LISAA School of Arts and Design

LISAA School of Arts and Design

Artists at LISAA School of Arts and Design were established in particular to create a space for talented individuals to jump-start their artistic expressions. LISAA not only looks for top-notch technical skill-sets but also for the ones who possess professionalism and a distinct creative personality. This is not just a place for the talent to bloom, but also to shine bright.

Founded Year: 1986
Institution Type: Private

62 Bd Arago, 75013 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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Reasons to Choose LISAA School of Arts and Design

LISAA is more than a place of enrollment

LISAA’s methodology is to help students find their specificity and fulfill their pursuit in the selected career. With cooperation and common standards, students can express unique talents in their professional careers.

Quality Education: The French Ministry of Culture and Communication chose LISAA as one of the few schools whose qualifications are found in the official list of recognized French certifications.

Professional Partnerships: LISAA provides project-based classroom teachings to initiate the expansion of the student’s knowledge about the business world.

Accolades: The LISAA stands out in the crowd of professionals with its reputation for standing with many professional associations. It is recognized as the best school of the last decade for many times.

Experienced Faculty: Art and design courses led by full-time designers and artists from the specialization fields offer the latest industry insights.

Individual Support: LISAA offers individual student tuitions dedicated to arts with no more than five students placed in a central urban setting.

Community: LISSA is the biggest design school in France with a strong alumni network with over 5000 graduates worldwide. On the other hand, the online career platform has over 800 internships and multiple job offers for students to immediately put their skills and knowledge into practice.

International Exposure: LISAA is a member of the Cumulus network along with the status of the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education.

LISAA School of Arts and Design is specially designed for students who can enter the journey of creativity.

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LISAA School of Arts and Design Accreditations

Well-known and appreciated for its ability in the field of art, LISAA Design and Arts School now has the additional privilege of owning its own accreditations format.

Recognizing Professional Experience

With experience in the field of audiovisual and digital arts expertise, LISAA believes that the accreditation process is possible to recognize professional knowledge.

Experience the acknowledgment:

  • At least three years of on-the-job training in any selected sector.
  • All the courses in LISAA are accredited.

LISAA is not only about having world-class accreditation in arts but also its contribution to the industrial experience to resolve the whole knowledge assimilated in the determined fields of IT, Arts & Design, or Audiovisual and Digital Technologies.

LISAA School of Arts and Design Scholarships

LISAA School of Arts and Design is not concerned with the scholarships but still, they take a few steps to make sure their students are not stranded.

Partnership with Caisse d’Epargne

The partnership between LISAA and the Caisses d’Epargne grants students to apply for student loans at considerably lower interest rates.

LISAA School of Arts and Design is not concerned with the scholarships but still, they take a few steps to make sure their students are not stranded.

Partnership with Caisse d’Epargne

The partnership between LISAA and the Caisses d’Epargne grants students to apply for student loans at considerably lower interest rates.

LISAA School of Arts and Design Placements

With its distinctive placement of students as well as prospective employers, LISAA undertakes different courses so that its graduates are job-ready after school.

Work Placements contracts abound at the LISAA

LISAA endorses two kinds of work placement contracts for its students:

  • Certificate of apprenticeship: LISAA is a CFA (centre de formation des apprentis).
  • Professional training contract.

LISAA Job and Internship Vacancies

In cooperation with Jobteaser, LISAA offers its students and graduates the unique opportunity to seek job postings and internship opportunities by giving them a considerable chance to get jobs.

Student Services Offered by LISAA School of Arts and Design

Efficient Accommodation Services

Students at LISAA benefit from an online housing platform, led by Studapart, that offers:

  • Solo flats, flatshare, or private rooms available as rentals.
  • Mental health facilities during the rental process.
  • Ticked rental files and 100% online procedures such as digital marketing campaigns, SEO, and social media presence.
  • Housing benefits offer up to 300€ of monthly financial shelter.


Exclusive Bank Partnerships

With the partnership of Caisse d’epargne bank, LISAA offers remote opening of accounts.

Arts and Design Equipment

In cooperation with Dalbe LISAA provides the top quality supply of decors, paints, and creative craft materials pre-ordered by the students.

Cultural Perks

Official student card offers a free entry to different museum heritage which shows rich cultural experience.

In general, LISAA School of Arts and Design has a mission to develop its students in all dimensions, offering a disparate pool of services for their total welfare.

Student Life at LISAA School of Arts and Design

LISAA’s student community supports the mutual discovery of culture, academic development, and social gatherings. With exciting and crazy social experiences meant to ease their transition into college life.

Welcoming With Open Arms

A planned welcome party is arranged for the international students to motivate them to connect the culture and heritage from all regions of the world.

Cultivating Cultural Experience

LISAA conducts museum visits and excursions integrating the combination of study and amusement discovering the realm of one’s artist, photographer, designer, and living for the first time in their life.

Informative Welcome Booklet

LISAA has a welcome booklet for newcomers in French and English version to help them settle down with a homely feeling with all the necessary information, guidance, and encouragement needed for the first year in college.

Stimulating Student Office

LISAA student union elected by the students organizes social evenings and trips to explore the diverse student society to get support for campus life.

With this LISAA provides a mixture of education and culture to know each other.

LISAA School of Arts and Design Rankings

LISAA is a top-rated arts and design institution with high-quality teaching. This lists it as a prestigious national and international university.

Unrivalled Educational Excellence

  • L’Etudiant(in April 2018) acknowledges LISAA as the best private school for design education.
  • Figaro Etudiant Le in 2016 ranks LISAA among the best 5 private schools preparing students for higher education competitive exams.
  • Le Monde in 2016 ranks LISAA the 6th best known private art school in France. Further, in 2017 it ranked LISAA among the top 7 schools for its standard education.

High-ranking in Various Specializations

L’Etudiant(in 2016 and 2018) ranked LISAA as the 3rd best French private school of interior architecture school and 4th among top private product design schools by professionals in 2018.

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