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Ecole Polytechnique

Since its establishment in 1794, Ecole Polytechnique has constantly built its reputation with multidisciplinary environment inducing the spirit of bravery and determination, open-mindedness, and integrity. It also develops an all-encompassing interest and an intellectual culture built on its history.

The school’s priority includes both social responsibility and equity issues to build a base of fairness and appreciates differences as a highest value.

Founded Year: 1794
Institution Type: Public

Rte de Saclay, 91120 Palaiseau, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why Choose Ecole Polytechnique

Making the right choice of a higher education is a critical step towards building a reliable future. Here are compelling reasons to choose the Ecole Polytechnique can be an ideal choice:

Part of a Prestigious Institution: Ecole Polytechnique operates within the Institute Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris) offering five engineering labs based in Paris that provides the combination of the competitiveness and teamwork environment.

Excellence Oriented Education: Ecole Polytechnique assures a strict selective process by choosing excelling students. The school is recognized for its state-of-art multi disciplinary programs to develop the thoughtful capacity of students to build better society.

Cutting-Edge Research: The school builds the academic community of around 20 laboratories to make valuable research and to apply theoretical knowledge on the researched findings to practice.

Contributing to Societal Progress

Other than schooling and research, Ecole Polytechnique describes its role in overall economic, technology, and society growth.

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Ecole Polytechnique Accreditations

The programs scheduled by Ecole Polytechnique are formally accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation as a “Bachelor’s degree”.

This confirms its image of the main undergraduate degree provider.

Ecole Polytechnique Scholarships

International students have access to some of the scholarship programs from the French government and some of the foreign governments as well. Such scholarships may either cover the total or partial tuition fee along with the living expenses.

International Excellence Scholarships

In the first 3 years of the school, Ecole Polytechnic Foundation offers 20 scholarships per class. These scholarship opportunities are meant for those students who are pre-selected based on quality and skills with academic excellence.

The 4th-Year-Project Scholarship Fund

Students who wish to continue their 4th year of training in France are offered with this scholarship by Ecole Polytechnique Foundation and DRI.

Exploring Further Opportunities

Additionally, Ecole Polytechnique elaborates details of various French government scholarships, Eiffel Excellence Scholarships and scholarships from foreign governments.

Ecole Polytechnique Placements

Being a top university it provides the desired level of career and guidance to the students to realize their potential and excel in their respective fields.

Field of Choice: Various Horizons Stand Open

47% graduates join a job in the dynamic business field.

Around 29% of graduates find clinical research as fascinating and engage in PhD research.

And 15% of the graduates contribute to the public sector to prove their dedication towards society.

Surprisingly, 3% of the graduates exhibit a set of entrepreneurial skills and learn incredibly fast to compete in the complex startup environment.

In the busy job market, 64% graduates of Ecole Polytechnique successfully find a job even before the graduation ceremony. Furthermore, all students who graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique will find a job within the 6 months of their graduation in the private sector. These show a proof of the employment level of the school’s graduates.

Industry Preference

Graduates dig into all available industries like aerospace, automation and robotics, semiconductors, and so on.  But most preferred is IT sector, which attracts 44% graduates.

Consulting attracts 19%, and the energy industry 15% graduates.

The construction industry and insurance / banking sectors offer 10% and 9% of the jobs.

Student Services Offered by Ecole Polytechnique

All Polytechnic Engineering Cycle students live on campus and get accommodation throughout the duration of their course. This atmosphere immerses them in the lively campus life and enhances strong team spirit and bonding among themselves. Every student gets a comfortable, separated sleeping place within the school with

  • 18 m² single rooms
  • A mattress, a wardrobe, and a fridge
  • A private bathroom
  • Internet access

Additionally, there are two residential buildings one for married students and another for unmarried students to equal accessibility to on-campus housing.

Shared Amenities

Besides the private living quarters, the Ecole Polytechnique provides shared resources to foster a sense of connection and support between learners. Students can cook and prepare their own meals in a common-area kitchen. And students who cannot cook can take speedy lunch, the cafeteria and restaurant.

Student Life at Ecole Polytechnique

The Ecole Polytechnique has a student association of nearly 250 groups to provide a stimulating and exciting atmosphere to the students. Such associations involve many different spheres, such as culture, art, sport, religion and science.

Having different departments called ‘binets’ in polytechnic lingo brings students together through shared interests. Through the school’s community action club, over 70% of students participate ensuring that students take individualized responsibilities while still pursuing entrepreneurial aspirations.

With the wide range of student clubs and associations at Ecole Polytechnique, they provide:

  • A gym for students and social clubs for organizing events and activities
  • International, regional, religious associations
  • Charitable, scientific, artistic associations
  • Civic and sports associations

With the significant political and social roles, student associations contribute to curriculum life.

Sports at Ecole Polytechnique

For the sport oriented students the campus has a sports department with 16 sports activities including indoor and outdoor facilities.

Development and health orientation is mandatory for all the students with timetable allowing 6h/week for physical and recreational activities.

Sports Ethics and Sportsmanship are emphasized in regards with sporting ethos at Ecole Polytechnique including team management and leadership.

Ecole Polytechnique Rankings

Ecole Polytechnique, ranks among the top institutions of higher education and research in the world by earning a place among the 2021 thematic ranking of QS World University Rankings’ top universities.

Exceptional Show in Diverse Sectors

The university excels globally by securing a place among the Top 40 worldwide in four disciplines:

  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Mechanical, Aerospace and Materials Engineering
  • Physics and Astronomy

With the excellence in more complex disciplines such as Engineering and Technology, Computer Sciences and Information Systems, and Economics and Econometrics, ranks it in the top 75 worldwide in the QS ranking.

In Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique ranks as 3rd runner up in the academic ranking, moved from the 27th position in 2020 to the 24th in 2021, marking the elevation in its academic reputation.

Ecole Polytechnique retains its fame as an outstanding international learning hub offering the best presentation of its expertise in different fields.

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