UCLy(Lyon Catholic University)

Lyon Catholic University

Founded in 1875, UCLy is a private higher institution that tracks the academics record and determines the society development.

UCLy provides varies range of diverse 138 programs with intellectual curiosity and cognitive skills for the graduation reflecting the entrepreneurial courses.

The school adopts the close relationship with the business world involving practitioners from corporate sponsorships focusing on close combination of academic and business connections. UCLy offers favorable learning environment offering million volumes like learning lab, incubator and services.

Founded Year: 1875
Institution Type: Private

10 place des archives, 69002 Lyon, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose UCLy

UCLy’s global outlook has 350 university partners in 61 countries offering international learning perspective. The UCLy enrolls 1,800 international students from different countries ensuring multicultural learning environment.

UCLy’s demonstrates the society wellbeing categorizing French authorities EESPIG (Private Higher Education Establishment of General Interest)

Giving an access to an education, human values and globalization creates a strong link between academic and business worlds. The curriculum of UCLy helps in both enhancing the contents and in fostering a learning environment providing a platform to explore the global perspective offering higher education sector.

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UCLy Scholarships

With the goal oriented development in the international academic exchange, UCLy emphasizes on the scholarships.

Campus Bourses: Available Scholarship Database for Students

The directory focuses on offering from states, regional bodies, firms, NGOs, and training establishments, both French and international.

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

This Scholarship is offered to the best international students who are studying Master’s or doctoral degree courses in science and technology, health sciences, political sciences, and management subjects

Scholarships Offered by French Embassies Overseas

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs offers full scholarships for study, internships and other research opportunities at the highest level. This scholarship is available at the Embassy or Consulate of France from the host country.

Home Country Scholarships

Governmental and non-governmental sponsorship programs are offered to the student pursuing education in foreign countries.

The Excellence-Major Scholarship

This scholarship focuses on non French students holding high marks in French high schools from outside France. This amount depends on student’s eligibility for granting the financial aid.

Scholarships in Theology

This scholarship is offered to the non European or North American students leaning Master’s or Doctorate degree in France as the primary language.

Scholarships Based on Social Criteria

These scholarships are awarded to students who come from other countries and their age is below 28years. They are awarded by French Ministry of Higher Education and Research under certain conditions.

UCLy Placements

UCLy Placement a French educational institution offers placement to build students’ professional skills and improve their careers.

By recognizing the significance of work permits depending on the nationality and visa status, UCLy permits the newcomers to fit easily into the French professional life.

Alternance Opportunities

UCLy offers a wide range of alternance contracts such as Contrat d’apprentissage and Contrat de professionnalisation effective for combining academic and professional employment while equipping students with industrial knowledge.

Comprehensive Internship Guidelines

The work conditions at UCLys internship subjects to French Employment Code establishing specific requirements during the internships and remuneration. This is a standard and legal internship agreement vital for a successful internship experience.

Personalized Support

UCLy ensures to provide quality support to prepare its students for integrating into work placement from applying for placement while settling into the placement organization.

Career Development

UCLy predicates four types of activities like – working in practice, careers, meetings, and presentations that helps student to develop their career while connecting through the partnership with the companies for desirable, rewarding careers.

Financial Aid and Inclusion

UCLy provides educational facility to cultivate social inclusiveness and different types of financial aid for the students based on their family’s income. This is also made available for the disabled students while providing equal learning opportunities.

Innovative Teaching Practices

UCLy uses the role-model approach for teaching and learning academia focusing on specific actions to provide effective ways to fulfill the student needs in the modern pedagogical methods and use the digital learning option.

Student Services Offered by UCLy

UCLy’s organization offers all possible students’ services to allow students the learning process.

Visas and Residence Permits

UCLy provides the help regarding visa applications and residence permission with renewal or change in status while offering services to the international students. Students are advised to start with the legal procedures 2 to 3 months before they plan to move in.

Health Insurance

UCLy explains about the health insurance and presents possible specific instances.

Student from the UK and the Andorra having the European Health Insurance Card, Global Health Insurance Card, S1 Form or the SE 130-04 Form depending on the case.

Students from Monaco can enroll in higher education institutions while providing a proof of coverage from their own government.

And any students from Qebec need to provide and fill certain forms depending on their student type/s.

Banking Services

UCLy allows its students with various conditions of bank offers  with its banking partners including the Credit Agricole Centre Est Group as well as the Caisse d’Epargne Rhone-Alpes and the Banque Populaire Loire et Lyonnais.

Housing Benefits

Students of UCLy entitle to certain benefits from the CAF meeting their rent charges to benefit from its valid residence permit, with a lease contract in his/her name. This may not need to hold any family link with the landlord, and a French or SEPA-registered bank account.

Accommodation Support at UCLy

UCLy’s Accommodation Office actively assists its students and future students in finding the most comfortable housing. There are several hotels and hostels offering competitive services to make students feel at home that include:

  • University residences
  • Private student residences
  • Private rented accommodation

Non Profit- Housing: A Solution for the Poor and Marginalized

The UCLy has many websites to provide benefits to its students looking for private rental properties such as the LOGETOI and MORNING CROISSANT.

LODGIS real estate agency also offers negotiable value added tax (VAT), reduction for handling fee for furnished rental for the medium and long stays for UCLy students for multilingual.

Health Support at UCLy

UCLy’s Health Department offers access to healthcare services to its students throughout their learning processes. The department consists of the Preventive Healthcare unit, Counselling Service and the Disabled Students’ Support, to address different factors of physical and mental health.

UCLy students can access to various services including:

  • Preventive Medicine
  • Psychological Support

Implementing the ADA: Accommodation for Students with Special Needs

Students can access to consultants or get individual support throughout their course at UCLy while providing large-scale preventive actions/activities related to the well-being of students.

Diversity and Resources for Everyone

The Mission Handicap of UCLy works towards ensuring that UCLy offers an inclusive and supportive system centralized for students with disabilities. This ensures for students with disabilities while ensuring their needs are acknowledged and met efficiently:

Personalized Disability Support: The “Mission Handicap” at UCLy offers while defining the type of profile, program and objectives.

Accessibility: UCLy facilities its disabled students on the Carnot Campus and at the Saint-Paul amphitheatre.

Arrangements and Accommodations: Extra efforts are made to cater for the students to study and access to the exam centers to guarantee their successful future.

Confidentiality and Trust: UCLy assists in a discreet way and offers the service to the students with the disabilities to assure that they are helped.

Student Life at UCLy

A Vibrant Student Association

UCLy applicants have options to involve in various activities via student associations like BDEs, Unisphere, L’Apostrophe or Pleaders. There are other offices for its students in various departments to provide adequate support to its students while organizing effective events.

Affordable and Healthy Dining Options

UCLy also follows a positive health and wellness agenda to facilitate its students with affordable and balanced meals in the CROUS Cafeterias at the Carnot and Saint-Paul campuses. Thursday’s are for organic food and vegan food days for the ones who ensure to have healthy meals.

Encouragement of Sporting Activities

UCLy ensures that students play various sports for their healthy living while participating in over 20 different sport activities and the university supported by the A. S. UCLy association.

Comprehensive Social Service Support

UCLy also guarantees that all the students will pass their courses without any problems while guiding them with proper supervision, budget, health, housing, family, work, and legal concerns so that they have attention on their academics.

Rich Cultural Experiences

UCLy organizes a cultural service with a variety of events including exhibitions, concerts, and shows where students can participate in impressive events such as MUSIC’LY or LYon Contemporary Art Biennale, clubs and initiatives like the University Theatre Troupe or the UCLy Choir.

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