Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Ecole Centrale de Lyon is a known French scientific master’s school with the broad vision to provide educational experience concerning to the discipline. It is a special mix of history and innovation adopting an integrative approach to education. Theoretical studies along with the practical skills for learning projects cover humanities and social sciences to develop personal and real world experience.

Founded Year: 1857
Institution Type: Public

36 Av. Guy de Collongue, 69134 Écully, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Nurturing Innovation : Ecole Centrale de Lyon trains its students to expand their academic learning by empowering intellectual knowledge.

Global Partnerships: Networks of associations with schools and universities offer an opportunity for cultural exchange among students while creating a harmonious atmosphere in the campus.

Industry Integration: The interactive engagement of businesses ensures curriculum is up-to-date with its dynamic changes in to meet the successive changes to meet industrial demands.

Commitment to Gender Equality

Ecole Centrale de Lyon adopts a gender equality approach of “Charter for Equality between Women and Men in Higher Education and Research Institutes” in 2013. This gender equality extends to several initiatives:

National Partnerships: Developing partnerships with national institutions (including associations) aims to encourage women careers in engineering areas.

Awareness Raising: Ecole Centrale de Lyon hosts many events such as seminars, discussions, and workshops which are on gender equality.

Action Group: Students form ‘Centr’L’ group that includes faculty, employees, and administrative staff, to work together for better practices.

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Ecole Centrale de Lyon Accreditations

The Ecole Centrale de Lyon is accredited for the Master’s degrees issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

This accreditation is responsible for governing and enhancing the quality and accessibility of higher education in France.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon Scholarships

The Ecole Centrale de Lyon has grants and fellowship programs designed for its international students from multiple countries to uniquely provide them fundamental basis for financial literacy.

Eiffel Scholarships

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs launched a new scholarship program – Eiffel Program of Excellence to help the Ecole Centrale de Lyon promote its international policy. The diverse policy of this scholarship invites students of the developing countries to present their master thesis in a double degree framework or doctorate studies.

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Awards

China Scholarship Council is a state-owned corporation under the Ministry of Education of China that manages organization for youth exchange programs between China and many other countries. This scholarship supports the Chinese students to study further for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels by offering financial aid.

In 2005, the degree-conferring Group Centrale has young scholars from the People’s Republic of China to Ecole Centrale Lyon.

French Embassies Scholarships

The French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs offers grants to the students intending to enroll for studies, an internship or a language stay in France.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon Placements

Comprehensive Internship Programs

Centrale Lyon students undergo a nine-month internship. They practice practically to obtain internships that may last up to six months their prospect of future career success.

Operational Placement

Student involvement in the program continues during the first year while attending the class with the operations placement. It provides the opportunity to its students to develop the ability to make T-shirt production and distribution structure.

Applied Placement

Students are offered a placement in the industry for three months or more (depending on the size of the organization). This starts from the second year curriculum to apply the skills and knowledge learned at Centrale Lyon in practical environment.

Final-Year Dissertation

The final training of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon is the final hurdle for the students to show their skills for the high-quality output.

Student Services Offered by Ecole Centrale de Lyon


The library is the collection of 120, 000 books, journals, and documents, aiming to:

  • Access the diverse subjects to study and do research.
  • Access to the website for subject oriented courses.


Ecole Centrale de Lyon offers two student rooms in the campus prioritizing first-year students and international students of the exchange programs.

Paul Comparat residence: The youth residence that contains 403 individual student rooms operating under the EC Lyon management.

Paul-Emile Victor residence: A housing complex with 240 studio apartments that are run privately.

Dining Options

University Restaurant: These are managed by CROUS which are open for longer hours.

L’EsCaLe Cafeteria: Snacks is made available in the cafes around the campus.

Student Bar: This is run by the students to provide a fast-food service as well as drinks.

Planet&Co’s cropsharing scheme: Allows students to order from the local sources which are delivered directly to the campus.

Besides, the campus hosts food trucks twice a week offering an access to a local shopping center to eat out of the campus.

Lectures halls and rooms for meetings are available for seminars, symposia, workshop and conferences. This educational sector offers a space with the cutting-edge video projectors, Wi-Fi routers, as well as sound equipment.

Student Life at Ecole Centrale de Lyon

A Vibrant Sports Culture

Through sports, Ecole Centrale de Lyon students are provided with the multiple possibilities offering students with the extra-curricular activities and response. The campus offers

  • Gym – that includes climbing wall and heavy tools to work out.
  • Four outdoor tennis courts
  • A standard size stadium and grass pitch for football and rugby grounds.

Faculty Club

The Faculty Club offers a place to relax and have fun for both students and faculty.

With so many clubs and associations on the campus, the student community is vibrant aiming at quality and equality, team spirit, and tolerance. They offer over 20 different sports courses to choose from rugby, tennis, rowing, climbing, badminton, such as fencing, and diving.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon Rankings

Global rankings of academic subjects – Shanghai 2022

SHANGHAI Global Ranking of Academic Subjects for 2022, scored ECL with in the top 101-150 globally for two critical subjects:

  • Mechanics
  • Mathematics

QS University rankings (2022)

The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022, place ECL at 149th position in “Mechanics” in Frane.


In 2023, L’ETUDIANT and LE FIGARO ETUDIANT assigned ECL the highest places in their rankings by securing:

  • 11th position in the general ranking.
  • 7th position of the general rank board.

ChangeNOW & Les Echos START: The ecological and social transformations.

The Ecole Centrale de Lyon is at the 2nd place in the general ranking announced by ChangeNOW & Les Echos START for Challenges for the ecological transition and social development.

THE Impact: Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

The Impact rates the ECL organization at 3rd place in the “Affordable and Clean Energy” category.

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