Aura International School Of Management

Aura International School of Management

The Aura International School of Management is an embodiment of Global Business with a remarkable unique combination of academic excellence, multicultural immersion and world experience.

Founded Year: 2010
Institution Type: Private

89 Rue de la Villette, 69003 Lyon, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why Choose Aura International School of Management

Comprehensive Curriculum

The courses are designed based on real business methods and leadership achievements to help students to learn forward-thinking approaches.

Aura International School also offers modules in Hospitality and Travel & Leisure along with business management, finance management, and banking operations.

Targeting the sectors of the business that are increasingly developing in the context of a good economic environment, Aura School supplements industrial concerns and the latest innovations in the studies.

Aura provides multicultural privilege to grow interaction between international students on the campus to boost the global perspective.

Values and Approach

With the concept of converting student’s skills into their strength, the school offers effective and efficient knowledge of credibility to raise the trait of integrity, honesty, and reliability.

Emphasizing the dynamic learning approach of education, the goal of the Aura School is to create a people-oriented atmosphere with common beliefs and a keen interest.

  • Academic scholarships for excellent students
  • One-to-one student-teacher interaction
  • SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats analysis)  and  Goal setting objective
  • Specialized IT Courses for technology updates
  • Management studies to learn the manufacturing and marketing processes of business.
  • Students can enjoy the academic curriculum, experience the outdoors, and industrial Visits, along with the team of Projects & Presentations.

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Aura International School of Management Accreditations

Aura International School of Management, a recognized leader in management and development, is proud of its accreditations from two key global organizations: EFMD Global and ICHRIE.

EFMD Global Accreditation

As a key member of the international body, EFMD Global focuses on innovation in educational management with advanced and sustainable standards.

With this accreditation, Aura International School falls under the schools with strong determination and dedication to deliver quality education.

Following the EFMD’s trusted network, Aura International School develops guidelines for future business education and training practices.

ICHRIE Membership

As an exclusive member of ICHRIE, Aura International School opens a virtual place of communication with leaders, professionals and institutions. However, this affiliation enriches Aura in social media engagement through marketing by different digital platforms with access to the highest quality education tools like research journals, publications, and workshops.

Aura International School of Management Scholarships

Pathway to High-Quality Learning

Among the most distinguished institutions for management education, Aura International School of Management (AISOM) is known worldwide known for its innovative curriculum and successful alumni. However, scholarship is another great thing that AISOM provides to its students by introducing financial aid with the French Government, the Erasmus+ Program, and its own institutional scholarships.

French Government Scholarships

The French Government offers of a range of scholarships by furnishing Aura International students with the opportunity to enjoy its benefits.

Additionally, the Eiffel Scholarship program offers full-sponsored scholarships to those students who take Master’s or Doctorate courses in economics and management.

Erasmus+ Scholarships

Through the Erasmus+ program, Aura International School offers its students an opportunity to take part in exchange programs reinforcing the advantage of the Erasmus+ scholarship scheme. They support international students not only by giving fees but also by catering to their needs in foreign countries.

Aura International offers plentiful Institutional Scholarships

Through the connection with the major universities in France, Aura International School gives the chance to obtain local scholarships based on the student’s merits or financial matters. This may cover at least half pay of the tuition fees.

Aura International School of Management Placements

Aura International School of Management has developed a unique career service program with components to facilitate the transition of the students from theoretical studies to a practical corporate learning.

Every year, students go through 6 months of theoretical studies followed by the internship.

Student Services Offered by Aura International School of Management

Located in center of France, the Aura International School of Management is designed to offer students of multi-ethnic community the best service as possible.

Informed and Connected:

A team of experts constantly keep updating the recent information about the school in websites, apps and forums selected as legitimate information sources.

Exclusive Student ID Benefits

Aura International school gives ID to each student to add the value to their existence in the campus and the student club.

Affordable Accommodation Options

Regardless of whether the student prefer small houses or big condominiums, there are many affordable options to choose with the price between €400 and €600 per person.

Accommodation Subsidy: The family account (CAF)

On top of that, students can find it easy to attain the grant by CAF (City Areas Foundation) assuming the management’s approval for the eligibility of 35%- 50% rent in the form of cash every month.

Student Life at Aura International School of Management

A Positive Learning Experience

Through the interactive method of education, Aura emphasizes on each student’s unique talents and strengths considering their individual and unique abilities.

Aura fosters the following qualities:

  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Reliability

With commitment and determination, Aura School inculcates these values in their students to create well-rounded youth equipped for a better tomorrow.


Purpose-Driven Education

The core purpose of the Aura is to develop students into competent and self-confident world shapers for a more vibrant tomorrow with the following methods:

  • Hands-on teaching
  • Inclusive communication models
  • Innovation and technology implementation


Progressive in the Principle of Management Education

The directors of each department monitor the progress of each student by focusing on their innovative mind-set to give the direction for the projects.


Cultivating Community Spirit

By imparting valuable learning perspective through the hands-on approach, Aura focuses on:

  • Ethical teachings
  • Value-based learning’s

By combining these efforts, the school anticipates a harmonious learning atmosphere favorable to learning and nurturing.

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