Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University, the well-known international university for teaching and research enormously stands out in the academic excellence.  Starting from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees, it covers a wide range of course levels providing the broad spectrum of programs that includes arts humanities, science, engineering, medical, especially paramedical branches of studies.

Founded Year: 1257
Institution Type: Public

4 Pl. Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why Choose Sorbonne University

Personalized Academic Paths

With the single or multidisciplinary academic programs, Sorbonne University provides the career path conforming the profile, skills and professional ambitions. These technological developments make students to face the multitude of problems with ease and success. Framed in accordance with the latest developments of the society empowers the younger generation to meet the recent demands of 21st century.

Structural Programs

Along the path of European standard education, Sorbonne University gives the medical and paramedical personnel trainings. The innovative major-minor system and curriculum with double courses allows students to choose thematic trans-disciplinary subjects.

Finance for International Students

The Sorbonne University permits international students to participate inany range of courses from short-term such as 2weeks of the degree program. Having international relation departments help international students with application procedures and living cost.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Sorbonne University assists over 9000 students annually to impart the academic knowledge and research abilities.

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Sorbonne University Scholarships

Based on the student’s circumstances, Sorbonne University offers a variety of assistance that includes:

  • One-off assistance: Such an aid is provided within an exceptional situation to provide a temporary financial support.
  • Exemptions or exceptional refunds: These provide financial relief by refunding the previously paid fees.
  • Reimbursement of inscription fees: This is aimed for the international scholar students that start after administrative registration.

Sorbonne University Placements

Excelling in Placement

Sorbonne University facilitates students to achieve goals in their academic qualifications that in turn improve professional practical learning to help for the placements and workplace internships.

Job and Student Success

Sorbonne follows its holistic attitude in curriculum-related academic education as well as on the practical employability skills to help students to get jobs along with the professional abilities. The university aims to provide a favorable, inspiring atmosphere to enable students to learn effectively to start their career.

Internships for Professional Development

Sorbonne also include internships to expose students to the workplace to pave their way for career refinement and network establishment in the industry.

High Integration Rates

According to the public surveys with an impressive record of student completion, observatories of the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the integration rate of graduates is notably high across all faculties:

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering: 94.0%
  • Letters Faculty: 92%
  • Faculty of Health: 98%
  • Overall at Sorbonne University: 93%

Encouraging Entrepreneurial Spirit

Sorbonne University ignites entrepreneurial spirit among its students by contributing to the entrepreneurial education offering from bachelors to doctoral levels.

PEPITE student innovation center facilitates the entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, Fablabs, and structural support for the student entrepreneurs.

Student Services Offered by Sorbonne University

Health Services

The Student Health Service of the University (SSE) at Sorbonne University performs the vital function of supporting students, ensuring their good health so that their studies are not affected.

  • Free consultation appointments for the primary care, nutrition and vital rules of contraception, vaccinations, and travel and sports medicine services are made available
  • Psychological support and a speech therapy evaluation
  • Study and exam arrangements with medical certificates when necessary
  • Sorbonne University ensures to provide an equal opportunity to student with the disabilities to complete their studies in time.
  • Both personalized human and/or technical aid is maintained to give compensatory measures.

University library provides tailored services like delivery and pick up of documents, and provide specific equipments as needed.

Student Accommodation

To find an affordable stay in Paris, Sorbonne University offers diverse housing assistance:

  • A website for safely rents, individual houses, or shared flats
  • CROUS accommodation, with social platform for the Housing project to have SSF(Student Social File) that maintains the records from 20th January to 15th May of the previous year.

Student Life at Sorbonne University

Sports and Cultural Practices

Sorbonne University provides more than 80 sports competition events along with the various sports opportunities. The university also takes care of the artistic freedom of the students by offering professional guidance for art workshops in the areas of theater, music and fine arts. This teaching faculty is accompanied by diverse events in multiple fields, designed to promote enough participation and empowerment among students.

Civic Life

Over 150 student associations work relentlessly by fostering teamwork skills leading to a community of like-minded individuals.


Sorbonne University provides a huge work areas spread across all its campuses for research, as well as studies. Likewise, it provides libraries or study rooms for the sharing or is rented out separately as per the interest of each student, along with the access to the National Library of France as well as to the interuniversity libraries.

The university campus offers its students with the service department which is dedicated to encouraging project development in the community by facilitating benches, digital kiosk, games and reading points, studio student rooms in the campus. Also includes several restaurants and snacks outlets are available for the social meetings and relaxations.

Sorbonne University Rankings

In 2022 Shanghai Rankings Sorbonne University was ranked in the top 10 universities across the world in the category of academic subjects.

This achievement proves the strength to the university’s academic and research capabilities by ranking it among the top 85 French universities and listed in one of the 54 thematic rankings.

Additionally, Sorbonne University has climbed to the 12th position in the QS World University Rankings from 2023.

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