Université Paris Est Créteil Val-de-Marne

Université Paris Est Créteil Val-de-Marne

Universite Paris-Est Creteil Val-de-Marne (UPEC) offers complete environment of wisdom and development. This is a multidisciplinary university known for the academic tradition, the high level of research, and social initiatives.

Founded Year: 1970
Institution Type: Public

61 Av. du Général de Gaulle, 94000 Créteil, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose Universite Paris Est Créteil Val-de-Marne

A True Multidisciplinary Institution

UPEC provides 14 faculties, schools and institutes, and 32 research laboratories with the tremendous platform for comprehensive knowledge acquisition:

  • More than 500 training programs in all disciplines
  • Provide technical diplomas, doctorates, and high school degree courses in English.

Community Involvement in socially responsible activities

UPEC holds five pillars of interdisciplinary development, training, and research:

  • Health, society, and environment
  • Socio-cultural constructions, inequalities, and resistances
  • Francophonies and multilingualism
  • The wisdom and attitude in teaching
  • Digital science and practice

An International Outlook

With a dynamic international policy, UPEC stands for the global education:

  • Collaborates with networks, universities, and doctoral programs.
  • Motivates students through interactions in foreign cultures.

Participate in research activities at international level.

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Université Paris Est Créteil Val-de-Marne Scholarships

Empowering Dreams at UPEC with Scholarships

Universite Paris Est Creteil Val-de-Marne offers an extensive scholarship program demonstrating its commitment to students irrespective of race/ethnicity, family income, or age.

Merit-Based Scholarships

The merit-based scholarship was implemented 12 years ago rewarding its outstanding academic performance to the talented students who rank in the top 20% in their final Bachelor year.

National Fund to Help the Immediate help

The UPEC provides aid through the National Fund for Urgent Assistance for the students to provide financial help for the significant, short term financial problems who face long term financial issues.

Spending Social Security and Recovery Fees

This scholarship is based on social factors who request a refund of the costs charged.

Université Paris Est Créteil Val-de-Marne Placements

UPEC offers plenty of studies overseas to succeed with the organizational unit of the Office of International Affairs.

Strategic Partnerships

With the international agreements in various parts of the world, UPEC expands its students possibilities to land in the global placements.

Empowering Students through Placements

This facilitates access to an international platform and networking UPEC students with an opportunity to gain global experience and exposure, in the career competition.

Global Placements

UPEC allows its students to apply for internships or jobs in different countries beyond by providing them better chance of getting a job in the global employment industry.

Valuable Experience

UPEC introduced the programs to its students to apply their theoretical knowledge in the practical world and build practical skills to adapt on jobs.

Student Services Offered by Université Paris Est Créteil Val-de-Marne

The student services play a significant role in providing an all-inclusive program designed to fit the needs of each student.

Accommodation Support

Accommodation Department of UPEC is a unit for a housing assistance to its students offering a wide range of apartments including shared ones, private rooms and studios

UPEC Housing Platform

In cooperation with Studapart, UPEC has developed a housing provider for its students:

  • Giving ads for apartments in studios and home stay near the campus.
  • Streamlining online buying experiences by avoiding fraud ads.
  • Provide individual support at every step in the housing process.

University Libraries

UPEC offers learning materials while assuring integrated libraries to look for the books and magazines , search databases, or make use of the learning. A thesis service and library information department is open to help students.

Student Life at Université Paris Est Créteil Val-de-Marne

UPEC provides enriching student life with an array of activities to provide opportunities for both local and foreign students.

Cultural and Artistic Activities

UPEC interacts with its students through a diverse cultural background activities open to all, range from:

  • Interdisciplinary courses
  • Artistic workshops for leisure
  • Cultural trips and visiting points to demonstrate the French culture.

Sports and Recreation

UPEC emphasizes on the balanced life proposing more than 30 sports activities, that includes:

  • Recreational practice
  • Interdisciplinary studying (it may offer 3 ECTS) for potential creativity.
  • Competitive training for the entry of the French Ministry of Sport.

Community Life

Student organizations work together, exchange ideas and implement projects by offering vibrant student community that includes cultural affairs clubs, sports clubs, charity and work, as well as integrating fitness and cooperation.

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