IMT Business School

IMT Business School

IMT-Business School is a prestigious business school that belongs to IMT and is an elite group of public schools prominent in France. This school plays an enormous role as the Digital School of Business, refining your advanced digital proficiencies.

Founded Year: 1979
Institution Type: Public

9 Rue Charles Fourier, 91000 Évry-Courcouronnes, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose IMT Business School

Creator of Impact: By teaching digital intelligence, IMT-BS educates students and cultivates open-minded, inclusive and accountable business executives in them to understand the digital and ecological transition.

Excellence in Research: IMT-BS has established itself as forerunner in the area of research, responsible technology management. This connects them to the practical applications creating values for the stakeholders at the international level.

Sustainable Future: As an IMT-BS revolves around the digital intelligence and feeds this sustainable future in a comprehensive manner.

Creative Learning Options and Opportunities: IMT-BS, being a part of the IMT group, shares the same campus with Telecom SudParis Engineering School. Approximately 1300 students enroll her annually positioning the school as the best national and international business school.

A Rewarding Investment: IMT-BS has a great value for money, with the inspiring ration in the educational fees, salary hikes and employment chances over a long time.

The Dual Culture Advantage: IMT-BS is remarkable in producing ‘Engineer-Manager dual culture’ environment on campus. This mixed approach enables students to work with the specifically qualified engineers within companies/ business to implement digital transformation projects.

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IMT Business School Accreditations

Holding a wide range of prestigious accreditations IMT Business School is well-appreciated as evidence of its offerings for quality education.

AMBA Accreditation

The Association of MBAs (AMBA) has granted its accreditation to the programs of IMT Business School of MBA Department meeting the highest international standards of quality and sustainability. This reflects the enthusiasm of the school towards the high quality affirmation of an institution’s high academic purports.

AACSB Accreditation

Another accreditation, AACSB accreditation ensures that the accreditation reaffirms the business school in imparting quality education.

Erasmus Plus Accreditation

This is the third crown to the IMT Business School that shows the schools efforts and endorsement to the investment of international study. The Erasmus Plus program consists of European and partner universities offering the students an opportunity to study abroad.

IMT Business School Scholarships

The inclusive principle of IMT Business School is to provide its scholarship programs to those students who desire to accomplish their educational goals.

Total Exemption Scholarships

CROUS provides complete tuition free scholarships for students from designated social groups. This involves the attention beyond the ITM terms and conditions, and need to check the eligibility through the CROUS simulator tool.

Partial Exemption Scholarships

IMT provides the intermediary fee for the low-income students. Students within the scholarship limit of €5,000 to lower the gap between higher and lower-income students.

Scholarships for International Students

For international students aiming to pursue the Master in Management program, IMT offers

  • The “Women in Leadership” scholarship to women leading projects that creates positive change.
  • Another notable program is the “Excellence” scholarship to those students who has academic or personal outstanding accomplishments. Besides, the scholarships can range from €2,500 to €5,000.

IMT Business School Placements

Spotless Placement Records of IMT Business School

The internship for the Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) has shown the rate of the employability, by improving the job market of the IMT Business school to the students.

Impressive Statistics

Even during the global crisis in 2020, 90% of the graduate students got job within 4 months. The ratio of IMT-BS graduates moving abroad to work has increased.

Preparing Students for their Professional Journey

IMT-BS Career Center shapes the students as a unique professional development plan and assists them to stage into the first steps on the job market. They offer:

In addition to this, IMT-BS conducts many private sessions by guiding students towards professional goals, internships or jobs and creating CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

The school helps students in searching internship and professional integration workshops, including sessions on personal branding.

  • Additional Resources
  • Career Center provides a plenty of tools for students that includes:
  • Job boards for internships
  • Online CV creation tools
  • Training for video interviews
  • Students access internship books that contain well documented missions:
  • A private LinkedIn group
  • Duality of High school and Corporate Partnership

Initial year students get mentoring program to:

  • Investigate career patterns to make up the mind to decide which one is preferable.
  • Observe their expert’s advice reflecting on their professional project.
  • Get internship opportunities.

In-Company Experience

IMT-BS study plans are designed to integrate students’ professional life including internship periods done in France or abroad, aiming to train students on real cases during the course of study.

Student Services Offered by IMT Business School

On-Campus Accommodation

The IMT-BS campus has 7 buildings, designed for 900 students, with the internet connectivity in all of the rooms.

La Maisel, the housing management is in charge of non-profit organization is associated with the two Schools (IMT-BS and Telecom SudParis) to help students to find accommodation.

Health and Wellness Services

To promote students’ well-being, health services are provided by IMT-BS that includes medical check-ups. A multi-disciplinary team of experts to provide direct support and care to assist students to ensure their well-being. These include:

  • Health care center
  • Doctor, Psychologist, or Social Worker
  • A Disability Liaison Officer
  • The unit to the support on sexual and gender-based violence
  • An Addictologist

COVID-19 Response

IMT-BS followed a regular protocol for symptomatic or positive students during the Covid-19 pandemic with all the necessary information resources, like official websites, travel advice, and a specialized COVID-19 crisis unit.

British Healthcare in the Grand Paris Sud District

For the students located in the Grand Paris Sud region, IMT-BS is backed by local authorities and associations. The Health Center COSEM Evry-Courcouronnes, located on site, is open all week offering free walk-in healthcare services.

Student Life at IMT Business School

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMT-BS) provides an exciting and strong community that gives offers a social and intellectual life.

Many Clubs and Societies

IMT-BS has a club to manage cultural, arts, sports or technical activities on campus. Additionally, they offer help in providing necessary professional development to the students.

Association Houses and the lives of the residents

Various unions and club houses are available with variety of cultural, sports or social activities, offering a vibrant atmosphere , especially the Absinthe Bar are available after the classes.

Campaigning at IMT-BS

Students can represent their positions representing their leads expressed by BDE (the Student Union), the ASINT (sports and entertainment association) and the BDA (the artistic and cultural office).

Events at IMT-BS

Associations meet the demands of the educational calendar and host themed evenings every month by contribute to make arrangements with the increased number of open stages, Festiv’art (Arts Week) and IMT’s Got Talent that discovers the school’s best performers. Orientation Weekend is held every year with most participated activities, consisting of activities such as bungee jumping, inflatable games, and water sports.

Get Ready to Travel

The BDE organizes international trip during the last weekend of the current semester for every academic year so that students discover new cultures.

IMT Business School Rankings

IMT Business School enters the top 100 world-wide ranking systems 2023. Along with this it proves its worth in the QS World University Rankings for Business Masters (2023) by ranking as one of the most reputed universities globally.

For higher education institutions IMT Mumbai Business School is honored to be included in the Top 100 Business schools list across the globe.

The QS Business Masters World University Rankings

A rigorous assessment of 178 notable institutions places IMT-BS at the 94th rank based on important criteria including:

  • Accreditation among academic institutions and employers
  • Professional placement of graduates
  • The program’s superiority and reviewed payback
  • Campus diversity
  • Outcomes and faculty impact on academic research and publications
  • National Standing

Additional to the worldwide reputation, the IMT-BS is placed within 27 universities nationwide and 17th in the overall ranking.

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