Emlyon Business School

Emlyon Business School

Emlyon Business School: An Educational Global Shield.

Founded in 1872, Emlyon Business School is uniquely and deeply-rooted in business with strong internationalist empathy, and continues to mould business leaders. Today, the school has 9,050 students from 125 different nationalities, reflecting its diversity.

Founded Year: 1872
Institution Type: Private

23 Av. Guy de Collongue, 69130 Écully, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Emlyon Business School

Embrace the Early Makers’ Model

Introducing unique teaching model known as ‘Early Makers’ ,Emlyon imparts academic knowledge with innovative approach encouraging the constant link between thoughts and action by following the straightforward principle – “Doing to learn, learning to do.”

Lifelong Impactful Learning

The school offers a perfect blend of individual and collective learning transforming into lifelong endeavor to shape the students to be responsible managers to tackle the contemporary challenges.

Benefit Corporation Status

Emlyon with its mission to serve the society identifies the core of the school to reflect its commitment to social and environmental responsibilities.

Emylon Business School offers a unique, forward-thinking learning experience rooted deeply into the global community to embrace the journey of becoming an early maker.

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Emlyon Business School Accreditations

Emlyon Business School – A Renowned Institution of Education with Accredited Programs

Praised internationally, Emlyon Business School has earned multiple accreditations

Unwavering Quality: EQUIS Accreditation

Since 1998, Emlyon Business School holds EQUIS accreditation which is European accreditation for business schools by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).

Ensuring Engagement, Innovation, and Impact: AACSB accreditation

Since 2005, Emlyon has been accreditated with AACSB that covers the whole-suite of functional areas guaranteeing the quality, brand community and cutting-edge technology.

Setting the Bar High: AMBA accreditation

Since 2000,Emlyon is accreditated with AMBA showing its programs applicability with world-class recognition, innovative outcomes and broad-minded lectures.

Exceptional Native Accreditations

Actually, accreditations that Emlyon Business School holds are reflection of its dedication to deliver first-class education which is internationally recognized and valued.

Emlyon Business School Scholarships

Emlyon Business School: A Portal to Scholarships and Grants

The school provides a diverse package of financial aid programs, scholarships is available for all students with the scholarships of Echelon 7 (totally free aid), who to enjoy their tuition without any payment at all.

Emlyon coaching plan is to support the deprived people to ensure justice, and fairness. The percentage of financial aid offered by Emlyon for its programs is as follows:

  • Echelon 0: 5%
  • Echelon 1: 10%
  • Echelon 2: 15%
  • Echelon 3: 20%
  • Echelon 4: 30%
  • Echelon 5: 50%
  • Echelon 6: 75%
  • Echelon 7: 100%

Additional Aid and Opportunities

Apart from the school’s scholarships, students can explore public aids and grants:

Individual Scholarships: The French government along with the French embassy or Service Francaise Culturelle of the student’s country offers this scholarship.

Campus France: It is a wider variety of scholarships specific to the country of residence of each student.

EIFFEL Scholarship: Organized by Emlyon for the students selected by the staff on the grounds of excellent performance and grades.

Post-Arrival Scholarships

Once students arrive in France they can avail of these additional Scholarships opportunities:

Mobility Scholarship from the Rhone-Alpes Region: Opportunities created through internships and exchange programs abroad between local and partner like universities.

Scholarships from the European Commission (ERASMUS+): This incentive is to French and International students studying at a European university through an exchange for some time.

Dupite le funds from Emlyon Business School Foundation, other scholarship eligibility is dependent on academic grades, the social and financial situations of the applicant.

Emylon Scholarships discuss student’s eligibility along with the program advisor.

Emlyon Business School Placements

Discovering Future Engineers through Efficient Hiring

The Career Center at EBSS builds relationships with students helping employers to select the right candidates for their requirements. Employers demonstrate their company culture, and provide information to find the best talents for their teams by conducting a series of meetings and recruitment events.

Recruiting Early Makers

Companies register at Emlyon’s digital platform Career Center (Serving as a linker) to post their job offers and provide online information to the students.

The Emlyon Career Center: A Dedication to Global Competencies and Labor Advancement

The Career Center focuses on three objectives: engaging the students to find jobs permanently, linking them with job seekers, and using specialists in employment issues.

Internship and Part-Time Programs

Emlyon offers various innovation training programs that integrate academic classes and practical learning.

Recruitment of Just-Graduates People as well as Experienced Profiles Professionals

Emylon Business School guarantees high-quality students emphasizing on “doing while learning” teaching method, bringing up industry-ready professionals who have intercultural and entrepreneurial experience.

Student Services Offered by Emlyon Business School

Unmatched Student Support Services

Emlyon student services include accommodation, trips, financial backing, visas, health insurance, counseling, and guiding students from first arrival until the last departure.

Additionally, Emylon works with local unions to offer housing solutions to the students within and outside the campus to provide financial aid through student housing facilities.

Health Insurance and Visa Manual

Furthermore, the university ensures built-in health insurance is included in the tuition fee covering the duration of the campus stay and travel associated with the students. Emylon grants the process of visa application where all the official papers are visa works are done.

Student Life at Emlyon Business School

Embracing Student Life at Emlyon Business School

Student services offered at Emylon Business School are innovative and supportive to diverse students promoting safety with personal, and professional growth.

Active Association Involvement

Emlyon plays high importance in association with over 45 associations to undertake impactful projects from tech and music to entrepreneurship and geopolitics.

Disability Support Initiative

Emylon provides personalized guidance and support to the disabled students by offering tailored teaching along with administrative procedures demonstrating foster inclusion and equal access.

Security Measures and Safety Training

Emylon offers a variety of safety and security training ensuring comprehensive security, and safety audits ensuring a safe and secure campus.

Fighting Discrimination and Violence

Emylon pledges for the comprehensive training modules and campaigns allowing easy and secure awareness among students and staff to combat discrimination and sexual and sexist violence.

Enjoying Student Life at Emlyon Business School: A Comprehensive Guide

Emlyon Business School provides a vibrant international student environment where students excel academically and are awarded the prestigious “Welcome to France” label by Campus.

The expanded downtown Lyon College campus

Emlyon campus presents a brand-new state-of-the-art urban campus offering hybrid environment advanced tools, cutting-edge lesson plans, a library, and a maker’s lab.

In sync with sports and events, Emlyon looks for trends to innovate and work to improve the well-being of the community. The Sports Center has more than 50 sports clubs playing at the University leagues.

Makers’ Lab at Emlyson provides access to 3D printers, laser cutters, and vinyl printers along with the curriculum with an opportunity to learn organized new skills.

Lastly, EBS is a seductive, comfy, and nurturing place to study academically but also have an active social life as well.

Emlyon Business School Rankings

Emlyon Business School: An ideal choice for business education

Noticing the quality and success rates of research work, student satisfaction and employment opportunities, Emylon Business School ranked top both nationally and internationally

Global Recognition

Since 2019, the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities has ranked Emlyon as the 2nd business school in Management.

In the list of top 45 founder’s list, the school features in The Times Higher Education Employability survey show casing the graduates in the global market.

Affirmation on Home Turf

  • According to the Global Employability University Ranking & Survey 2024, Emlyon ranks as the 2nd Business School globally.
  • Emlyon ranked 1st ecological transition through Le Point.

Academic Excellence Across Programs

Emlyon’s range of programs has achieved wide-reaching acclaim:

Master in Management

  • According to the Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking for 2023, Emlyon ranks 4th in France and 7th
  • The QS World University Ranking 2023 ranks it at the 4th position in the Master in Management in France.


  • The Financial Times ranked Emlyon at 4th position in France for their International MBA and at 14th position in Europe in 2024.
  • The Emylon business program ranks 4th in France and 36th globally, as reported in QS Executive MBA Rankings, 2023.

MSc – Master in Science

Out of 206 schools, Emylon’s MSc in Franks ranks 17th by QS Business Master’s Rankings 2024.

Other than that, Emylon ranks within the four best programs in France in the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science and the MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management

The Global Employability University Ranking 2023 rates Emlyon with full marks for its strategic orientations offering skills development, specialization, professional, etc.

Hence, Emlyon Business School is shaping the future business and technology leaders through the journey of its excellence.

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