Junia ISEN Lille

JUNIA ISEN Lille is the best French college of science and technology that prepare students to cope present and future needs. The originality of the school makes it possible for students to act on digital, ecological, and technological transformations, which are the important issues of today.

Founded Year: 1956
Institution Type: Private

41 Bd Vauban, 59800 Lille, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose JUNIA ISEN Lille

Diverse Study Fields

JUNIA ISEN Lille has various programs in French as well as English for undergraduates and graduates. Their expertise cover:

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Health and Environment
  • Food Science
  • Industrial and Technological Science
  • Applied Science
  • Building and Urban Environments
  • Digital Technology and Management
  • Hands-On Learning Experience

JUNIA ISEN Lille uses an active learning approach offering practical experience and various professionally motivated tasks. This educational method cultivates critical thinking and teaches students to handle real-life challenges.

Innovation towards Future Challenges

Aiming at innovation, JUNIA ISEN Lille digs into complicated present problems that may bring complex future issues.

They are particularly committed to:

  • Feeding and raising our mother earth.
  • Shift to the alternative energy sources.
  • Develop the digital and industrial transformations.
  • Provide attention to the health care and well-being transformations.

Develop social and environment sustainability to stabilize the agriculture and ecology with diverse and resilience responsibilities.

JUNIA works to investigate different methods of intensive farming to invent healthier diets to protect biodiversity and maintain a balanced nutrition.

For the students, choosing JUNIA ISEN Lille means having the perfect option to become a part of the solution for today’s and tomorrows ecological problems. The hands-on learning approach coupled with the practical sessions and lab work develops the skills and knowledge of students on the emerging fields of science and engineering.

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JUNIA ISEN Lille Accreditations

JUNIA ISEN Lille is a fine educational institution, which is approved to issue the diploma with the International Preparatory Cycle leading students to the qualifying JUNIA ISEN or JUNIA HEI degrees.

These degrees are conferred after following strictly a 2-year program by the state and are also accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingenieurs (CTI

In addition, this accreditation promotes the possibility to work abroad by making the Professional International Equivalency (PIE) thereby.

JUNIA ISEN Lille Scholarships

Uncover Masters Scholarships at JUNIA

Along with study opportunities for academic development, JUNIA offers Masters Scholarships to aid its students to promote their support based on merits, needs or a balanced combination.

Merit-based Scholarships: These scholarships/grants are for the special students who has excellent academic track record in the past.

Need-based Scholarships: These scholarships are granted for students with financially constraints and socioeconomic gaps so that they do not stop student’s progression in their education.

Research Scholarships: Prioritized for students who do research-based masters programs to cover their research expenses.

International Scholarships: This scholarship covers the tuition and the housing to help international students to discover their full potential by relieving their financial pressure.

Undergraduate Scholarships

JUNIA provides the undergraduate scholarships for international students aiming to support them for their education.

This includes:

Merit-based Scholarships: An opportunity to reward the international students with the excellent academic performance.

Diversity Scholarships: Such scholarships are given to international students with multicultural background who contribute to making campus diverse and unique.

Specific Program Scholarships: JUNIA Graduate School of Science and Engineering has certain departmental scholarships for students enrolled in a particular course.

JUNIA provides a chance to international students to contact the administration and to get the latest information about available scholarships and application process.

JUNIA ISEN Lille Placements

JUNIA, an educational institution has a good reputation and the Career Center established to assist students both in finding jobs as well as developing their careers. In collaboration with academic affairs and international student services, Career Center offers students to pursue their professional expectations with the corporate pattern needs.

Career Opportunities for Students

JUNIA ISEN Lille prepares its students for the professional world through various programs:

Internships: Students can involve in all curricular activities along with undertaking professional experiences and opportunities.

Professionalization Contract: Students of the final year can get hands-on experience by spending 12 to 20 months of their time in both professional and academic activities.

Apprenticeship Contract: Students are offered sandwich course, which is the apprenticeship program within 3 years.

Junior Enterprise

Further, the University of Science and Innovation of JUNIA ISEN Lille has several Junior Enterprises (JEs) – organizations led by students to provide different services in building business entities. The experienced faculty and tutors mentor these JEs in delivering the high quality services.

Alumni Network

JUNIA ISEN Lille has a vast alumni network that allows for global meet ups, conferences, job boards, and other mutual projects through which students and business can be in contact with each other and vice- versa.

Student Services Offered by JUNIA ISEN Lille

Dedicated Support System

IRO-International Relation Office at JUNIA is strictly meant to facilitate international students from the early stages of the pre-departure formalities, right through to any aspects of administration during their stay, and even after their graduation.

Visa Assistance

JUNIA’s expertise help students to obtain their visas that will validate the students’ visa upon their arrival in France.

Accommodation Guidance

JUNIA helps students finding accommodation in Lille by urging them to book a room in a Catholic University Student Residence Hall. Instead of that students can also choose go online platform of Studapart to search the housing facilities.

Facilities for Health and Medical Aid

JUNIA offers students to access the Consulting Point of Social University (CPSU) which is free and nearby to provide health care services. Furthermore they advice students to subscribe additional insurance of the French National Insurance Scheme.

Dining and Fitness Facilities

Restaurants, shops, and eateries such as on-campus cafeterias and off-campus restaurants with food outlets provide a variety of meals for students to balance their diet.

Moreover, JUNIA provides equipments in the gym to use and ensure that students are fit.

Insurance Coverage

JUNIA helps every student to be covered by insurance policies encompassing personal liability insurance, which is incorporated with housing insurance, and workplace. Additionally the school insurance can be applied to all the activities of the JUNIA.

Student Life at JUNIA ISEN Lille

To understand and celebrate the student life, JUNIA is committed to mold students to the face the challenges in future.

Developing an International DNA

JUNIA ISEN Lille persistently works on the creation of an international DNA with the list of programs in English, summer study abroad and online courses as options. And to achieve these widespread discourses the campus is shaped with around 25% of international students by making it the center of different cultural exchanges.

Student Mobility

To help international students to comfortably adapt to the campus life, JUNIA offers Degree programs only in English and extensive courses along with the French as a language.

Personalized orientation and mentoring
The main office offers students with the administrative support, before and all through their stay.

Additionally provide opportunities for intercultural experiences for each student with an opportunity to spend semester abroad during the duration of their course.

Erasmus Plus
JUNIA ISEN Lille participates in Erasmus Plus as the core step of their international strategy to enhance the cross-national mobility by allowing full-time faculty mobility to create international relation through successful collaborations.

Multicultural Campus

JUNIA ISEN Lille guarantees to its students with a high quality learning environment providing student-centered care as well as integration facilitation to the fresh students. It also earned the 3-star “Bienvenue en France” labels in the year 2023 indicating its excellent services to the international students.

Junia ISN Lille Rankings

Among 102 French Engineering Schools reviewed on Le Figaro 2023 Ranking, JUNIA ISEN Lille stands out by proving its great academic achievement and education.

  • JUNIA HEI and JUNIA ISEN stood at 22nd and 33rd positions respectively inthe SERVITUM household industry platform.
  • With a grading scale of 20, both schools earned impressive scores highlighting their commitment in providing the best academic environment:
      • JUNIA HEI – 14.8
      • JUNIA ISEN – 14.4
  • These figures show the commitment of the faculty, potential of the program, and student’s satisfaction at JUNIA ISEN Lille.

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