Ecole d'ingénieurs en Génie des Systèmes industriels

Ecole d'ingénieurs en Génie des Systèmes Industriels

Ecole d’Ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels or EIGSI is a standard engineering school bound to be a special institution offering technological training.

Established in 1901, EIGSI is considered as one of the oldest private superior schools in engineering in France establishing its reputation as an innovator of great and creative engineer to bring out the best technical and scientific advancement in students.

Founded Year: 1901
Institution Type: Private

26 Rue François de Vaux de Foletier, 17041 La Rochelle, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Ecole d'ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels

Rich History and Tradition: Over the years of experience and competitive vision EIGSI offers an ideal ground for an effective learning process.

Comprehensive Education: EIGSI builds up a number of skills in their students from scientific needs to various disciplines, leadership, interpersonal skills, and industrial practices.

Project-Based Learning: EIGSI especially emphasizes on partly theoretical and partly practical implementation based on real-life scenarios as well as an understanding and problem-solving ability.

Highly Qualified Faculty: EIGSI had 65 full-time professors and over 300 part-time professors with teaching and working experience.

Values and Culture: EIGSI understands the core values of teamwork, respect, commitment, openness and innovation to offer the best learning environment.

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Mission of Ecole d'ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels

EIGSI is a reputable institution facilitating student’s achievements:

Integrative Model of Engineering Education

EIGSI provides technical knowledge in engineering to achieve a broad range of fundamental competencies for its students. The institute attempts to balance fundamental competencies in its students while providing technical and scientific knowledge.

In-Depth Support System

EIGSI has established its students with the premiere technical pattern of working in the initial phase of professional career. The institution approaches to provide personal relations, self-actualization, stress, and understanding/interacting with others to fit mentally and emotionally to the ever challenging world.

International Opportunities

EIGSI offers double degree programs with at least seventeen weeks study in foreign countries with an excellence oversea learning experience.

Ecole d'ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels Accreditations

EIGSI La Rochelle: An Acreditation Organisation

EIGSI is accredited and recognized in the worldwide realm of industrial systems of engineering well-known in the field of education and its latest achievement.

Accreditation as a Private Higher Education Institution of General Interest

EIGSI La Rochelle has achieved one of its main goals and is awarded as Private Higher Education Institution of General Interest.

Exclusivity of the Accreditation

The accreditation is made through the associations and the foundations recognized as being of public utility or the professional associations

Ecole d'ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels Placements

Comprehensive and Progressive Training

The training offered at EIGSI La Rochelle includes both scientific and technical foundations enhanced by professional case-study and internships. It is an institution ensuring the progressive and balanced learning for the enhanced understanding of specific technical areas while imparting essential practical experience.

Emphasis on Soft Skills and Cross-Cultural Job Prospects

EIGSI follows a student-centric educational approach to impart technical skills to its students along with the leadership skills.

Strong Industry Connections

The industry oriented partnership of EIGSI offers up-to-date course including internships in the study program with at least 50 weeks in a 5-year program. This enables students to learn about practical work environments while improving their career prospects.

Student Services Offered by Ecole d'ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels

One of the most prestigious engineering schools located in La Rochelle offers dynamic student life along with services creating an environment to ensure the comfortable academic, social, and psychological learning.

Accommodation at EIGSI

EIGSI ensures smooth transition of its students in France by facilitating housing solutions:

  • School’s housing office helps its students to find home in the campus where around 85% of the EIGSI engineering students reside on campus.
  • Online platform offers residence halls and rental apartments by individual apartment owners and landlords.

Special Needs Students: Students with Disabilities

The school has an ERP2 status for disabled students within the school. This offers physical planning and development of the disabled students to facilitate their accommodation.

  • Extra time period is given to the disabled students during exams and sessions.
  • Psychological help is given through the Health Services of the University or other facilities.
  • Approved mobilities are given to disabled students interested in the Erasmus + program.

Catering Solutions for Students

EIGSI offers affordable catering services on all its campuses

  • University has four restaurants that serve lunch during the break between classes, specifically from 8:30 am to 12:45pm in the afternoon.
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores are available close to the campus.

Health, Insurance and Social Security

The school follows strict policies regarding student insurance to guarantee that students’ health is taken care. “Mutuelles” are the organizations to look after student social security paying around 70-80% of health care expenditure.

Student Life at Ecole d'ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels

The welfare and co-curricular activities offer platform to its students to participate in various clubs, new sports, and time sharing. This enables EIGSI students to pursue their passions while promoting their individuality and work in group experience.

EIGSI’s student organizations help students with projects, events, and initiatives spread across five clusters – expressive, integration, generous, sports and ingenious. Furthermore, integral component of EIGSI’s curriculum along with the civil society participation provides an opportunity for its students to utilize project management techniques.

Humanities or Arts association emphasizes on the student’s values and graphic display including various clubs depending on their areas of interest like video, photography, music, writing, and also clothing design. These include:

Record: A club that takes recording of videos during school activities

Skylight: An arts club focusing on various subjects and events along with the high professional standard.

MyEIGSI Stuff: Club for the fashioning of clothing materials that includes T shirts, jeans, trousers etc with the brand name of EIGSI.

The Integration Cluster: A community that starts with the construction of infrastructures to build the togetherness among students.

The Generous Cluster: This Group clubs the students that practice sustainable development and the eradication of societal vice. They include:

Students for Sustainable Development (EDD): It supports charitable, humanitarian and solidarity projects for students of any age, nationality or background.

The EIGSI Sports Association (ASE): Coordinates Team Sports Fixtures & Games

This association includes scheduling, managing competitions and fixtures, and the coordination of team sports.

The EIGSI Sailing Team: Performs in Prestigious Events like the EDHEC Cup Regattas

EIGSI encourages its student who has talents and passion beyond the four walls of the classroom and empower them by enriching their creativity and innovation, nurturing their interactivity with society, enabling a practical aspect of their learning, as well as accessing or enhancing their physical and mental health.

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