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Get Inside the Luxury World of Sup de Luxe Luxury Marketing Institute

Launched in 1990, Sup de Luxe Luxury Marketing Institute (ISML in its former name) is a premium luxurious business world, founded by Cartier. The institute is expert in luxury offering a unique combination of academic and work-related studies.

Ever since its inception, Sup de Luxe has been a pioneer in determining the future luxury of industry leaders. Students from 70 different countries experience the world of art and define their passion with different luxury sectors.

Founded Year: 1990
Institution Type: Private

15 Rue de Cambrai, 75019 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose Sup de Luxe

Select Sup de Luxe, the leading Luxury Marketing Institute can be helpful to the students to achieve dreams and start on the luxury sector career perspective.

  • World-class Education: Collectively recognized as a specialized establishment for luxury management, Sup de Luxe takes the career to the top, equipping it with the requirements to navigate the ever-changing global luxury sphere.
  • Extensive Programs: From bachelors to Masters 12 programs dive into all sectors of luxury including fashion, hospitality, cosmetics, and watches, designed to meet the career objective in the luxury industry.
  • Global Student Body: Sup de Luxe welcomes around 500 students from French and international to build a multicultural environment.

Comprehensive Course Offerings

Sup Luxe University offers a variety of programs, such as Bachelor’s and MBA degrees, online options ,a short intensive programs in English, and continuous educational programs for professionals.

Unrivalled Student Experience

Through Sup De Luxe, the objective of education goes beyond class learning. Here are some unique perks of studying at Sup de Luxe:

  • Industry Connections: The periodical interaction with the industry leaders and the agency managers during the recruitment period.
  • Insider Access: Visit the headquarters of trade fairs, exhibitions, and tours to design studios and production centers to understand the industry features.
  • Global Experience: Study trips to France and other countries for the customer experience from the Global luxury markets.
  • Stellar Alumni Network: Constant interactions with 3000+ alumni, play a vital role in achieving high positions in the luxury sector.
  • Flexibility: MBA students who work during the day can attend the evening classes.

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Sup de Luxe Luxury Accreditations

A universally recognized school, Sup de Luxe is famous for its vast accreditations from the most reputable agencies confirming that the degree programs it offers a great quality to study luxury marketing.

Accreditation by the French State and Diplomas by the French National Professional Certification

Sup de Luxe received the official accreditation of the French state proving the curriculum merits. It recognizes RNCP certifications for both of its Bachelor’s and MBA program accreditations.

CGE Accreditation

The institute’s MSc programs are internationally recognized and accredited by the prestigious Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), another testimony to justify the quality of the academic programs it offers.

Accumulation of accreditations from diverse universities is evidence that the school is devoted to its endeavor to present the students with the highest ranking

Sup de Luxe Scholarships

Sup de Luxe provides funding opportunities for deserving students with great academic potential. The institute provides services for all academic levels that may be undergraduate or postgraduate to remove any financial impediments that may stop them in academic progress.

Masters Scholarships

  • Sup de Luxe Luxury Marketing Institute has great scholarships for the Master’s program to help students attain greater academic accomplishments.
  • Firstly, the students are awarded with a 10% discount on tuition at the time of their enrolment.
  • Ampere Excellence Scholarships for International Students and ENS International Selection Scholarships, offer a 50% waiver of the tuition fee.

Bachelors Scholarships

  • Students can benefit from 10% discount on the tuition fees for the first year of college.
  • Scholarships are open to overseas students, not specifically focusing on French nationalities.
  • Scholarship programs offer students a reduction in tuition fees by half or even more than that.

With a rich array of scholarships, Sup de Luxe Institute of Luxury Marketing creates an environment where students from different financial backgrounds get opportunity to express and demonstrate their academic abilities in luxury marketing.

Sup de Luxe Placements

Embark luxury industry internships in abundance with Sup de Luxe

Through the planned, systematic practical lessons, Sup de Luxe Marketing Institute offers luxurious business internship program.

Benevolent Internship Provision

Interns are a part of a professional environment enjoying several incentives such as:

  • Internship agreement signature
  • Maximum internship duration
  • Renumeration, for an internship of above two months.
  • Break periods between internships

However, an international work and study program is available to the work-study contract to communicate in French.

Student Services Offered by Sup de Luxe

Along with student life being challenging Sup de Luxe provides student services with everything needed to be successful in a personal and academic life. These sets incorporate high-profile figures from sports, arts, and special roles into the service to fit each student’s needs.

The tailored services offer

  • Customized working environments.
  • A particular time frame for learning.
  • Flexible academic schedules.

Encouraging Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

The institute strives to provide students with motor, sight, or hearing impairment to give equal opportunity to them to reach their full potential for a successful future.

Dedicated student services with disabilities include

  • Personal working environments
  • Customized time slots
  • Assistive technologies of online accessibility.
  • A comprehensive array of services.

In addition to accommodation services, they provide a wealth of holistic support services, including:

  • An individual support protocol to give personalized aid to each student.
  • A dedicated teaching team to seek on academic matters at any time.
  • Tutoring options during internships.
  • Assistance for safe and neat accommodation.

Student Life at Sup de Luxe

Experience the life of a lively and dynamic Sup de Luxe Luxury Marketing Institute that focuses on the organization and animation of student life on and off-campus.

Theme Days

Sup de Luxe Luxury Marketing Institute often arranges thematic days along with evening events and connecting academic learning’s. These activities bring students together to be joyful and festive.

Traveling Opportunities

Sup de Luxe that helps to gain global exposure and a diverse cultural experience through research and travel as a part of the student life.

Beneficial Partnerships and Deals

The Institute develops strong collaborations with access to attractive offers and alliances to fulfill their stay at the Institute.

Holistic Development and Formative Activities

The teaching at Sup de Luxe Marketing Institute encompasses learning essential life skills along with project management; budget management or canvassing that encompasses all types of living. Beyond the formal education the institute includes learning how to organize, plan, and communicate effectively along with the lifelong memories and developing skills useful for dream career path.

Sup de Luxe Rankings

Sup de Luxe Luxury Marketing Institute: A Top-ranking Educational Institution for Genuine Luxury

The Sup de Luxe Luxury holds a high position in luxury marketing, management consultancy, and business training with its good history and professional connections.

World-Renowned Rankings

French ranking system describes the detailed analysis of each program at Sup de Luxe ranking it as the number 1 international MBA program.

Joining such an institute can allow emerging with a luxurious career.

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