Université de Caen Normandie

Université de Caen Normandie

Universite de Caen Normandie is one of the top universities in France in terms of teaching and research, providing a rich academic environment with over 33,000 students and more than 1,000 lecturers and teachers in the campuses of Caen and Calvados.

Founded Year: 1432
Institution Type: Public

Esp. de la Paix, 14000 Caen, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why Choose Universite de Caen Normandie

Transforming Lives Through Education

The Universite de Caen Normandie invests in students with an enhanced and diversified learning environment, and user-friendly services, infrastructures, and technologies to facilitate the international audiences. Dedicated support center commonly known as the Study Publication and Information center (SPI) addresses the journey of each student to complete their studies.

Access to Diverse Activities

Normandy region privileges its students to extend to extra activities for developing their wide spectrum of cultural and sports activities and closeness to the United Kingdom.

Regional Commitment and Scientific ACE Excellence

Playing a vital role in the growth of higher education and research in Normandy, Universite de Caen Normandie offers relationships with local socio-economic partners and offer well-known facilities such as CYCERON, GANIL, CHU, ENSICAEN, and other institutions.

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Universite de Caen Normandie Accreditations

The University takes accreditation seriously and accredits both professional and academic achievements, including:

  • Certification for promotion to academic education
  • Validation of occupational achievements (VOC).
  • Validation of Studies (VE).

Universite de Caen Normandie Scholarships

Eiffel Scholarship Winners

Selected by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Universite de Rouen in cooperation with the University of Caen Normandie had been honored with five Eiffel Scholars in 2024.

Besides the Eiffel Scholarships, the Universite de Caen Normandie has found long-term flexible training programs to satisfy bi-annual qualifying courses, the range of degrees offered prove the flexibility and openness of the university. These options facilitate both French language and French civilization programs flexible to suit each group of scholars.

Universite de Caen Normandie Placements

Working during Studies

Universite de Caen Normandie ensures international and local students with an option to work part-time while studying:

The students of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are allowed to work for 964 hours annually without any need for an employment permit in Ireland.

The remaining foreigners, who are the non EEA students, hold student long stay visa or student residence, permitting to work up to 964 hours per year.

The Algerian students work up to 50 percent of the annual working time in their respective jobs anywhere in the world with the provided Algerian residence certificate.

Job Search and Preparation

Most employers in France follow the French employment trends to produce Curriculum Vitae and Cover letters according to the French standards for job interviews. This also helps them to perform well in the interviews. Many job vacancies are offered to students as per the university calendar posted on the UNICAEN Career platform, poleemploi.com and many others.

Wages and Essential Documents

A document signed by the employer contains the information about employment and other privileges offered to the employee by the employer/company.

Internship Opportunities

At Universite de Caen Normandie, a lot of course work is offered that contains internships to the students offering practical experiences in their respective fields.

Post-study Work Opportunities

The legal rights of international students employment depends on their status of residence without any time limit for the work or to search for the employment. Non-European student need to enter the UK as employee or a worker after they get an offer of employment or a guarantee of employment within two months upon expiration of their residence permit.

Student Services Offered by Universite de Caen Normandie

Accommodation Services

Universite de Caen Normandie is vibrant and understand the level of difficulty students both Local and International students to search for quality accommodation. In partnership with CROUS and STUDAPART, Universite de Cane Normandie facilitates process and provide convenient housing for its students to live and study.

  • CROUS: Crous Normandie in partnership with the university provides shelter services to students from different campuses with various accommodation types.
  • STUDAPART: With thousands of contracts signed with Studapart, Universite de Caen Normandie offers hundreds of approved accommodation close to the campus. This can be done through online rental formalities and can speak to the operators in various languages.
  • Remote Campuses: A vast list of off-campus accommodations are available where few of them are recognized by CROUS.

Unique Accommodation Solutions

The administration recommends the shared accommodation with the elderly in the buildings provided by the Association LIEN for the students who search for the cheap accommodation. These way students can learn to bring down the living expenses and develop a culture to take care of elderly citizens.

Temporary Housing

There are some of the platforms that offers short term rental including- Booking and Hotels.

Financial Assistance for Students

Students can apply for financial help such as the CAF housing financial aid to pay less monthly rent and additionally, rental guarantees and private guarantee companies welcome each student covering complete accommodation expenses.

Mandatory Insurances

Every student needs to follow the housing insurance and third-party liability coverage guaranteeing their stay and prevent any fire outbreak, water damage or robbery incidents. Also, it protects or reimburses for physical or psychological harm imposed on the third party.

Health Services

Universite de Caen Normandie shows its importance towards healthy students by offering various health services:

  • Securite sociale – CPAM: To implement national health insurance plan with the partial or full reimbursement of medicine cost, the Universite de Caen Normandie calls for the implementation of a national health insurance.
  • European Health Insurance Card: To avail the national health insurance plan where european students can request to seek this plan in their home country.
  • Complementary Health Insurances: Students need to pay premiums for a health insurance plan freely in addition to the expenditure not supplemented by the French national health care.
  • University Medical Center: This centre offers free students medical, psychological, and social help in the university.
  • Emergency Health Services: In case of serious injuries students can seek medical attention in the nearest emergency department or can dial 112.
  • Support for Students with Disabilities: A student with health problems are supported and assisted by the relais Handicap Sante of the Universite de Lyon.

Staying Connected: Telephony

International students can communicate with their relatives and friends considering connectivity.

Internet Connectivity

Universite de Caen Normandie has an Eduroam Wi-Fi network accessible at Unica and having its access points in various locations on all campuses. To benefit from this service the university provides the UNICAEN Digital Identity Account for its students during the administrative registration.

On-Campus Computer Access

Accueil et accompagnement des publics internationaux (AAPI) offers computers to the international students for self-service and use their devices digital account credentials.

At Home Internet Access

Internet connection is available in most university residences through different providers like Orange, Bouygues, Free, or even SFR.

Student Life at Universite de Caen Normandie

Understanding Finances

University Registration Fees: These fees differ from course to course depending on the form of course selected by the students.

Annual SUAPS Subscription: Students need to pay €30 to attend any kind of sporting activity.

Opening a Bank Account

Students need to open a French bank account to attach their paper with the passport/identification card, valid visa/residence permission, proof of residence, and a certificate from school that they have attended.

This also includes reopening of a French account to enables facilities like housing subsidies, scholarship payments as well as other services. Currently online bank services are also available like Revolut, Wise, and Bunq which supports French RIB/IBAN for international students.

IZLY Account

IZLY account offers a convenient paying method on campus that is ideal for service-related sites such as a university restaurant, self-service laundry, printing services, and many others. If the student runs out of the credit, then he/she can recharge by inputting his/her credit card details to recharge the account or through bank transfers using a French bank account.

Navigating Food and Dining

Universite de Caen Normandie follows traditional French timings for offering meals with breakfasts at around 8 am, lunch time between 12pm and 2 pm and evening meals between 7pm – 9pm. Fast food , vegetarian arrangements, pork-free and halal menus are also available based on the specific diets of each student.

Additionally stores such as AGORAe and EPI ETU are social and solidarity stores that sells items such as clothes at cheap rates to the needy students.

Local Transportation

The public transport are also available that includes – buses, trams, and bicycles. City bus networks are also available for students who are in Cherbourg and Allencon communities, where as N entity SUAPS for the sports students within and out, of the campus.

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