Ecole centrale de Lille

Ecole Centrale de Lille

Ecole Centrale de Lille is a highly reputed training and research institution in the field of engineering, providing students the arsenal of fundamental abilities required for the practical application.

Founded Year: 1854
Institution Type: Public

Cité Scientifique, 59650 Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Ecole Centrale de Lille

Broad Range of Courses

Centrale Lille comprises four internal schools to cater unique learning requirements:

  • Ecole Centrale de Lille (ECM) (ECM) General Engineering School
  • ITEEM (Engineering-Manager-Entrepreneur School)
  • IG2I (Information Systems and Innovative Industrial Systems Engineering College)
  • ENSCL (Chemical Engineering School)

Presently the school offers 17 programs for masters degrees out of which seven are taught in English and have the doctoral full program.

Building Skills & Fostering Talent

Centrale Lille enables each student to effectively grasp and deploy the skills and the potentials to promote their talent within student and staff. These four schools are established with the purpose of providing students opportunity to create a conservation-oriented career targeting their long-term professional goals.

Meeting Business Needs

Centrale Lille takes care of the entrepreneur’s requirements by providing specialized training to efficiently operate in an ever-changing environment.

Innovation & Research

Fostering the creativity by offering doctoral certificates and training programs to implement new projects into the curriculum by enriching scientific knowledge and promote technological innovation inside companies.


The Ecole Centrale de Lille paves its way for higher education and research to frequently evolving scientific and socio cultural problems. Its main objective is to educate multi-disciplinary professionals by using innovation.

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Ecole Centrale de Lille Accreditations

Accreditation of Ecole Centrale de Lille by CTI certifies that education delivered by Ecole Centrale de Lille

is of excellent quality allowing it to grant four master degrees in engineering demonstrating its academic excellence in the field of engineering.

Ecole Centrale de Lille Rankings

Ecole Centrale de Lille proves itself among the top academic institutions with the newest rankings published by l’Usine Nouvelle Magazine for 2024.

The school has achieved the 6th position in the general results of the school ranking.

Ranked No.1 for its teamwork and commitment, confirms the school’s dedication towards management and training of professionals as well as active participation in global scholarship.

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