Grenoble Ecole de Management

Grenoble Ecole de Management

Grenoble Ecole de management(GEM) is an innovating school with the mission to direct students by providing solutions to the modern century problems through the Technological Management and Innovation. This institution aims to become one of the most innovative and prestigious business schools.

Founded Year: 1984
Institution Type: Public

12 Rue Pierre Semard, 38000 Grenoble, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose Grenoble Ecole de Management

Unwavering Commitments: GEM organization is dedicated to implement equality by providing training to everybody by taking precautionary measures along with conducting the decent moral education.

Innovative Approach: Grenoble Ecole de Management has lab in business social studies, research and Development (R&D) laboratory of business schools placed globally that includes education on automation and innovation by attaining sustainable development in the organization’s strategies.

Broad Network: With the existing French Silicon Valley the school offers a chance to connect with both tech and green solutions communities.

Immersive Learning Experience: It is a distinctive education offering the experiential learning serving students holistically.

Access to Exclusive Alumni Community: Alumni community imparts vast experience and offers opportunities to collaborate and support students in excelling in their career and progress.

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Grenoble Ecole de Management Accreditations

The high-rated business school supported by the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry features its reputation from the three internationally accredited certifications. GEM’s Triple Accreditation of Association to Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business, European Quality Improvement System, and Middle State Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), that includes:

  • EQUIS (European quality improvement system)
  • AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
  • AMBA (the Association of Master of Business Administration)

Local high-school and university students will be able to take advantage of our facilities, while external testers will be allowed to obtain information about our student performance and for what different reasons individual students obtain certificates. The third way is assessing the internal systems of an institution. It accomplishes this by offering evaluation of the school’s programs, degrees and various processes upon which it is based, thus ascertaining its compliance with the required and internationally acceptable standards of quality.

French Certification

In addition to the international recognition, Grenoble Ecole de Management also holds accreditations from French entities:

“[Qualiopi]” certification, that validates the quality of the already existing learning or skill development processes.

CEFDG (The Commission for the Evaluation of Management Course and Diplomas), speed up the development of specialized bachelors and masters programs in the area of European Higher Education.

“Datadock”, throws light on unrivalled database to discover the most credible educational institutions across the globe.

France skills, depending on the competence-based the school specifies its professions in accordance with social and economic necessities.

Association des ecoles de premier plan (AEGE) accreditation establishes and monitors the upholding of the AEGE philosophy.

“Welcome to France” Tagline,  France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Campus France logo, shows the schools commitment to help its international students.

Grenoble Ecole de Management Scholarships

The scholarship application at GEM highly encourages students to apply for those looking for extra financial help by providing comprehensive services for students

financial affairs while offering necessary information about financial aid options.

Grenoble Ecole de Management Placements

GEM welcomes the international students by processing educational terms to strive through the process to finish their courses and career orientation services through Career Center. This platform helps students with career planning, job application and interview preparation.

Personal and Professional Development

GEM offers consulting expertise for the personal as well as professional growth of its international students by arranging educational courses, workshops, and individual meetings regularly. This helps students to understand their capabilities and sustainability in the future.

Job Preparation and Search

The key role of GEM is to prepare application and provide online presence through recruitment process involving interviews and activities through practical workshops, mock interviews, and role-playing sessions.

The GEM helps its students to learn about practical job market aspects in the workplace through one-on-one counseling, panel discussions and testimonials from past students.

Networking Opportunities

The students are taught to be effective at networking by offering the chance to build a strong network in the professional field to integrate into the professional world.

Work-Study Programs

GEM brings training, work-study schemes and a possibility for an organization to fill-in the niche it needs to take more responsibility.

Student Services Offered by Grenoble Ecole de Management

GEM offers an easy-to-use integration for its international students into French university life with ample of services.

MIM, DEA, MSc, MBA, as well as exchange students enrolled in the programs of Grenoble and Paris offer valuable guidance on:

  • Organizing accommodation
  • Navigating bureaucratic procedures
  • Understanding transportation
  • Adjusting to daily repetition of French life
  • Accommodation Assistance with Studapart

With a range of housing options and services, GEM offers :

  • The reservation for the night or enhanced period.
  • Support with cancellations and accommodation requests.
  • Constant support during your stay
  • Assistance till the end of the visit
  • Resolution of accommodation-related issues

Pre-induction Orientation

GEM offers ISI Service to offer welcome session conducted for the September intake students on the fundamental procedures in French administration, socialize with fellow students, and uncover the new living environment.

Health and Inclusion

The values of GEM offer equal opportunities by providing health support and access to the Psychological support service that operates round the clock and cover medical concierge.

The Health & Inclusion department provides services like physical health, mental health, disability, or neuro diversity to help students to adapt to their personal changes in future workplaces.

Prevention of Gender-Based Violence

GEM eliminates gender-based violence by adopting a myriad of strategies that include agreements with the local government, team work with student’s organizations, and the development of a GBV Prevention Department.

Student Life at Grenoble Ecole de Management

GEM presents thrilling and buzzing student life, from the academic and sociality view.

Development of Character and Career Ability

The Associative Pathway enables M1 students to lead a project by explicitly contributing to their curriculum and providing practical chances.

Students can join associations and attend a training course for 15 days to understand the tactical skills of association management such as financial management, negotiation, and communication.

The Creation of a Living Dialysis

The Student Office (BDE) ensures that the students feel the college life and student associations by providing various exciting activities through the learning process.

GEM days, dance events (Colocathon), and Welcome reception are few of the events that BDE organizes to ensure the social integration for new students.

The Sports, Culture and Event Associations are also conducted by BDE ensuring to represent the students’ interests. This includes GEM sports events similar to the GEM Altigliss Challenge, which is the World Cup ski sport event, and the GEM Swimming Cups.

Students interested in the art forms like performance, visual arts and the culture of Aloha Zone provides a platform for students to explore the art and cultural events like E-sport events, Escape Games, and Murder Parties organized by Event Associations.

Networking Programs for Promotion at the Workplace

Students can pursue additional income through the entrepreneurial connections as well as with the consulting services.

Associations Making a Difference

GEM focuses on the Impactful Associations like Im Pact and Impasse la Solidarite to promote sustainable development solutions and raise awareness on social challenges.

Grenoble Ecole de Management Ranking

Renowned by globally credited journals and industry-focused publications, the Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) performs well in the academic rankings.

Research Rankings

According to the Shanghai ranking of business administration, GEM is globally placed between 101 and 150 followed by the 8 best in France. Additionally, it obtains 401-500th position in the global ratings.

Financial Times Rankings

A testament to GEM’s exceptional programs is evident from the Financial Times rankings:

International ranking GEM offers one of the top 8 MBA programs in France.

In the Pre-experience Master in Finance Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) GEM Masters degree ranks 19th.

The MIB program is ranked at the 1st place in French student choice for a Master of Science in Management.

GEM stands at the 33rd position of European Business School Index.

The school holds the 38th position for the Executive Education Programs ranked in Customized Programs as the Member of the GEM Board of Directors.

Ranked 74th in the Worldwide Executive MBA Ranking for the Part-time MBA offering flexibility and wide opportunities to its students.

QS Rankings

GEM’s holds its position in the global education sector:

MSc MIB is ranked at the 35th position in the world and 7th position in France Top 100 Master in Management Ranking.

The business school business school is ranked 50th in the world, 22th in Europe and 7th in France in ExecutiveSB Ranking.

The Grande Ecole MSc Marketing Management stands at the 25th place in the world and 8th in France in the Marketing Masters’ Ranking.

According to the “Master in Finance Ranking” the MSc Finance of GEM stands at the 64th position in the world and 9th in France.

French Rankings

The Grande Ecole Programme, Masters in Management (MET), ranks 10th by Le Figaro Etudiant .

The BIB program is ranked 3rd in the French Bachelor Ranking offering multicultural learning environment.

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