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Founded in 2008, Agrocampus Ouest is located in the prime location of the Western France at the crossroads of the agriculturally and food industry powerhouse of Europe, Brittany and Pays-de-Loire. It provides many privileges for the students while offering the strong student culture and relatively high living quality.

Agrocampus Ouest is the prime criteria offering quality of faculty, learning environment, as well as the student populace. It is one of the institutions of the National Institute of Higher Education for Agriculture, Food, and Environment also known as ‘L’Institut Agro’. The process of stimulating and organizing learning offers the unique learning experience for the students.

Founded Year: 2008
Institution Type: Public

65 Rue de Saint-Brieuc, 35042 Rennes, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Agrocampus Ouest

Education at Agrocampus Ouest goes beyond a rigid structure and follows a ‘one for all’ model for its students. It also operates as an open space that challenges and supports the students to build personal and professional projects while developing their individual profiles.

Top-Tier Faculty

The faculty of around 130 professor offer combination of teaching and research services at Agrocampus Ouest. This aspect of the living exhibits procedural advantage for the students offering the daily interaction with various contributors to French agricultural research and receiving the information that is considered on the cutting edge.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The Agrocampus Ouest offers a scientific and methodological learning and development centre focusing on agricultural, food processing, as well as veterinary and zoo-technical disciplines. This also covers international and interdisciplinary life sciences, engineering and information sciences, economics and social sciences, and management.

Embracing Diversity and Excellence

Agrocampus Ouest has a diverse mix of students providing different ways to enroll as per their desire. The school strongly believes in equal opportunity policy stating that “background is no barrier to excellence, and diversity is a source of enrichment”.

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Agrocampus Ouest Accreditations

Agrocampus Ouest, has solidified its reputation as a leading institution in the field of horticulture and landscaping.

Prestigious Recognition: VEGEPOLYS VALLEY Accreditation

The campus’s impressive plant cluster has renowned accreditation through VEGEPOLYS VALLEY. This recognition to the campus acknowledges its competitive cluster of global reach with a testament to the consistency and collaboration between economic, research, and educational sectors.

Robust Academic Excellence: Four Doctoral School Accreditations

Agrocampus Ouest have secured accreditation for four of its doctoral schools:

Ecology, Geosciences, Agronomy & Food (EGAAL), Economics & Management (EDGE), Mathematics STIC (MathSTIC) and Marine & Coastal Sciences (SML)

These accreditations show Agrocampus Ouest’s dedication to the quality education to produce well-rounded and informed graduates.

Agrocampus Ouest Scholarships

The Funding of Education through Self- Source

Although, Agrocampus Ouest does not offer scholarships directly to its international students still students can find several ways to access adequate information on scholarship procurement.

French government scholarship holders (Crous, Campus France)

Refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection students get exemption to pay the costs incurred during filling the online form.

Agrocampus Ouest Placements

Experiencing the outcome of education Agrocampus Ouest provides the line between the concepts, where students can build their knowledge and skills in the chosen area through the internships.

Three Weeks of Intensive Internship in Remote Areas

Internship opportunities: Erasmus Mundus students at Agrocampus Ouest benefit from the internships throughout the domestic and international market. These internships include:

Discovery of the Professional World: This coursework involves a four-week summer internship for the students at their first professional experience of arboriculture and related horticulture and landscape themes.

Discovery of Plants: An activity in France during February focusing on the versatility, application and methods to utilize the plant life in horticulture and landscape.

Trainee Researcher: A placement is run between mid May and end of August where students identify professional issue.

Internship in a Foreign Company: This is a seven-week training program in a non-French speaking nation that starts from the mid- June. It provides the preview of the international work, language acquisition, and cultural sensitivity to the students.

Research-Methodology Course: Since mid-May, students are offered to join any of the research programs, experiment, or a landscape project for 12 weeks.

End-of-study Internship: It is a long-term, 24 weeks internship since March where research papers are based on economic, technical, or scientific issue.

Agrocampus: Stand Out Today

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Additionally, JobTeaser display job offers so that students can directly get in touch with the numerous establishments in Europe. Where with one click the student find job offers and employer branding is also improved.

Student Services Offered by Agrocampus Ouest

The student services include student needs such as Housing & Accommodation services, Digital services, Research & Library services, Services for students with disability.

Accommodation Services

Agrocampus Ouest provides accommodation assistance for both local and international students through various options:

In Angers Campus:

  • Student and young worker residences are run in collaboration with the associations of half-pension accommodation such as le foyer Darwin.
  • Private student residences that includes fully furnished rooms and services such as internet services, laundry services and gym services.
  • Private apartments offered from estate agents and people who own houses for sale.
  • Homestay , accommodation for the one who wants to learn French culture.
  • Intergenerational housing option to live with fellow students or the owners of houses.

In Rennes Campus:

On-campus dormitories in the campus with three dormitories for accommodating around 270 students normally costing around €270 per month for rent and the bills are included.

Digital Services

Some of the IT services like IT accounts, storage, Computer Rooms, Social Media Accounts are offered to the students, lecturers as well as all the staff members to enjoy their own digital workspace / and e-learning center which is AlwaysOpen24/7.

Documentary Research Resources

Campus libraries are equipped with impressive books and documents with the topics related to the life sciences.

Disability Services

Challenges of students with disabilities are recognized and are employed with the disability officers on each campus assisting to practice of resources to improve the quality of existence as well as studies.

Student Life at Agrocampus Ouest

Agrocampus Ouest is a live, dynamic and modern establishment in two of the French cities committed to the university life, namely Angers and Rennes.

Agrocampus Ouest is a culture of diversity and supports permitting students’ association with clubs and societies. Approximately, there are 60 societies for every interest including sports, cultures, occasions, entrepreneurship, and humanitarian and approximately 20 scientific, artistic, and athletic, or culinary clubs.


Dedicated sporting center offers athletic, badminton, squash, taekwondo, basketball, French boxing, swimming, and horse riding along with the Rowing Club.

Agrocampus Ouest Rankings

Agrocampus Ouest stands at the list of top universities in France and in the world leading to the improvement of its ranking to 73rd place based on the Center for World University Ranking.

US news and World Report on the subject’s ranking the Agrocampus Ouest at 138 globally. This ranking shows the track record of providing education on academics and researching new ideas and concepts under the agricultural sciences stream.

In the European matrix of educational institutions Agrocampus Ouest is ranked 57th in the list of the best French universities and 482nd among universities of the whole Europe.

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