ICD Business School

ICD Business School

By retaining its exceptional position for over 40 years, ICD Business School shapes the future of its students through many programs including diverse structures such as commerce, marketing, business development, event management, and banking.

Founded Year: 1980
Institution Type: Private

12 Rue Alexandre Parodi, 75010 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose ICD Business School

Aiming for Professional Excellence

ICD Business School defines its objective to teach professionals with high-level skills on internationalization, professionalism and responsibility. The school encourages a range of socially responsible students by introducing the flexible and adaptable work study program by enabling quality education.

Success Bridge

ICD offers the life-changing teaching through the consistent application of innovation where its courses are updated and industry-relevant. The broad international partnerships enhance the competitiveness of their graduates to excel in a wide range of the world’s business issues.

ICD Findings

  • Flagship program
  • Sales, Marketing and Business Development areas of Expertise
  • International studies and dual degree programs
  • Unlock the capacity to succeed at the starting level throughout the career path.

Mission and Vision

ICD provides the linkage between responsible business practices and technology aiming to develop professionals in the areas of business development, sales, marketing, purchasing and many more. With this the school emphasizes on the sustainability and digitalization of elements.

Dealing with prominent data and environment problems along with the innovation and interculturality challenges nowadays ICD insists positive changes.

Pillars of ICD

ICD’s has many activities and programs in the HEP Charter’s founding values like – Personalization, Leadership, and Professional Skills. These guidelines focus on the universal openness, innovative projects and occupation oriented instructions.

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ICD Business School Accreditations

One of the leading business schools ICD Business School sets its with full accreditation and recognition from the French government since 2004.

The ICD Business School affirms its status as a leading business school in France:

Official Accreditation by the French government acknowledges its official establishment on 19th August 2004.

EFMD Accredited Program

The EFMD Accredited Masters’ Label is given to its unique Program Grande Ecole (PGE) attesting the quality and professionalism the program has size and scope.

The EFMD’s

ICD’s PGE provides students with an increased understanding of real-world business by validating its quality by highlighting the schools vision in offering world-class educational services and iniatives.

ICD Business School Scholarships

ICD Business School has many scholarship and economic support programs addressing and contributing to the different demands of its students to experience sports and explore internationalization.

Types of Scholarships

Honorary Bursaries: ICD annually enables the bursaries awards up to 1000 € to its students who are affected by factors like academic standing, performance, family poverty, and societal background.

Academic Scholarships: Here, ICD awards 500 € to its high-school graduates scoring at least 16/20 in the French Baccalaureate exam. Also, students who score 14/20 are awarded with 250 €.

Sports Scholarships: To recognize the accomplishment of both sports and academics, ICD grants 500 € to the students who has interest in athlete and participate in the competitions.

International Mobility Scholarships: The Erasmus grant, funded by the European Commission offers its students by the Erasmus+ Charter by partly covering their expenses in a trip or stay for their studies.

ICD Business School Placements

ICD Business is a well known higher institution specialized in simulating for placement option for 2-6 months and apprenticeship scheme program allows its students for at least one year of professional experience and two years from the Grande Ecole Program.

National and International Internship Positions

To teach its students with the holistic approach informal training and internships are conducted either nationally or internationally.

Practical Service Provision and Nurturing Community

ICD offers activity-based training curriculum offering practical business knowledge along with the classroom hours to provide a reliable workplace experience. This develops a strong business network, and a tailored support service for its students with the opportunity to make them job ready.

Apprenticeships and Employment Opportunities

ICD provides the differentiating factor in degree apprenticeships in the final year with academic training with a higher recognition of a diploma or degree.

Record-Breaking Employability Stats

The course emphasizes in innovation of employability, apprenticeships, by aligning with the varied professional expertise to find an employment within six months after graduating.

Diverse offerings and Graduates’ network

ICD offers distinct programs like 3-years undergraduate degree in International Business and the 5-years Grande Ecole Program by expanding the job prospects of graduates. It shows the importance of alumni connections and online engagement through its dedicated exchange platform.

Student Services Offered by ICD Business School

Illustrating the dedication and needs of the students with a wide range of service ICD Business School establishes the accommodation assistance to sports and cultural activities.

Tailored Accommodation Services

In collaboration with the leading housing, ICD provides the students with the choice to live in a handy campus space.

These partners include:

MY STUDAPART: Located next to the campus provides easy accessibility where rentals are offered.

ADELE: Search engine feature by which the multiple option for selecting the student residences are available.

NEXITY STUDEA: Offers residential discounts in rent as well as reduction in the admin fees.

HOME IN LOVE: Provides accommodation to existing students as well as fresh graduates.

SAFEHOUSE: Provides accommodation for the international students while validating the issues.

THE SOCIAL HUB: Hybrid housing concept with personal options like restaurants, gyms, and co-working places.

LA CARTE DES COLOCS and WHOOMIES: Assist students to search for roommates and house sharing options.

IT High Leveling Hardware and Applications

The ICD Business School offers modern education environment for the IT students:

Access to discount IT equipment: They supply computers and laptops at reduced costs.

Office Suite: Students will have access to the Office Suite with the free download guaranteeing the software they need for their studies.

GOWIZYOU / CHROMEBOOK: Laptops with mobility and speed.

Cultural, Sports, and Hobbies

Physical and cultural activities are incorporated for the comprehensive student development in collaboration with various members. Students are given access through the mobile applications to access gyms, free/cheaper recreation, festivals and reading newpapers.

Insurance Services

ICD students can enjoy YVON brand with the complete insurance services along with the following services – supplementary & student insurance, international insurance, and home insurance.

Aid and Travel Opportunities

School ensures financial aids through good food deals and travel opportunities by using passive sites like LES AIDES DE L’ETAT,HOPHOPFOOD, GEEV, UNIDAYS, and LUFTHANSA.

Student Life at ICD Business School

International Student Support

ICD helps all their exchange students to adjust with the surroundings by providing a buddy system between them and the members of the International Club. They serve as the main communication tool and provide necessary information to the students for their trip to France.

Orientation Program

University provides orientation programs for the new exchange students serving as a basis for their projects and event plans, academic life in the new city, and course scheduling.

Engaging Activities

ICD International Club in collaboration with the International Office offers seasonal activities to bring color into the lives of the exchange students.

Vibrant Club and Societies

Being a member of ICD diversified club and society activity students-led ventures are found across campus to organize a multitude of events throughout the year.

Dynamic Students’ Union

ICD Students Union oversees club activities in five areas: ACF&LC, CL, EV, HC&W, ST&T. ICD inter-school events, theme-based weeks, sports and cultural events, and trips and excursions into the nature are organized.

From Fresher’s Week, student evening events, campus activities, gala shows, and charity events are organized highlighting the experienced student institution. A sports society involves students in sports activities ensuring skilled or unskilled person.

ICD Business School Rankings

ICD Business School stands number 1 at the Happy at School ranking evaluating 300 French schools and Grandes Ecoles in 5 different categories.

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