ESIEE Paris is an exemplary figure in Engineering and the Application of Technological Advancements with a rich history from 1904. The school is known for developing skilled students with the creative and innovative approaches while nurturing entrepreneurship.

Founded Year: 1904
Institution Type: Private

Cité Descartes, 2 Bd Blaise Pascal, 93160 Noisy-le-Grand, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose ESIEE Paris

Strong Industry Ties: ESIEE Paris is a higher education institution within CCI Paris Ile-de-France that offers the strong links with innovative companies recruiting their graduates.

ESIEE Paris provides international exposure to its students and faculty by collaborating with the prestigious university, research centers and various engineering schools.

Comprehensive Training: ESIEE Paris offers diversified training options with multiple programs specialized in Computer Science, AI, Energy transfer, web practice, and Digital health.

Unprecedented Merger: ESIEE school offers engineering apprenticeship education to providing stronger and influential school for international students.

Research and its Development: ESIEE Paris is committed to research and innovation while focusing on – sustainability, welfare programs, culture and community, and intellectual life. These are backed by the advanced technology platforms virtual reality and digital communications embedded systems, and analytics databases.

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ESIEE Paris Accreditations

ESIEE Paris is honored with number of prestigious certificates for their degree programs by providing its quality assurance education in various national and international levels.

ESIEE Paris is accredited by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research and the Commission des Titres d’Ingenieur (CTI) offering a Master’s program in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber security.

Master of Science in the Information Systems Management – Technology of ESIEE Paros is accredited by the “Conference des Grandes Ecoles” (CGE) for its proficiency and professionalism in the era of rapid technological changes, encompassing innovations, products or services.

ESIEE Paris Scholarships

Erasmus+ program

The ERASMUS+ scheme is the platform to offer European universities along with ESIEE Paris’s curriculum to provide scholarship for Erasmus students.

ESIEE Paris International Scholarship Offer

ESIEE Paris International Mobility Grant is the scholarship offering 3rd-year students from ESIEE Paris covering a substantial part of the financial burden.

ESIEE Paris Placements

Worldwide Internship Opportunities

ESIEE Paris organizes engineering internships to the best students in Europe and around the world.

An internship of a three-month is offered during the first and second years (3-month terms) with an opportunity to showcase the business reality.

The six-month internship is offered by the end of the 3rd year on the account of the broader experience and deeper learning sense.

Taking part in Foreign Volunteer Programs (I.V.E)

Students participate in the International Voluntary Work Placement for 6 months to 2 years to provide an opportunity with the end-of-studies internship.

Making an International Gap Year Appealing

Students of ESIEE Paris are privileged to take a break for a year abroad before their 2nd year or between the 2nd and 3rd year of the engineering course.

Student Services Offered by ESIEE Paris

Health Support

Being a part of the Universite Gustave Eiffel, students of the ESIEE Paris can benefit from both the universities availing annual health examinations, vaccinations and some of the preventive measures.

Besides free psychological services, students can join stress management workshops and individual psychology appointments.

Fostering Equality and Non-Discrimination

Following the University’s Equality Mission, ESIEE Paris does not tolerate any sexist, discriminatory, or sexual violence and promote gender equality and respect towards everyone.

Accommodation Services

ESIEE Paris is concerned with accommodation for its students near the school’s campus by offering student residences within the building – Ampere and Arago. Additionally, dorms and lodgings are also available inside the campus.

Service for Students with Disabilities

ESIEE operates in co-ordination with Commission Handicap while providing L’Assist’Etud service for counseling and advice its students with special needs.

Student Life at ESIEE Paris

Co-curricular Engagement

ESIEE offers special attention to its students by ensuring different activities to develop organizational behavior, entrepreneurial skills, and intercultural relations.


Setting Up Learning Places and Spaces to Relax for Students

The campus of ESIEE Paris offers Perrault and Copernic to fulfill the needs of its students that involves:

  • The bar-code scanner for smooth purchase and cozy sitting area with the open terrace for relaxing
  • Clubrooms and association areas
  • A huge garden for relaxing
  • A gym, a dojo and a sports room together with the weights room.

A Well-Equipped library

Library with a huge space provides an excellent way to communicate and learn.

The BDE of Paris ESIEE grants guidance and support to four associations with the wide range of cultural and sports fields, taken by humanitarian and science departments.

Multiple Food choices

The University Restaurant: A vegetarian restaurant.

Corner-Coffee: All-in-one coffee house, featuring hot and cold brews, pastries, sandwiches, and delicious American-style baked foods.

ESIEE Express Self-Serve Canteen: Provides a variety of meals such as sandwiches, pastas, salads, and desserts.

ESIEE Paris Rankings

L’Etudiant 2024 Ranking

  • ESIEE ranked 2nd in post-baccalaureate school.
  • The school ranked as 18th in 170 schools by scoring higher than 91%.

Eduniversal 2024 Ranking

Ranks ESIEE as the 6th highest in post-bac general engineering

Happy At School Ranking 2022

ESIESS ranked as 13th best engineering college among 200 schools in France and 6th among the schools for the best experience for women students.

L’Usine Nouvelle 2023 ranked the school at 25th position among 128 schools.

Le Figaro 2024, ranked ESIEE as the 5th best in IT engineering institute.

Global Recognition

CWUR Ranking 2023, Shangai ranking ranks the school subject wisely.

U-Multirank 2022 ranking ranked the school at the 19th position in France for engineering and tops as 25th collaborating university.

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