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INSEAD Business School

INSEAD Business School is the well-recognized school for academic excellence that serves as the biggest business school globally. This creates diversity and lively entrepreneurial spirit following the unique historical background.

Founded Year: 1957
Institution Type: Private

Bd de Constance, 77300 Fontainebleau, France

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Why choose INSEAD Business School

Generating Future Leaders

INSEAD comprises the diversity of human capital, ideas, and cultures to mold leaders of good character who can bring change in the business and communities. Inspired with the dedication and exchange of ideas, INSEAD strives to make dominant culture promoting sharing and exchange of ideas and experience.

A Truly Global Experience

The global educational experience at INSEAD is unique with its campuses located in France (Europe), Singapore (Asia), and Abu Dhabi (Middle East). This makes the INSEAD as the global alliance partnered with international scale of business education. With 165 faculty team recognized nationally and internationally from 42 countries motivates over 1,500 students in a diverse college and PhD program every year fostering the executives up to 11,000 every year in its executive education program.

Founding Values: The INSEAD Brain-Inner Structure

Independence: INSEAD believes in the importance of financial, institutional and academic independence by empowering the intellectual freedom.

Rigour: The school focuses on rigour and relevance in research and teaching methods to impart the diversity in the academics, practices and the classroom.

Closeness: Education at INSEAD is not limited to the classroom but also offers the active participation in the international business community integrating education with the management practice.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: INSEAD embodies entrepreneurial spirit characterizing its eagerness by exploring its new ideas, innovations and taking risks through positive management.

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INSEAD Business School Accreditations

INSEAD meet its policies, processes, and other inputs to international benchmarks proving its match to the International Education standards.

Global Accreditations

INSEAD’s significant international accreditations given by accrediting bodies are:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate and Schools Business (AACSB)
  • European Foundation Management Development (EFMD)
  • Association of MPAs in Business Administration (AMBA)
  • Great school of Conferences (CGE)
  • French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESR FIRI)
  • Diplome National Master
  • Qualiopi

Every five-year the school together with programs and faculty go through  AACSB and EFMD re-accreditation process.

INSEAD Business School Scholarships

The goal of the INSEAD Business School is to help intelligent and motivated students who desire to enter the top-tier MBA program. The school offers help to the students from the economically weaker families to make their goal of educational advancement.

The scholarship funds in the last three years have expanded in the broader range and with bigger sizes with more than 150 scholarships in France and Singapore.

INSEAD offers three types of scholarships: “need-based”, “merit-based” and scholarships on a spot-basis.

Need-based Scholarships: These Scholarships are awarded to exceptional candidates who struggle with the financial challenges so as to help them achieve their MBA studies from one of the top business schools of the world.

Merit-based Scholarships: These are designed for applicants based on their home country or their professional background or leadership abilities.

Spot Scholarships: They are given to the candidates who meet the criteria without any need for formal processing.

On an average INSEAD offers €22.1K and 40% of scholarship to the students from these scholarships.

Scholarship Spotlights

Special Attributes Scholarships: INSEAD with the diversity in this scholarship program creates an environment to draw in the international students who may differ in terms of the – background, field of study, professional, and academic data.

Merit and Leadership Scholarships: This is granted to strengthen the candidates’ applications and merit in education and occupation, and leadership potential.

Women’s Scholarships: INSEAD supports the women professionals by promoting business environment for them in executive positions to achieve their excellence.

Sustainability and Social Impact Scholarships: These scholarships are granted to the qualified students from the varied aspects of sustainability, environmental issues, social care, community service, and so on.

Geography-Based Scholarships: These offer the classroom for the students from different nationalities, studies and sports from different backgrounds.

INSEAD Business School Placements

Career services at INSEAD Business School truly stand out with the kind of impact they generate on the professional life of the school’s alumni. Every year, INSEAD’s faculty and staff from almost 100 nationalities with diverse professional backgrounds provide more than 450 organizations in about 61 countries

INSEAD’s Career Development Centre

With specific guidance and support, INSEAD’s Career Development Centre is designed to offer the direct access to the best global talent supported by the Employer Engagement team from the start-ups to big multinationals.

Careers Fair and Company Presentations for Students and Alumni

INSEAD offers recruitment platform for the both the employers and the employees with a comprehensive program which includes a 30-minute presentation on the visions, culture, growth areas for the job, and hiring approaches. This is usually followed by network events and interview schedules.

Pitch & Networking Events

INSEAD organizes exclusive Pitch & networking events to interact with students and present them the business or career path within two hours.

Tech Symposium 2024 Intercollegiate Program – ITD Asia Campus

These kinds of events provide a platform for networking and exchange of ideas among the tech companies and INSEAD students to inspire them with the career aspects.

On-Campus and Virtual Interviews

To avoid any barriers to the recruitment process, INSEAD arranges both face-to-face interviews and online interviews for students studying on exchange campuses.

Virtual Career Fair as well as Workshops

Interested students can participate in the Virtual Career Fair that happens twice every year. This includes special events to help students to practice the practical skills for future employments.

Student Club Activities

INSEAD’s industry-specific student clubs and career road shows help professionals to meet enthusiastic students.

Offering Internships

Companies hire interns or do project-based work with students who are goal-oriented members of INSEAD’s alumni.

Student Services Offered by INSEAD Business School

With its mission to be more that of a pure ‘educational machines’ INSEAD provides a wide range of auxiliary services to its students including those married after enrolling into the school or to those who have families before.

Partners and Families

30% of INSEAD students turn up with their partners can ensure life change experience. So, INSEAD focuses on on-campus and interactive support, events, and a diverse Partners’ community to welcome them and provide unique atmosphere tothe students.

Key highlights of the program

On-campus Support: A team is always available and is ready to help with any difficulties like in relocation and management of house.

Activities: Multiple cultural uplifting activities such as performance, exhibitions, and craft-work are organized to help students learn and to make sure they form their peer groups.

Partners’ Community: A suport system to encourage families to share moments, advice and encourage each other.

Culturally Diverse Experiences

An exciting part of residing and studying at INSEAD is that partners also get the privilege to get exposure to new cultures and new languages.

Families Welcome

INSEAD looks at families with kids as a positive factor and provides a number of services, including academic counseling to students for the parents or to those who are about to become parents to make the students’ journey easier and smoother.

Support for Student Parents

INSEAD is a community offering a supportive space for the parents of the students also. This offers an opportunity for students to gain more professional knowledge to accept the exciting as well as challenging experience of being parents.

Student Life at INSEAD Business School

A vibrant and informative conventional education is transformed by the sharing of diverse experiences at INSEAD Business School.

Launch Week

This marks the first day for the students of INSEAD to experience various activities to experience the student life by meeting new people and fostering good relations among peers. It is also a time to to interact with INSEAD Community to become the part of this grand launch.

Welcome Weekend

This event is organized by the senior class where students can connect and gather information about their experience from INSEAD graduates. This is marked as the final point of Launch Week.

Cultural Festivals

At INSEAD diversity is celebrated through the Cultural Festivals that represents their home countries’ unique foods, dances, music, businesses, and traditions to their fellow classmates. This provides an opportunity for Cultural engagement and identity.


This is a centuries-old tradition intertwined with joy and elegance where students dress up in the creative attire and compete to reach the school first. This creates a positive environment for the students.

Robin Hood Campaign

INSEAD, with its mission of ‘‘Business as a Force for Good’’, has launched Robin Hood Campaign to raise the funds needed by future students.

Student Clubs

To spread the interest throughout the INSEAD student body that includes professional and social as well as sports, the clubs deepens the leadership skills and enable students to be more creative by exploring new passions.

Professional Clubs

These clubs are formed in collaboration of INSEAD Student Life department and the Career Development Centre to organize various networking and guest lecture events, live webinars, challenges and career treks. Sometimes, the club also manages to hold international forums and conferences.

Non-Professional Clubs

With the motto of promoting fitness classes and sports activities INSEAD organizes inter-business-school events like the MBA Regatta and the MBA Golf Challenge.

INSEAD Business School Ranking

Global and European Standings

In 2023-24, Bloomberg Businessweek and Americaeconomia reported INSEAD as a renowned business school and first-class Europe entity.

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) and CEO World Magazine endorse INSEAD’s global reputation in the world university ranking again by obtaining the top positions.

MBA Top-notch & Specialized

In 2024, FT and QS.com rankings ranked INSEAD’s MBA programs highly.

Eduniversales the full-time MBA program of France ranks first among the best in March 2024.

Sustainability and Social Impact

The sustainability in their MBA programs was earned them Corporate Knights recognition in November 2023.

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