ESTICE School of International Management

ESTICE School of International Management

ESTICE School of International Management stands as an international perspective, facilitating students from around the globe to face the competitive world. ESTICE aims for its quality and high standard academic accomplishment and professional life.

Founded Year: 1961
Institution Type: Private

83 Bd Vauban, 59000 Lille, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose ESTICE School of International Management

ESTICE graduates are highly valued for their versatility and employability in the society for constantly changing due to digitization. Alumni from ESTICE with multilingualism, intercultural, and ethical perspective effectively participate in the competitive strategically formulations of businesses in different sectors with the efficient course curriculum.

Key attributes of ESTICE graduates include

Flexibility to cope with international demands of profession supporting business and non-profit entities along with the cultural, cross-cultural and various ethical perspectives.

Fostering Global Experiences

ESTICE guarantees international experience in more than half courses taught in foreign languages in accordance with students’ academic and career expectations.

Promoting Fairness and Sustainability

ESTICE aims at developing a human, sustainable society to maintain its tuition prices relatively low compared to other business schools.

Nurturing Creativity and Innovation

ESTICE is famous for training students for innovation and business plan competitions, while executing challenging project weeks, encourage innovation and hard work among students.

ESTICE develops students’ responsibilities towards the social, societal, and environmental outlook while highlighting the business school involved in solidarity projects and programs in France.

Al ESTICE, le respect et la qualité, la recherche tant et chasteté et compétence sont au rendez-vous de l’école. These skills provide students with critical, rational, and scientific thinking as well as the ability to find imaginative solutions to take on multifaceted problems emerging in various and dynamically changing situations.

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ESTICE School of International Management Placements

ESTICE School of International Management ensures that the students develop interpersonal, technical business, linguistic, and intercultural competencies to fit at the global firms. Within the five years of the program, the students complete several internship training that provides practical exposure to the students for the development of their professional personality.

Work-study programs enable students to secure income while they pursue their studies without interrupting financial needs.

ESTICE also has the work-study program helping students to adapt to the culture of the university to make a smooth transition. Here students are scheduled and organized in three weeks that allows students to stay within the industry while acquire technical and independent tasks.

The program offers two contract types – Professional contract and Apprenticeship contract.

Some of the career opportunities are:

Various career options at ESTICE exposes its students to different careers as the Buyer at Boulanger, the Assistant Product Manager at La Redoute, the Logistics Manager at OVH, etc. This firmly integrates students into the company to help them with a job in the company where they do their work-study programs.

Opening the World through Global Engagement

ESTICE School of International Management provides a vibrant international culture that enriches the student exposure and job prospects significantly, through:

Multiple Internships for Experience

Practical experience at ESTICE is an essential component of the academic process where every student is offered a valuable chance to have internships or experience overseas with five internship sessions within the course of studying with an intellectual view of international business environments.

Language Expertise

At ESTICE, students are not just fluent in one, but three foreign languages to transit into different international markets and adequately understand and build international business relationships.


Student Services Offered by ESTICE School of International Management

The language proficiency of ESTICE enables students to unlock their future through mastery over a certain language. Every course in ESTICE has English as the medium of instruction which is essential in the current global economy.

Holistic Support and Guidance

Starting with foundation level of orientation students get acclimatized and enhanced support from the beginning till the end of financial aid information.

ESTICE is one of the members of the Catholic University of Lille that provides students with housing options through All Logement, cheap, selection of luxury hotels, and other offers with different possibilities and preferences.

Internship Funding and Scholarships

There are various financial aids for the students in ESTICE including – Erasmus allowance, Mermoz Scholarship and the social criteria scholarships. This encourages the students to fully benefit from the internationally acclaimed internships and study programs.

In ESTICE, the principle of non-discrimination provides facilities for every student to not to violet or discriminated against the school code of conduct, political status or disability. For the students with disabilities are provided with the resource such as extra time on the exam or tests, disabled equipment, and available medical facilities within the campus.

Banking Associates

Through its association with banks, ESTICE allows students to borrow money to finance their college education at reduced rates or even at no interest in certain situations.

Student Life at ESTICE School of International Management

ESTICE School of International Management provides its students with opportunities, as well as beautiful campus life based on multicultural system, creativity, active participation in social life. It is a location where student can achieve professional and personal growth through the course of experiences, activities, and other opportunities.

Organization of on-boarding Week for Students

The educational process in the ESTICE starts with the outstanding On-boarding week to strengthen relations with fellow students to form a friendly team, and gain insights into the principles of the school. With many engagements in teams with the local non-profit associations and organizations, students are encouraged to contribute and act responsibly, and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges facing different communities.

Active Student Associations for Skillful Outcomes

ESTICE’s organization of the Bachelor’s degree program invites its students to participate in the activities throughout the year with a focus on Student-led project areas such as – Solidarity, Ecofriendly, Ambassadors, International, Digicommunity, Business and Arts and Sports. These associations improve project management skills, to learn and grow.

The Student Office commonly known as BDE, coordinates and organizes students activities including outing, trips and other related activities.

It is the BDS’s role to bring more vitality to the school’s athletic principle to promote sports and events among all students.

Political Solidarity: A Commitment to Civic Duty

ESTICE gives importance to involve students in society and support them for the voluntary work for an association of the student’s own choice within the given semesters.

This esteemed institution supports ESTICE through research projects, entrepreneurship, and transitioning to change and improve society.

The development of globalization and internationalization strategies places an ESTICE at the forefront of the process.

Comprehensive On-campus Services

ESTICE students benefit from over sixty services at the campus of Catholic University of Lille that includes a direct link to a large library, accommodation spaces, versatile places to eat, medical facilities, workout rooms, and a huge sports center.

A Campus Envisioning Transition

ESTICE is engaged in the Live TREE project of Catholic University of Lille to work at the area with low carbon and making of Catholic University of Lille a living laboratory for intervention in society.

An Accessible Campus

The institution upholds disability-friendly nature aiming to facilitate the correct learning environment to learners with limited mobility and other disabled learners attending medical practitioner.

ESTICE School of International Management translates its educational program focusing on knowledge, individual progress, inter-culture experience, and accountability to the society.

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