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Skema Business School

Business in its modern day form revolves around the basis of globalization, innovation and sustainability. SKEMA Business School is exactly a representation of these cornerstones, providing higher education with the novel approach to traditional and modern business strategies to meet with the requirements of the 21st-century economy.

Established in 2009 through a merger of ESC Lille and CERAM Business School, SKEMA (School of Knowledge Economy and Management) boasts of a rich historical background that spans back to 1892. SKEMA is not a school, but a global institution with the aim of producing modern business talents and enabling them to address and master global issues of the future.

Founded Year: 2009
Institution Type: Private

5 Quai Marcel Dassault, 92150 Suresnes, France


Courses Offered

Reasons to Choose SKEMA Business School

Accredited and recognized globally, SKEMA provides a wide range of programmes spanning various domains. With academic emphases on knowledge and information management, excellence, innovation and digitalization, SKEMA is a perfect destination for international students.

International Exposure: 10,000 students from over 130 countries, 45% of who are foreign students, and 8 campuses throughout the world – SKEMA provides with multicultural exposure to its students.

Alumni Network: The alumni stand out with 57,000 graduates in 145 countries and 40+ alumni clubs around the world – a strong supporting network made readily available after graduation.

Global Presence: Being present in 6 countries (Brazil, Canada, China, France, South Africa, and the United States), our students benefit from the unique chance of global learning.

Academic Partnerships: There are over 180 academic partnerships in 50+ countries which provide learning experience and global exposure of students.

Sustainable Growth: SKEMA’s sustainability and social responsibility are incorporated into its genes, demonstrated by its holistic Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

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SKEMA Business School Accreditations

SKEMA Business School is an institution of higher learning known for some prestigious accreditations that attest its academic excellence, global recognition, and quality management. Accreditations comprise EQUIS, AACSB, EFMD, and EMBA. Their programmes receive accolades across several nations such as France, the USA, Brazil among others, and China.

Triple Accreditation: AASCB, EQUIS, EFMD

  • AACSB Accreditation: AACSB accreditation means that at SKEMA Business School offers high-quality business and accounting programmes ranging from bachelors to doctoral.
  • The accreditation was done through a comprehensive external evaluation of the school’s mission, faculty’s qualifications, the curriculum and its capacity to offer outstanding programs.
  • EFMD Quality Improvement System and EQUIS: SKEMA is also accredited by EQUIS, it is a global system evaluating the quality of business schools. The stringent peer review process which the school’s quality and sustainability is verified also proves the institution’s determination to self-improvement as seen by the students, employers and academic partners across globe.
  • EFMD Programme Accreditation: SKEMA is proud of having the EFMD programme accreditation for its Global Executive MBA programme. This accreditation is a measure by which internationally recognised and appraised programmes can also be evaluated. It is a hallmark proving the school’s academic excellence, regardless of the programme’s format.

Quality and Environmental Certifications

Besides its flagship accreditations, SKEMA is ISO 9001 certified which attests to its cultural standards in quality management. Also, the ISO 14001 certification supports their environmental management practices. The school also possesses the EESPIG label, and stands as a Tier One member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and the Conférences des Directeurs des Ecoles Françaises de Management (CDEFM).

The SKEMA Business School as a leading institution endorsed by world-class academic accreditations is hence the symbol of quality, commitment and international recognition.

Skema Business School Scholarships

Students worldwide who wish to study at Skema Business School can receive substantial financial aid. The assistance is most of the time provided by the college itself or through various external channels. In this section we will inform you about different available scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Scholarship NameAmount AwardedSelection Criteria
BBA in Global Management Merit Award1500 Euros· Academic percentage
· Letter of Motivation
BBA Sport Excellence Awards2000 Euros· Athlete student Status is required
Master of Science Excellence Scholarship4000 Euros· Academic Percentage
· Selection Interview
· Letter of Motivation
Early Enrolment Scholarship1000 EurosRegistration confirmation by
· 31St October for Jan intake
· 30th January for Sep intake

SKEMA Business School Placements

SKEMA Business School is very proud of its high placement rates as evidenced in the data from the recent recruitment survey carried out by SKEMA’s Careers Centre.

Key Highlights

  • 92 % four months recruitment rate after graduation
  • Almost 100% employment rate six months after graduation
  • Average salary in France: 42483 Euro
  • Average salary for alumni abroad: €44.830

SKEMA’s MSc Programmes: The Overview

According to the survey data the specific MSc programmes offered high employment rates and very good salary prospects. Here are some examples:

  • MSc Auditing, Management Accounting & Information Systems: 98 % recruitment rate at six months
  • MSc Corporate Financial Management: 100% employment rate at four months with average salaries both in France (€52,500) and internationally (€90,000).
  • MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation: A 100% employment rate by four months, average salary: €44,000 in France
  • MSc Project and Programme Management & Business Development: 100 % employment rate at 4 months with salaries of €44,000 in France and €83,935 internationally.

One should note that these statistics depict former surveys’ tendencies with SKEMA having a proven track record of successful graduate full-time employment.

The SKEMA Careers Centre: A breakthrough

The Careers Centre at SKEMA contributes significantly to these positive outcomes by providing a wide range of services, including.

  • CV/cover letter workshops
  • Job-search workshops
  • Personality and aptitude tests
  • Go / No Go job interviews and post-training support.
  • Careers fairs
  • ‘Company-student days’
  • More than 10,000 job and internship offers every year published on SKEMA’s intranet.

Notably, the centre provides dedicated graduate support until the students secure employment, reflecting how they care for each individual student’s success.

The placement rates of SKEMA Business School are more than mere stats. They embody the success stories of its graduates who have started their adventure in these nearly companies, making an incredible mark on their respective disciplines. The positive results confirm SKEMA’S promise to prepare its students for successful careers.

Student Services Offered by SKEMA Business School

SKEMA Business School, which is known to be a globally acknowledged institution, every year welcomes hundreds of international students to its global campuses. Encompassing excellence, Skema is the proud holder of the highest titled, three stars, Campus France Bienvenue en France Label, showcasing unmatched quality and content of its International Student Support.

All-Encompassing Support

The first thing international students do when they arrive in France is to get information and advice from Skema’s International Office to enable them to fit in successfully into the new academic setting. Their comprehensive support system encompasses:

SKEMA Compass Modules: SKEMA Business school has a detailed pre-orientation designed to offer students guidance on student services, campus life, city life and necessary pre-arrival information such as visa processes, housing, insurance, and banking.

SKEMA Compass Webinar Series: An interaction time with the International Office team and current students in the significant subjects.

Orientation Groups: All new students are given a SKEMA Buddy whose job is to provide them with personalized support, answer all their questions and give them some useful tips about living in Skema and France.

Cultural and Academic Integration upon Arrival

SKEMA Business School offers a host of activities designed to foster integration and enhance the academic journey of international students.

International Student Orientation Day: The new international students enjoy a pre-orientation day allocated to them which is full of interactive workshops, campus tours, and meeting new classmates and orientation leaders.

Induction Day: A team-building event encouraging the exploration of French culture, campus-city, making inductions between fellow international students.

From an academic excellence to a comprehensive degree of student support services, SKEMA Business School guarantees one’s academic journey is memorable and fruitful.

Student Life at SKEMA Business School

Situated in the heart of the French Riviera, the Skema Business School provides students with the dynamic and thrilling campus life on a global platform. Featuring over 80 student associations ranging over its French and international campuses, the college allows students to fully immerse themselves in life at Skema Business School.

  • Conferences, evenings, parades, sports competitions, tastings, humanitarian missions and so on organized by student associations
  • The opportunity of being able to live your passions, develop new hobbies, and encounter cultures
  • A chance of creating professional relations within the local ecosystem

Life in Sophia Antipolis

Located at Skema Business School, Sophia Antipolis is a well-known technology park that provides students with an interesting and inspiring atmosphere. The city has high reputation for its high quality of life, stunning nature and highly varitied cultural and social life.

  • More than 5000 students from a bustling community
  • A wide range of activities and water sports all year long which are such as sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, kayaking, sea fishing, water skiing, jet skiing and more.
  • A part of the towns of Antibes, Biot, Mougins, Valbonne and Vallauris with almost a million population

Consequently, the student life at Skema Business School is an amalgamation of academic prowess, distinct professional practices and an exhilarating social life in a thrilling and gorgeous environment.

Skema Business School Rankings

  • #21 in Financial Times Rankings 2023
  • #25 in QS World University Rankings 2023
  • #18 in Universal Rankings 2023
  • #Triple Accredited in French Accreditation
  • #14 in National Rankings in France

Skema Business School Statistics

  • 10,000 students of 130+ nationalities
  • 54,000 graduates across 145 countries
  • 70+ teaching programs
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