ESSCA School of Management

ESSCA School of Management

ESSCA School of Management is one of the major international orientations with more than 7,000 students from all the nationalities. The educational institutions and the dynamic place hosts around 16,000 students virtually all over the world.

Founded Year: 1909
Institution Type: Private

1 Rue Joseph Lakanal, 49000 Angers, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why Choose ESSCA School of Management

ESSCA offers intercultural communication, global leadership, and citizenship through many opportunities starting from the admission process to the on-campus support.

The student Orientation program is held as the ESSCA’s welcoming season serving as a tool in socializing with other students. In addition, ESSCA provides the personal and academic support to achieve the comfort aiming at stimulating students to the maximum level of faith and self-confidence.

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ESSCA School of Management Accreditations

Trinity Attributed Accreditations

ESSCA School of Management is among the best management and business schools across the globe. Its eminence and quality are proven by the accreditations it holds from the top 3 institutions globally.

AACSB Accreditation:  ESSCA received the international recognition when it was first accredited by AACSB International in May 2014 (an elite recognition given to the top 5% of business schools worldwide). This shows the focus of ESSCA being best and never-ending extraordinary pursuit.

AMBA Recognition: It is an outstanding Management Institute of Education referring to the Association of MBAs with a quality assessment authority in the management education. In fact, the AMBA plays a key role in ensuring the two forms of training of the Grande Ecole program both in the part-time and full-time curriculum, consequently, enhancing the program’s high academic level.

EQUIS Accreditation: It is a Quality and International Standards Production reward that ESSCA has received from EFMD.

This holds ESSCA as the first European institution acknowledging the highlights on the innovative realms, especially in the curriculum and teaching methods.

The recognition by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS determines the commitment of ESSCA School of Management to provide the best possible education for its students (the future global business leaders).

ESSCA School of Management Scholarships

An Opportunity for Supremacy

The main priority of ESSCA’s Scholarship is to help the deserving students who are not capable of meeting their financial status.

ESSCA’s Early Bird Offer

Advance payments of application fees entitle students to 15% discount on tuition fees as an early bird discount.

ESSCA also offers two types of scholarships for international students:

Excellence Scholarships

The scholarship gives 10% to 25% discount for first-year tuition fee of a student having good academic history, participate in volunteering of projects, serving the community and has international exposure.

High Potential Scholarship

Students holding academic excellence, outstanding leadership quality and shows significant effort are given up to 80% off on the first-year tuition fees. But that can be claimed by the international undergraduate student who is accepted to one of the graduate programs or a Bachelor’s degree of the School.

Supplementary Funding Options

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs supports the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program to attract top students from overseas to form young leaders.

ESSCA provides non-refundable funds by Governments, Public institutions of private entities for students from other countries of France. The information is available in their home country, at the Camus Francia office.

ESSCA School of Management Placements

Ensuring successful student placements, ESSCA offers necessary training to inculcate professional skills. This holds them as a trustworthy alliance between students and companies to start future work. Besides building corporate leaders, ESSCA builds local and international internship programs as well.

Student Exposure

Starting from the first year, ESSCA boasts its students to experience company life to attract students and companies while providing the space to network beyond different cultures.

Diverse Internship Opportunities

Focusing on internship programs, ESSCA offers different options from introductory to managerial roles.

First year – Introduction to the Corporate: Students can participate in the company activities for the period of two months i.e. from May to September.

Second year – Sales Roles Internship: Students get a chance to acquire sales functions and knowledge which is for two-month.

Third year Assignment – Carried out Abroad: It is a four months long internship evaluating the international semester validation.

Master 1 Program – It is an intensive internship for minimum of three months covering the student’s career path.

Master 2 “Junior Manager” Internship – This internship boosts the professional career towards success with at least three months internship to experience the industry work.

International Volunteer Work Recognition

Acknowledging the student’s work, ESSCA sends them to participate in the transnational volunteer to get experience in the private sector, government, and in individual citizen’s work.

ESSCA Career Center assists student with their first job transformations providing a wide set of services like career advice, job details, and partnerships with the marketplace in the first jobs.

Professional Integration Observatory

With the annual survey, ESSCA targets its graduates to continue part-time work after their studies to secure their first job after the graduation.

Student Services Offered by ESSCA School of Management

For many decades, ESSCA School of Management supported the strong student services through its unique collaborations and programs.

Hassle-Free Housing and Accommodation

ESSCA in collaboration with Studapart offers private accommodations for the students near the campus and anywhere in France. This covers studios, shared flats, and rooms in private dwellings for which students need to submit their ID and admission proof on the Studapart platform to get guarantor living in France.

Students can also benefit from:

  • Special promotions for ESSCA students
  • The verified advertisements and safe payments
  • Online-operated rental files

Landlords Trusting Studapart

Landlords post the details of their property and rent for the accommodation of the ESSCA students on the special platform to get benefits of free insurance.

Personalized Tuition Fees and Funding Packages

According to the financial background, ESSCA fluctuate the fees structure of the student.

ESSCA plays the major role in providing the complete assistance to guide students through their educational life.

Student Life at ESSCA School of Management

ESSCA School of Management student life hosts the developing holistic values along with academic excellence and social actions.

Association Life

Concentrating on the students association, ESSCA offers a unique chance to define the goals and to show off their worthy at the special set of student life.

Among all relative programs, the student life association has the relevant importance to the volunteer by taking initiative in the work contributing to the civil and community members of the society.

Moreover to give importance to the internal democracy, many events and active speech culture are organized at ESSCA to ensure that everybody has his/her voice.

ESSCA School of Management Rankings

Quality is at the highest level and is evident by ESSCA’s 74th top position inthe latest version of Financial Times of the Master of Management. This confirms that ESSCA holds its effectiveness led by the successful strategies and range of programs.

ESSCA provided 209 programs among 2,366 programs worldwide contributing 17% to the heterogeneity of universities.

General Masters of Management ranks ESSCA at 6th and 53rd and 47th among the best schools of management.

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