Service

Universite de Lorraine has established Career Orientation and Integration Service (SOIP) with almost 30 staff members and students to support in their academic and career endeavors. This service offers events of career days and information on events such as self-awareness seminars, independent graduate student sessions and round table discussions on career development.

Doing More than Just Placements: Team Participation

Universite de Lorraine is involved in a number of big projects that includes the Ailes project, AMI TPN and SHS/ALL increasing the students’ perspective to sharpen their skills.

Student Services Offered by Universite de Lorraine

Universite de Lorraine is one of the major universities located in France equipped with all the essential amenities for the overall well-being of the students.

Health Services

To provide health care provisions, Universite de Lorraine has a Student Health Service that offers free and anonymous medical advice that includes physicians, clinical officers, nurse specialists, social worker and many more.

Some of the other services offered are-

  • Regular medical visits
  • Gynecology consultations
  • Nutrition advice and support
  • Services and accommodations for students who meet the criteria for a disability
  • Addiction services
  • Screenings
  • Mental and psychological assistance
  • Vaccination services

Suicide Prevention

Universite de Lorraine supports those who overcome with mental issues or suffering with the family members or friends or anyone in an emotional state of panic or despair, and those who mourn due to the act of suicide. There are around 3114 services available with a help line and trained professionals to listen, consider, and support their concerns.

Accommodation Services

Universite de Lorraine collaborates with CROUS while housing that offers studios, shared spaces, rooms to rent in private properties supported by Studapart.

Student Life at Universite de Lorraine

Student activities in Universite de Lorraine features a rich choice of over 70 sports to enjoy athletic possibilities as a means of developing their abilities, reducing stress, and meeting with other students.

SUAPS Online Program

The Sports Committee of the Universite de Lorraine also known as ASUL is operational by students that inspires the candidates of the university towards academic, inter- academic, national and International levels of competition.

Transport and Mobility

The Universite de Lorraine promotes rational and diversified modes of transport by enabling its students with the transportation facilities. It provides a wide variety, including Shoes or Sneakers for walking, Bicycles for cycling, or comfortable public transport and also inevitably encourages students to use shared cars.

Grand Est Region provides transport by regional trains and coaches for commuters where at times students may wish to pay for specified rates and subscription for their advantage.

Health and Nutrition

Lorraine Nord Student Health Service along with CROUS and MGEL offers insight into students’ eating habits and shares healthy tips to consume, set a meal ration, tips on leading a healthy life in a tight budget. Just like the Balanced Diet Month and Happy Hours, the university encourages the students for the healthy lifestyle along with the utilization of alcohol in moderation.

Universite de Lorraine Rankings

According to the latest Shanghai Ranking the University is placed within the 201-300 positions. This accomplishment proves that it has the right focus and direction to impart quality education and researches.

Among Top French Universities

It has claimed among top9-11 universities in the country focused on upgrading the training quality and physical learning infrastructures for a better learning atmosphere.

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