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Unique and Exciting Training with the Speos Photography School-Paris

Through more than 35 years of outstanding professional photography education, Speos Photography School together with Agence France-Presse, brings a new program entirely dedicated to Photojournalism. Such collaboration also uncovers a one-of-a-kind affair for student photojournalists to gain quality professional training from the companies of the world professional level.

Founded Year: 1985
Institution Type: Private

8 Rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Speos Paris Photography School

Here’s why Speos stands out in the realm of professional photography education:

  • Rich Legacy of Quality Education: Since 1985, Speos provides necessary photography education turning out quality photographers and meeting the demands of the market. With the strong foundation of the Speos School students achieve the professionalism that they need for the particular area of photography selected by them
  • Personalized Attention: Speos organized their tuitions in a small groups to pay more attention to each student. This classroom learning reinforces the members of the qualified professional to use the latest equipments.
  • Globally Recognized Institution: Speos have campuses in Paris as well as Biarritz, the bilingual learning between photography professionals becomes possible as the programs can be done in either languages such as English or French. Besides the diplomas issued here from the French State and it gets acquainted with several respectful accreditations like the Qualiopi certification.
  • Exclusive Partnerships: Speos offers specialized programs by working with famous partners such as Agence France-Presse associated with the Photojournalism Program, Magnum Photos associated with the Creative Documentary Program, and a Program called Fashion, Luxury & Beauty Photography.
  • Comprehensive Support for Graduates: The postgraduate initiative of Speos Alumni Care assists its graduates in their initial steps into the professional world.
  • Broad Spectrum of Courses: Specos offers varied curriculum intended for each learner, starting from one to three years professional photography courses to short programs and workshops. The school has also created an online learning model for students to pursue remote instruction.
  • Professional Exposure: By the end of the year students will be exhibiting their work to a jury of professionals to experience how to showcase their work in the Speos graduation exhibition in the end of the academic year.

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SPEOS Paris Photography School Accreditations

The SPEOS Paris Photography School is one of the prestigious photographic schools that maintain its status and uniqueness with the accreditations they obtained from the professional institutions.

The quality of its training programs is evident by the number of accreditations that it holds.

French Government Accreditations

RNCP: Speos obtains governmental recognition with the title of RNCP6 Professional Photographer (registration number RNCP36195 as December 25, 2022), which is valid for the next two years, i.e till February 25, 2025. The RNCP-level 6 titles with certification are the significant indicators of confidence and competence of Speos in professional photography.

Rectorat d’Academie de Paris: As a certified higher instruction course, Speos is listed among the registry of Academie de Paris Rectorat. With this accreditation, students can get the student status when they attend school.

Qualiopi: As of December 2021, the school is QUALIOPI certified indicating its training excellence in France. It is an affirmation that the institute respects quality and plays a bigrole towards the development of personal skills.

Datadock: Besides, Specialist-School-of-Photography in the datadock tool, which is specific educational database on qualitative vocational training, this accreditation symbolizes Speos’ capability to meet the lawful quality standards set forth by the French authorities that regulate professional training providers.

European and International Accreditations

EuroPass: Speos has the EuroPass accreditation that shows to what extent it is structured and how well it is designed, making the programs easy to understand not only in Europe but all over the world.

FEDE: The accreditation of Speos is also done by the Federation for Education in Europe (FEDE) which is indeed a well-known network of professional and academic institutions that adds to the Speos credibility.

E.A.B.H.E.S: Speos is also one of the schools from Europe that holds the privilege of being accredited from the leading accreditation entity in Europe, the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools (E.A.B.H.E.S).

Accreditations are evidence of extremely high courses quality available at Speos that makes it the top choice for ambitious photographers all over the world.

Student Services Offered by SPEOS Paris Photography School

SPEOS Paris Photography School is known for its specialized programs and the educational facilities to guide photographers from around the world to establish a strong connection with top-rated professionals. They not only provide this inside the campus of the country but also globally via reputable platforms like Agence France-Presse, Magnum Photos, and Polka Magazine. Through its integrated philosophy, the school has not only been able to help its students and alumni but also gained its place in the professional photography market.

Niche Programs Offered : A Photojournalism by Speos & AFP

Speos is in partnership with Agence France-Presse (AFP) which makes it possible to organize an unparalleled training course in Photojournalism. They collaborate with professional associations to help students to take part and compete with the top experts

The Magnum Photos & Speos School of Photology especially emphasizes its core area of interest in documentary photography.

Controlling the scenario with Magnum Photos, Speos is intending to run a master class for Creative Documentary & Photojournalism. They offer a variety of one-year programs from ten-month-long project-based programs in Paris to Rotterdam and as far as Armenia, implemented and taught in English.

Working together with an acknowledged French journal Speos inaugurates a diploma in Photojournalism as part of the demanding 22-week program every year.

SPEOS Paris Photography School can be the first choice for those who want to get the most intimate and professional guidance in photography. It becomes a bridge through which the international programs are delivered straight into the painting hands of starters, who learn and develop beautifully in the process.

SPEOS Paris Photography School

The International Acclaim of SPEOS Paris Photography School Uncovers

Located in the fascinating city of Paris, the SPEOS Paris Photography School has acquired  global recognition and has been in the list of the best photo schools globally, for about five years now. The institute has been awarded the highest rank by several independent rankings including photography platforms, educational publications, and travel blogs.

The Prominent Positioning of Top-Ranked Platforms Global

The following platforms on the international level has rated it the most prestigious institutions

  • TopTeny
  • Jebiga
  • Webneel
  • Resource mag online
  • Superprof magazine
  • Literary Publications and Social Networks being Our Prominent Part of the Community

As mentioned by the leading photography and art platforms, Speo has received many positive reviews and recognitions internationally

  • Nonstop signs and graphics
  • Cultura fotografica
  • Mott
  • Pixpa
  • High Appraisals of Educational and Travel Blogs.

The excellence and picturesque location has made it an excellent in photography education in various educational blogs and travel websites:

  • Scholarship Positions
  • Auxilo
  • Format
  • Trip Odissey
  • For Paris Lovers
  • Accepted by Relevant Photography Expert Blogs

The speos is described as a great introduction to the world by professional photography blogs

  • DailyHawker
  • Expert Photography
  • Photo Workout
  • Fix the photo
  • College Gazette

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