EIDM Paris Fashion and Luxury Business School

EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School, Paris

EIDM: The Top Goal Education for a Fashion and Luxury Business.

EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School, Paris combines the creativity and financial power to succeed in the tightly competitive fashion and luxury business sector. With the passion to succeed in this field, strong educative system is implemented in the business sector of fashion.

Founded Year: 2008
Institution Type: Private

33 Rue Daviel, 75013 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School

EIDM believe in the approach of ‘learning by doing’ method to learn while doing things implementing highly qualified teaching staff yielding two key benefits:

  • The continuous improvement of academic programs to always keep students updated in their knowledge against industry trends.
  • Initiation and creation of programs, aiming to fundraise for the activities towards achieving the goals of both European and international levels.

Tailored, Practical Education Programs

EIDM perspective to success is the personalized education aiming to resolve practical issues with the relevant skills that encourages students to participate in the discussions and learn from their classmates.

This alliance provides students with the right tools to face the challenges, by giving them a competitive edge to become professionals in the fashion and luxury industries.

Authenticity in this program brings students a chance to immerse themselves in their majors’ field.

EIDM actually emphasizes on theoretical knowledge and relevant practicability in contrast with other MBA models. Students will gain exposure from projects such as the Fashion Show, Development and Launching Process of the Fashion Magazine and the Pop-Up Store, among others. These kinds of events broaden students’ knowledge ofthe industry, increasing their employability.

Flexible Learning Options

EIDM has its style of teaching and the brilliant curriculum that encourages students to apply relative principles in the real world.

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EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School Accreditations

Accredited Educational Institution of EIDM Fashion and Luxury Label Management Business College

EIDM (Ecole Internationale de Mode et de Luxe) known for a variety of academic institutions shows its stature and weight among the world’s best academic institutions.

Prestigious Recognition

The French Ministry of Higher Education attests to the curriculum robustness and the efficiency of the EIDM’s educational approach.

Besides those already mentioned, EIDM’s programs, are accredited by the European Accreditation Board for Higher Education Schools which means that the courses offered by EIDM have both practical and professional validity recognized across the world.

Alumni Success Stories

EIDM boasts alumni, to establish fulfilling careers in France and around the globe, in the fashion & luxury industry sector, respectively. Such proficiency testifies that the school has created an environment of high-quality education training professionals.

Simulation Training & State-of-the-Art Campus

EIDM highlights the practical training features with an integral part of high modern level facilities. A variety of courses are offered at three campuses in Paris ,Lyon ,Bordeaux to understand real-world issues through the top-class facilities preparing the careers of the students.

EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School Scholarships

Ecole Internationale de Mode et Luxe (EIDM) located in Paris offers a range of scholarships for young fashion and luxury business students to pursue quality education to fulfill theirgoals with various backgrounds.

Masters Scholarships at EIDM

EIDM offers several scholarships tailored to Superlative Master’s candidates:

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship: Honors and gives awards to students having a good academic background.
  • Creative Excellence Scholarship: Aimed for those who knockouts the true fashion and luxury.
  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship: For those students who stand apart and demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial abilities.
  • Diversity Scholarship: This scholarship is designed for the underprivileged background students.
  • International Scholarship: For international students who have incredible academic or creative potential.

Schools have unique criteria for each scholarship with different application requirements. Students can contact the school to get more details of these programs.

Undergraduate Scholarships at EIDM

EIDM additionally offers numerous scholarships for Undergraduates:

Eiffel Scholarship Program: Launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this program is for the international students doing their master’s and Ph.D. degrees in France.

Charpak Scholarship Program: The Embassy of France in India provides this scholarship assistance to those candidates who wish to pursue master’s degree program in France.

Emile Boutmy Scholarship: Sciences Po manages and offers these grants for undergraduates and graduate programs to those students who are outside the EU.

Campus France Scholarships: These government-sponsored scholarships are for international students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in their home country, and seek further vocational training in France.

EIDM’s scholarships help those students whose primary focus is on fashion and luxury but who have financial issues. With this wide range of support, EIDM has maintained a vibrant, multicultural, and intellectually sound community.

EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School Placements

EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School Placements: Understanding Employment and Career Development

Among all the eminent fashion and luxury business institutes in the world, EIDM is proud to get all their students into the best companies with great placement achievements.

Career Opportunities at EIDM

One of the many advantages that EIDM offers to its students is a variety of job opportunities as it actively recruits its students by arranging and presenting career-related presentations. Furthermore, the platform allows students to serve as defense juries which enable them to find firsthand experience in the working dynamics of the markets.

Testimonials and Employment Success

EIDM proudly celebrates the incredible achievements of its graduates and shares their success stories with everyone in the school with an internal site that functions as a digital catalog maintaining the record of the previous and present students to have a direct connection between all the members of the EIDM community.

Impressive Placement Records

In the past few years, the ranking placement of EIDM records isa clear proof of the school’s dedication to its student’s career achievements.

Based on the 2021 insertion survey, the data showed:

  • The employment rate for graduates within 6 months of getting a diploma has elevated to 85%.
  • 80% of 2019 batch students who found the jobs are currently holding the permanent positions.
  • The result of the graduates starting their own businesses is also spectacular as 10% of its alumni have shown their entrepreneurial spirit and the school played a big role in it.

The employment success of EIDM graduates shows their commitment to providing students with knowledge and skills ensuring that they are capable enough to outrun the competition in the industry.

Student Life at EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School

Experience Student Life at EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School

EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School, is accepted internationally as one of the finest institutions that provide students with an environment wherein they get excited to explore themselves with the right skills to take on professional roles.

Here’s an overview of what makes student life at EIDM unique:

International Student ISIC Card

EIDM holds the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) as a recognized document for international students to overcome economic barriers and facilitate them with the transport, including insurance, shopping, tourism, and so on.

Simplified Student Social Security

The student fee was reduced from €400 to €90 that are to be used for social/cultural/sporting activities. Such an approach guarantees the social security to be provided for free for students and can entirely separate student life from any burden.

An exception is made for beneficiaries of grants, refugees, subsidiary protection holders, and people seeking international protection. Students can find additional information at the website ameli.fr.

Registration for Students

A student can request for a suite to the student scheme by writing a letter to the board of administration of the CPAM. Social societies continue to provide students with alternative health plans and physicians alongside collaborative campaigns that promote well-being.

Re-registration for Students

Enrollment from fall last year will be retained on the database for the first day of the school year.

EIDM Fashion and Luxury Business School Rankings

EIDM ranks 79th in the world on the CWP( CEO World ) magazine list, and it is the best French fashion school according to the global ranking. EIDM director Mégane Simon said: “The EIDM is pleased to have advanced in the list of 100 companies in the world in the year 2021.

The degree of development of the academic activities was paramount in constant development in the latter period.” All the trainings and services offered already follow a quality approach, and the Quality label will be the final confirmation of this fact. With this position on the CEOWorld list proves that EIDM has a good awareness of the steady development to a wide audience.

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