Côte d Azur University

Cote d Azur University

Cote d Azur University began in the early 20th century has continued to evolve over time by standardizing its academic perspective since 1st January 2020, replacing the academic landscape by Universite Nice Sophia Antipolis founded in 1965 and overtaking the University and College Community Cote d’Azur University in 2015.

Founded Year: 1965
Institution Type: Public

Av. Valrose, 06000 Nice, France

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Courses Offered

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Reasons to choose Cote d Azur University

Cote d Azur groups 17 types of academic establishments including one of the top ten research universities in France.

Key Strategies and Objectives

  • Break down the walls between education, research, and innovation.
  • Develop agility and flexibility via granting units at higher autonomy level.
  • Take advantage of being the part of the diversity with 17 member universities.

Future Developments

Focusing on the future, Cote d Azur implements several transformative strategies:

Based on the University Research Schools, Cote d’Azur creates an educational establishments aiming to rebuild the university’s academic architecture to help students with the educational processes.

Advanced learning strategies (‘Bac-3/Bac+3’) to support students at-risk with failing grades.

Expansion of public-private partnerships along with the diversification of the university’s funding strategy.

Cote d’Azur University transforms the academic arena by introducing appropriate standards of higher education in France.

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Campus Life/Student Life at Cote d Azur University

Immerse in Campus Sports

Cote d Azur University offers variety of sports facilities to its students to choose from different 70 activities in different campuses. With the registration in the University students are allowed to sign up for university sports activities using a University Sports Bonus Card including their daily sporting activities.

Discover the Wealth via College Libraries

With the library mission Cote d’Azur provides the quality resources and services at its different campuses which is made available to its students, staff, researchers, as well as for the pupil from outside the university. The general representation of the library is vast and rich with many academic disciplines at the reduced prices along with the uninterrupted Wi-Fi.

Cultural Life

With the rich culture Cote d Azur University offers different cultural events like concerts or theatrics, and allows the students to participate in these events by offering a discount.

Fulfilling Folk and Community Responsibility

University encourages the students to actively involve in student activities such as building/joining the associations while studying. This university also facilitates the student to take initiatives through the Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship’s doors.

Placements at Cote d Azur University

Focusing on appropriate and adequate education to equip its students with the instruments to face future challenges, Cote d’Azur has 35,000 students with variety of subjects with the reputation of pedagogic excellence to become future leader

The job board with a wide range of job openings

The Cote d’Azur has a platform called Link to help students to build their connection to the employers of their choice. This platform offers:

  • Job, internship, and work-study posts.
  • Rich pool for the students to check their resumes.
  • Watch the promotion of the job posts.

Engage at Events

A wide variety of activities held all year long, Cote d’Azur provides opportunities for recruiters to:

  • Meet students and graduates as per their requirements.
  • Recruit new talents
  • Promote their employer brand
  • Share their industry expertise

Work-Study Program

Cote d’Azur Univiersity gives students a work-study program and encourages employers to accept student with high potential by ensuring financial assistance through contracts.

Offering two types of contracts the university includes – apprenticeship contract and professionalization contract by providing theoretical courses in a university setting and practical training in a company.

France Excellence Europa Scholarship Program (FEESP)

This program offers academic placements to its students from 26 European countries apart from France, with the broad scope of higher education for better prospective of the international students.

Students Services Offered at Cote d Azur University

Healthy Living through Medical Care

University provides health center with diverse healthcare services such as medicine to deal with the common illnesses and injuries, like sports medicine for sports injuries, psychological support, nutrition counseling and reproductive health services among others.

Practical Living

To help students in terms of daily Cote d’Azur provides all the required information related to the housing, meals, transportation, and digital services. Additionally, they offer a diversity of transport to the exams sites.

Cote d Azur University Scholarships

Cote d Azur University offers a platform for the intellectual excellence with financial support for the higher education.

Each year the university rewards IDEX 10 scholarship to the best MSc student, granting them with a stipend of €5,000.

Eiffel scholarships are financed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage and facilitate international mobility of future international students for innovation and excellence.

Cote d’Azur with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers the Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence to students targeting the best international students for graduation studies at both of master’s and doctoral levels.

Cote d Azur University Rankings

Cote d’Azur University is among the most reputable research-intensive French university proving its strength and competitiveness in the global environment. The University gained huge recognition after earning the Initiative d’Excellence label in 2016 among the main international rankings.

Stellar Global Rankings

ARWU 2023 places us in the top 500 global universities.

Global rank by CWUR 2023, ranks Cote d’Azur University among top 100 worlds best 2.1% universities.

Times Higher Education (WUR 2024) ranked Cote d’Azur University 600th among universities and ranked it at Number 1 position among top 400 Life Sciences university’s globally.

Consistent ratings in 2024 QS Europe University Ranking ranks it at the 274th place and 19th National rank.

Impressive Disciplinary Rankings

Evidencing the numerous ranking, the university performed well in various disciplines:

In the field of Sport Science Schools and Departments, Cote d’Azur University ranked in the top 200 globally by Shanghai ranking.

US News ranks the university at 300th place in Mathematics and Planet and Animal Science.

Sustainability and Social Impact

By contributing to the sustainability and social impact topics, Cote d’Azur University edition of QS WUR Sustainability 2024 highly ranked in Environmental Impact, and Health and Well-being.

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