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IMT Nord has a strong ambition in shaping the future of engineering, by bringing innovation, expertise, and modernism together. This public engineering college prepares the students for tomorrow and prepares them for the challenging market with the highest dynamics in the world.

Founded Year: 2017
Institution Type: Public

941 Rue Charles Bourseul, 59500 Douai, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose IMT Nord

A Futuristic Approach: ”I’M Tomorrow”

The philosophy of IMT Nord Europe “I’M Tomorrow” combines high ambitions of IMT Nordeurope. The organization thrives to impart relevant skills and equip the students to deal with economic, ecological and technological struggles.

A Comprehensive Strategy

IMT Nord strategy with five key pillars:

  • The exceptional brand for IMT Nord accelerates the vision and mission of the proposed school.
  • Excellence in research.
  • Internationally competitive and industrialized pinnacle with the distinguished and elite training.
  • Plays a key role in serving companies and territories.
  • Leader in the digitized engineering school in the region.

Future Engineer Builders

With the flexibility in its teaching methods, IMT Nord takes into account the dynamic external business world based on scientific studies, innovative approaches in pedagogies. This provides an attention between business community and academia obtaining top-level positions in the future society.

An International Graduate School

In partnership with over 100 institutions IMT Nord reaches out across the globe. The college participates in the Erasmus + program providing the solid proof of encouragement. The school provides its students easy ways to study abroad exposed to cultural diversity and multilingualism as well.

Member of the Institute Mining-Telecommunication Systems

IMT Nord is a part of Group Institutes Mines-Telecom is the leading France’s group of schools for engineer and business management. The Institut Mines Telcom network power develops partnerships with private sector, nation and territories, encouraging science and technology, and supporting progress in entrepreneurship.

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IMT Nord Accreditations

I-SITE Lille North Europe

IMT Nord initiates the I-SITE Lille Nord Europe University project aspiring to be amongst the top upper-ranked European universities. This university is structured around three core research themes: Health, Planet, and the Digital World are the Keywords.

CGE (Conference des Grandes Ecoles)

The CGE (De Gru – a national association providing representation, research, and accreditation) holds IMT Nord Europe among its 250 members

French Engineering Education Conference (CDEFI)

CDEFI (Conseil de Diplome d’Etudes des Ingenieurs(CDEI)) accreditation body operating in the framework of the quality assurance and accreditation system titled “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur” (CTI).

IMT Nord evaluated by CTI, an independent organization to make education process more qualitative and stress-free for future engineers.

EUR-ACE and DATADOCK Accreditation

IMT Nord possesses the official ACE label, upholds the criteria of quality of DATADOCK, a fantastic and a unique database to support vocational training.

IMT Nord Scholarships

The ERASMUS+ Project

IMT Nord in cooperation with Institut Mines Telecom, Vietnam, and Indonesia through the ERASMUS+ project provides the best educational lectures to explore and enjoy the rich culture.

EIFFEL Excellence Scholarship

Students with valid IELTS or TOEFL scores seeking Engineering study (Masters level) or a doctoral degree at IMT Nord can avail EIFFEL Excellence Scholarships.

Other Scholarships

There are other scholarships available depending on the student profile granted by states, local authorities, private enterprises, intervening and community foundations.

IMT Nord Placements

As a globally renowned institution, IMT Nord presents internship opportunities for international engineering degree or specialized master program.

An Overview of Internships

Theses internships consists of two months of compulsory sessions. Here are the programs presented:

L1: Company Insight – It provides internship for 7weeks starting from the mid-February to the mid-April, where students can master the company’s organization.

L2: Tech and Culture – Technical Initiation and Socialization. Students are trained for 8-12 weeks duration starting end of May to the middle of July with a multi-faceted operational group and introduce them to elementary technical work.

L3: Studying the Technical Space or the Corporate World – This is a 12 to 16 weeks program from mid-May to acquire either business context or develop technical skills in the in the area of focus.

M1: The Engineer Job-  This is 16 to 20 week term starting from mid-April consists of co-managing the projects, improving activity key performance indicators (KPIs), and building organizational systems, to help students to get ready to work with new processes.

M2: The “Final Year” Initiative – Students spend 24 weeks from early March till graduate with the skill of project drive to understand the decision making process.

Sub Professor, Master – The Final-Year Project. This internship that takes place over 24 weeks in the early March that includes industry problem-solving experience, affirming that the student is professional.

Student Services Offered by IMT Nord

The IMT Nord Europe aims to offer a strong and welcoming atmosphere dedicating 1,000 residential facilities spread across campus areas to guarantee every student get comfortable residence.


Core campus, the student house or the ‘Maison des etudiants’ is the minimal landscaped living residential complex. A central hub for student activities, accommodating 596 students across three residences: LAVOISIER, DESCARTES, and CONDORCET.

With different housing opportunities starting from “co-shower” rooms from studios to fully furnished. The rent varies based on the social housing allowance along with the amenities like garage parking, bike parking, washing machines for self-service, and others.

Visale Device

The Visale Housing Action offers the Crous-Lokaviz Student Rental Deposit system to help the landlords to be stress-free about collecting the rents. This service acts as a guarantor at the time of the rental contract and the lease.

Catering Services

IMT Nord guarantees the student’s welfare with the quality and convenient dining facilities both the campuses. The dining room offers the students on-site cooked meals with a vegetarian option.

Student Life at IMT Nord

IMT Nord gives engineering students a complete educational package of courses offering the comfortable accommodation choices as well as a lot of extracurricular activities.

A Comfortable Far-from-Home Haven

In the heart of IMT Nord Europe’s campuses, students have access to:

  • Over 1,000 outdoor facilities, both campuses wide along with the free deposit service at Lille campus via the Visale system a guarantee of students’ financial stability.
  • Comfortable living facilities at the student residence on the Douai campus – Lavoisier, Descartes, and Condorce offering rooms as well as studios.

Nutritious and Delicious Catering

Students need not worry about their meals as IMT Nord Europe offers:

  • Student restaurant service at Residence Lavoisier on the Douai
  • Shared outfitted kitchens
  • The Gary student can eat in the Cafe and at the canteen

Four student offices ensures the active and vibrant student life with the actions and events and also looks for students’ physical well-being by offering:

  • Compulsory half-day per week exercising.
  • Lille and Douai campuses host more than 50 sports.

Acquisition of Pertinent Info Aside School Sessions

IMT Nord fosters students’ academic growth with:

  • Library with a high-tech and newly designed setup.
  • Sound streets for creative exhibitions, events and installations.

IMT Nord Rankings

IMT Nord is a well acknowledged organization with overall world ranking of 1001 in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education.

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