ISAE-SUPAERO is a top French educational institute in space and aviation that provides best science and engineering programs. In 2007, under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense entrusted to the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) the institute has obtained the scientific, cultural, and industrial nature (EPSCP – E).

Founded Year: 1909
Institution Type: Public

10 Av. Edouard Belin, 31400 Toulouse, France

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Courses Offered

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ISAE-SUPAERO is among the largest campus in Toulouse-Rangueil with member networks such as Conference des Grandes Ecoles, ECATA, GEA, PEGASUS, Aerospace Valley and many others, with the mission of space and aeronautical engineering collaboration.

Reasons to choose ISAE-SUPAERO:

Expertise and/or Managerial Skills: The Advanced Masters program at ISAE-SUPAERO consists of 14 specializations to help students to find their way in space and aerospace, innovation, project management, complex systems, manufacturing, AI, digital engineering and other sectors.

World-Renowned Research Institution: Working with prominent members of six teaching and research departments, ISAE-SUPAERO students thrive learning and research environment in science and technology fields.

International Culture in a Welcoming City: 40% of ISAE-SUPAERO’s students and faculty are provided with international experience, for the people who come to ISAE-SUPAERO from all over the world creating a good environment by proffering latest academy.

Strong Professional and Alumni Network: The 20,000 alumni network of ISAE-SUPAERO links its current students with professionals in R&D and many other industries.

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ISAE-SUPAERO Accreditations

ISAE-SUPAERO is globally known prestigious aerospace school with a broad range of courses contributing to the institute for being the best and accredited.

EUR-ACE Label (CTI – Commission des Titres D’Ingenieurs)

Guaranteeing the training in terms of the specific EUR-ACE Framework Standards and Guideline ISAE-SUPAERO is awarded with the EUR-ACE label.

This serves as a proof of its international recognition that serves as a proof of its effective engineering studies assuring highest standard of education compatible with European academic and professional standards.

CGE Label, by conference des grand escoles (CGE)

ISAE-SUPAERO has received the accreditation from the Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) for all of its 14 Advanced Master programs.

Along with it, CGE grants 4DIGITAL label to ISAE-SUPAERO with the expertise in digital technology.

Recognition by the Ministry of Education and Research of France

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research supports ISAE-SUPAREO by offering the Master in Aerospace Engineering program at the European level.

AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification

ISAE-SUPAREO is certified with AFAQ ISO 9001 certification that signifies that the management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 setting the higher standards of performance and efficiency.

QUALIOPI Certification

The QUALIOPI certificates ISAE-SUPAERO with 4 years of professional training programs by gaining and validating the acquired experience.

ISAE-SUPAERO Scholarships

Within the framework of the ISAE-SUPAERO, scholarships constitute the basic element by allowing students from different parts of the globe to reach their dream jobs in the aeronautics and space technology.

The ISAE-SUPAERO scholarship scheme features its Master of Science in Aeronautics and Space program with a unique curriculum offered bythe Tours federal University, to the French as the TSAE. This scholarship provides the desired and transformational moments for promoting dynamism, technical progress, and achievement inthe fascinating world of aeronautics and space.


The ISAE-SUPAERO provides an up skilling ground to learn many sections of industrial sectors through hands-on mechanisms. Fully- immersive internships are planned to transform students into the future business entrepreneurs with an advantage to conquer the world.

The Shape of a Career like No Other

ISAE-SUPAERO engineers develop a lot of skills resulting from the high academic standards of their education with the practical touch though out the European Union and VUDE world. The curriculum of ISAE-SUPAERO is quite immersive in regards to the real professional experiences to bring better career prospects.

Internship to get professional experience

The internships conducted at ISAE-SUPAERO grant students with professional expertise to cope withthe industry by embracing the interpersonal relationships at the work place.

3 week program is held in the 1st year as the Worker Internship program held in France or elsewhere, providing on-the-job training which helps its students to learn the professional work.

Final 3rd Year student spend their internship at a company or a research lab for 5 months in France or elsewhere by emphasizing on the hands-on practical skills learning. This emphasize on project implementation at the practical level by understanding of professional life.

Student Services Offered by ISAE-SUPAERO

Housing and Campus Life

ISAE-SUPAERO provides six modern student residences, offering an exceptional living environment with comfort and convenience that includes:

  • 982 rooms housing – Single rooms, T1 bis, Duplex, and Studios equipped with basic necessities.
  • A student center with a cafeteria, lounges, sports facilities, TV rooms, and clubrooms
  • Catering services located on-campus catering to students, staff, and visitors
  • Services like regular mail and parcel delivery are available at students’ houses.

Healthcare and Social Services

Understanding the importance of healthcare and social services, ISAE-SUPAERO has the following:

  • Primary medicine practice and health promotion services made available to students
  • Two counselors are allocated to handle personal, family and career problems that prevent a student from attaining success.
  • Customizable assistance and on-campus representative are provided to coordinate with physically disabled students.

Student Life at ISAE-SUPAERO

By offering the education with the newest technologies and being the home to international students ISAE-SUPAERO offers a learning and research requirements.

Library Services

The students of ISAE-SUPAERO, have full access to the library services, to make sure that the best documentation resources are available to them that meets the requirements of the students` learning and research.

This library has the uninterrupted digital resources with a collection of approximately 46,169 documents not limited to the sources and companies.

Vibrant Association Life

The ISAE-SUPAERO essentially wants its students to become a part of the incredible social lives to provide the best environment for the insternational student’s personal development and growth.

This includes:

  • Over 100 student clubs and organizations.
  • Cultural, artistic, social and sporting layers of activities.

Welcome Program

ISAE-SUPAERO enrolls approximately 1900 new international students coming from more than 50 nationalities. To ensure a smooth transition of these international students:

  • They are greeted by ISAE SUPAERO representatives.
  • Information about the school is circulated.
  • The process is done with an extraordinary caution.


Academic Excellence

Based on L’Etudiant 2023, the school was ranked as the 4th best school on its academic performance including average baccalaureate score, research faculty, and number of doctoral candidates.

World-Class Employability: Top Alumni

ISAE SUPAERO was ranked at 181th position by the Center for World University Rankings among 20,000 universities in the world which indicates its highly desirable recruitment rate.

U-Multi-rank Recognition: Diversification of Criteria

ISAE-SUPAERO was ranked fifth best engineering school contributing to its teaching and learning, research capability, internationalism, regional engagement, and knowledge transfer.

Eco-Friendly Learning: Winning Green Identity

The institute took second place in Les Echos Start | Change Now Ranking of Institutions by its engagement in the sustainable development and environmental issues.

Student Approval: Top One

As per Generation Preparatory 2022, ISAE-SUPAERO is the fifth top school considering the future engineers.

Challenges Ranking

In the Challenges ranking by criterion of graduate salaries, proportion of international student community and transnational attractiveness, the ISAE-SUPAERO holds a 4-star rating.

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