Polytech Nantes-Nantes Université

Polytech Nantes-Nantes Université

Established in 2000, Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite offers quality machine learning courses and training and offers industry-ready professionals. Nantes Universite is one of the reputed engineering and technological schools in France and is a part of the French network of Polytechnical Engineering Schools.

Founded Year: 2000
Institution Type: Public

Rue Christian Pauc, 44300 Nantes, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite

Renowned Engineering Education: With the Nantes University label, the school possesses the diplomas, and 11 engineering courses offering selective high-level training for its students or apprentices.

Promising Research Opportunities: The students are trained to show their creativity and research in their academic environment and are supported by eight affiliated research laboratories.


Diverse Training Courses: The goal is to provide international master’s degree or dual engineer-project management skills for continuous education programs to track every student.

International Outlook: Polytech Nantes-Nantes University is active in imparting the international programs with the partner networks abroad and provides mobility of students by the end of the engineering course.

Learn, Grow, and Succeed: Polytech Nantes-Nantes University offers formal lessons and lectures by hosting over thirty students organizations and societies that plays a critical role in the overall development of its students.

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Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite Accreditations

Polytech Nantes is a graduate school of engineering manifested by the French standard and is highly regarded engineering faculties in Nantes Universite.

The accreditation by CTI to the Polytech Nantes supervises and awards civil engineering degrees, which strengthens the position of Polytech Nantes as one of the leading engineering schools.

Polytech Nantes succeeds in attaining a good grade in engineering courses to develop its students innovation, growth and success.

Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite Scholarships

Two major programs supporting the Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite Scholarship:

EIFFEL Scholarships: This program is boosted through Campus France offering a financial assistance to international students and possessing a high academic performance and aptitude.

AUF Scholarships: In-coordination with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, this scholarship offers fund to the high-achieving Francophone students who are willing to continue their education in France.

Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite Placements

Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite is the combination of Bac + 2 and Bac + 4 courses targeted to the students to offer uniqueness and rigorous experience to get them ready for the professional world. Learning experience in Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite is diverse to nurture the talent in each of the students.

Initial Education (3 years): This program is for three years to provide young engineers with a stable footing for their future careers.

Work and Study Program: This program empowers its students with practical experience in their areas of specialization during the final year of the engineering education.

Gap Year: Students get opportunity to take a year off in the middle of their engineering cycle to develop their own interests and personalities while learning valuable things in various capacities.

International Exposure

As a part of the academic process at Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite, students often carry a part of their semester in another country.

During the learning process students are mandated to spend at least 13 weeks in other countries during any of the three years of their education to experience practices from the international institutions and broaden their cultural perspective of the world.

Summer internship is offered at the end of studies or the internship in another semester.

Internships – The Link between College and Career

Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite always embraces industry internships program ensuring that they apply what they learn.

3rd year: An internship for minimum of for weeks in a company of their choice.

4th year: Practical work in the form of an internship in a company or laboratory specialized for the students learning for a period of 8 to 15 weeks.

5th year: Final internship in a company as a contractor or in a laboratory for a specified period with not less than 18 weeks.

Student Services Offered by Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite

Welcoming of International Student’s Desk and Information Centre

The Guichet Unique at Maison des Echanges Internationals et de la Francophonie/Maison Senghor (MEIF) offers the source of information related to the students coming from other countries. During the weekends of entire September, student tutors and the staff members of the international office help the new student groups.

Healthcare and Healthcare Coverage

All the social security related information is given to its students along with the EU Nationals, Non-EU citizens, as well as student from Quebec. The Nantes Universite also stresses the need to have a health insurance for its students called as “Mutuelle”.

Students benefit for an exclusive health center by getting appointment of prescribed doctors in different fields. New students are also given opportunity to get admission to the medical center where they undergo a physical examination and the respective contact details are provided.

Accommodation and Housing Aid

Current and prospective non-exchange and exchange students are offered with the tips of accommodation in university residences along with the private housing, search for a guarantor, and housing assistance from CAF.

University Restaurants and Cafeterias

The meals are cheap and available at restaurants operated by CROUS in Nantes and the nearby territories so that students can easily make cash transfer and special priority is given to the Izly wallet to support payment for products and services.

Associations and Solidarity Groceries

Supermarkets on campus, including La SurpreNantes and AMAPs assist and help students in sharing of the tuition fees, transport, feeding, health and medical facilities, books and other learning materials.

Student Life at Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite

Wide Array of Activities

Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite offers a great experience variety of athletic activities, performances and shows, political debates and meetings, and charitable processes, and many more. The school addresses many aspects of student’s life through extending and strengthening the professional contacts list or talk with like-minded people in a friendly atmosphere.

Encouraging Extracurricular Involvement

This learning school offers a place with high importance to the quality of life and interactions of its Polytech Nantes students focusing on participating in extra-curriculum affairs and student organizations. With the deemed instrumental student experience and the necessary amenities are provided for within and around the campus to make students stay productive and fulfilling.


Explore Clubs and Associations

  1. D. E (Bureau des Eleves): Participating in a wide variety of innovative social activities and other co-curricular activities students of Polytech Nantes- Nantes Universite are expected to initiated and organize their associations.
  2. D. S (Bureau des Sports): Organizing and stimulating intra-class or campus sporting events in the campus such as badminton, ultimate Frisbee, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, street hockey and others.
  3. D. D (Bureau du Developpement Durable): Students learn about sustainable development and green/ sustainable projects implementing their learning experience.

Junior business IdeSYS and PolyJoule: With the opportunity to learn more about technologies, Nantes Universite defines the future of energy.

ESN Nantes (International Exchange Erasmus Student Network): This program offers the welcome dinners, local entertainment activities, and social visits to the city of Nantes by participating in the local conversational practices, as well as other things.

Polytech Nantes-Nantes Universite Rankings

Nantes Universite has gone against all the odds to gain and further solidify its place in highly-ranked and prestigious systems including Times Higher Education (THE), Leiden Ranking, Reuters and among others.

The University’s Global Presence

Nantes Universite is among the leading universities in Europe and across the world grows its global prominence, such as:

  • A respectable rank in the most referenced journals
  • A good number of patents compatible with international standards

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