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ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering (ESIGELEC) is a highly regarded learning institution committed to society three founding missions: Education and training, research activities, and improving the economic conditions of territory and businesses.
ESIGELEC is an engineering and consulting firm operating in the Intelligent and Connected Systems. Engineering, information technology, telecommunication, transport, energy, health, construction, and finance industries are some of the areas of specialization. The school’s research institute, the IRSEEM is active in mobility solutions in the domains of robotics and autonomous electric vehicles.

Founded Year: 1901
Institution Type: Private

Technopôle du Madrillet, Av. Galilée, 76800 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering

Rapid Professional Integration: Statistics shows 96% that the ESIGELEC graduates has secured an employment in less than four months in 2023.

A Comprehensive Engineering Program: ESIGELEC is a well program split with 25% Management, Language, Entrepreneurship, and 55% lessons in sciences and technology, and 20% in major of the student choice.

Apprenticeship Opportunities: ESIGELEC has apprenticeship opportunities for its Rouen and Poitiers campuses to finalize academic cycle with an employment experience.

International Outlook: ESIGELEC is associated with 88 Universities in 42 countries that offer study abroad opportunity for the students along with the opportunity to obtain a double degree.

Cutting-Edge Research and Technology: IRSEEM is one of the leading research laboratories linked to every student of the school offering them with the technological platforms.

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ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering Accreditations

Commission for Engineering Qualifications approves ESIGELEC while endorsing the standard requirements and principles of education in engineering.

Additionally, the ESIGELEC is connected to the Institut MinesTelecom that has a solid digital technological industry for its students.

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering Scholarships

With the well-famed educational approach, ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering offers the best scholarships aiding financial assistance to its students to pay tuition fees and enhance their quest towards academic achievement.

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering scholarships are approved by French Government to simplify the programs for students to enjoy:

  • Financial concerns and concentrate on the studies.
  • Increase the possibility of prospect winner.
  • Simple and convenient procedure.

Although there is no specific scholarship for the ESIGELEC undergraduates supported by the government of France, but every year over 25% of students in ESIGELEC get award on bachelor’s scholarships depending on their performances, interpersonal conduct, entrepreneurial involvement in students’ ventures. These scholarships may vary between 1,000 EUR and 5,000 EUR.

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering Placements

Expansive Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities in the sectors such as:

  • IT and Digital Activities
  • Automotive and Aeronautical Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Banking, Insurance, and Finance
  • Research and Development
  • Consulting and Designing
  • Health sector and other related sectors such as, manufacturing industry, Construction and civil engineering,
  • The financial sector, education sector, and many more.

ESIGELEC’s offers multiple vacancies in the job opening to integrate the company with the JobTeaser technology.

Business Alumni Network

With the close relationships between the school and companies a strong network of graduates is maintained by the ESIGELEC’s Business Alumni Network offering various opportunities in:

  • Increasing the visibility of ESIGELEC within the global corporate market
  • Strengthening links between the graduates to create a supportive professional circle
  • Offering services such as finding job vacancies or other services connected to employment opportunities.

Facilitating new Corporate Partnerships

This strong network also assists firms within the workforce to increase its recognition while facilitating talent acquisition and assimilation of newcomers.

Career Observation and Exploration

ESIGELEC counts an employment and career observatory offering geographical statistics about different jobs and courses following current career trends. This also includes acquiring tools necessary to develop skills.


With over 6,000 graduates practicing work promotion and students’ professional projects, ESIGELEC Alumni in partnership enhances the work seeking trajectory of the students.

Opportunities in the Traditional Engineering Cycle

ESIGELEC imposes three compulsory internships:

  • First year students secure a four week practical training period.
  • Technician-second-year students with at least eight weeks of technician internship
  • Engineering internship through four to six months in the third year.

Internships of 16 weeks confirm the students’ mobility concerning the educational attainment with more than 88 partnerships in over 42 different countries.

Apprenticeship Internships

ESIGELEC apprenticeships offer at least a three-month company mission in the second year of engineering to validate international mobility. With the large connection base among the international firms and other partner universities ESIGELEC facilitates the internships.

Facilitating European Apprenticeship Mobility

Well structured and developed placement programs of ESIGELEC enables the students to build the essential transversal skills and improve the employment opportunity to increase their vision in the job market.

Student Services Offered by ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering consistently consolidates the policy of providing an educational environment for social integration and equality.

Student-Led Initiatives

ESIGELEC sponsors many activities which are student based activities with a strong value aiming to enlighten the community about various social issues:

ESIG’ Computer: A group of students associated with the technology for refurnishing.

STOP: This group offers carrier and provides information about the effects of drinking and driving with a view to discourage it.

BSBG (Be Sustainable Be Green): Is a reliable center of conference and initiatives in sustainable development.

Fire safety Representative Group (FIND)

To develop creativity and passion for being innovative and to take initiatives this includes:

  • Efforts in creating awareness of gender, racial, and forming discrimination.
  • First aids to train individuals in middle schools.
  • Educating students to create awareness of the ecological systems.

Tutoring Programs

Engineers teach, guide middle or high school students to improve their academic status, as well as exposure to cultural issues.

Gender Equality

In regards to the female enrollments ESIGELEC appreciates conference, “Engineer, why not you?” implementing “Elles Bougent”.

Diverse and Inclusive Environment

Diversity Charter welcomes everyone and strives hard to ensure opportunities equal for all the students demonstrated towards students with a disability focusing on providing them with reasonable adjustments, campaigns, and accommodations.

Student Life at ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering

Located in the center of creativity of Technopole du Madrillet, ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering provides students with a stimulating and numerous learning opportunities to socialize in the modern technological environment.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Five amphitheatres with the capacity of 100-420 participants
  • Fourteen tutorial rooms, ten laboratories, and five research rooms
  • A library with more than 6,000 books

Campus infrastructures to facilitate fast exchange of information with the Wi-Fi and digital services like Digital delivery of courseware, Digital timetable, other administrative work such as registrations, school certifications, online payment solutions and many more.

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering Rankings

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering is a highly ranked University offering technological advancement with the dynamic factor based on the latest accomplishments imparting quality education and achieving a fulfilling learning and employment fulfillment for the students.

ESIGELEC is classified in the favorites fifteen’s of the “Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer 2024” demonstrating learning processes.

“Best Employer Experience- Happiness Barometer 2024” has awarded ESIGELEC in securing the 7th position. It is also placed at the 336th position as one of the best schools known for its teaching and recruiters.

High Standing Specific Knowledge Areas

  • ESIGELEC stands 3rd among the engineering schools in the electronics and electrical engineering field France.
  • Ranked 4th among the private schools in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Impressive Performance by Post-Bac Engineering Schools

ESIGELEC shows its excellence in the post-Bac Engineering schools securing:

  • 6th position in the LMQP general schools in France.
  • 1st position of general school in Normandy

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