ESME Sudria School of Engineering

ESME Sudria School of Engineering

Established in 1905, ESME Sudria School of Engineering is a leading institution in the field of engineering. It offers multidisciplinary approach dealing with the technological challenges of the new-age technology sectors. Besides this, school also provides the conventional engineering disciplines in energy transition, transport and mobility, robotics, biotechnology and health, smart cities, and AI & Cyber security training.

Founded Year: 1905
Institution Type: Private

38 Rue Molière, 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose ESME Sudria School of Engineering

International Exposure

The school is globalized with a study-abroad semester for all its students offering an “international section” program taught in English.  The school has established strong connections with more than 65 international educational institutions to improve its international mobility of its staff and the students.

Student-Centered Approach

The school stresses on the welfare of the students by offering high-standard support like international office, partnerships with the accommodation, the cultural activities, the orientation programs, and the language classes.

ESME Sudria School of Engineering strives to overcome the technological problems to bring the leaders and shapers of the future technology. With the expert knowledge, international exposure, and all-rounded support, students can start their engineering career successfully.

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ESME Sudria School of Engineering Accreditations

The school’s accreditations are the proof of the institution’s commitment and its competitive advantage in the world of engineering education.

Accredited Engineering Degree

The Engineering Degree of the school is accredited from the French National Engineering Commission (CTI) confirming its high quality standard education.

Student Services Offered by ESME Sudria School of Engineering

Partnered Accommodation Agencies

ESME Sudria work with the reliable service providers who are specialized in connecting the students to the safe, cheaper, student residences or apartments situated in Paris nearby the campuses. Students receive special discounts and preferential prices from these partnered agencies.


A program tailored to the needs of international students, Erasmus Play is a platform is developed by the students. It has a collection of more than 250,000 houses in all European cities, including Paris that includes studio, a student room or an apartment.


Additionally, ESME in collaboration with Studapart concentrates on the search engines guaranteeing the booking of the accommodation.

Health Insurance Guidance

ESME Sudria offers the help in acquiring the European Health Insurance Cards for EU citizens.

This process of registering the French universal healthcare system is free and is done online after obtaining the visa and the registration to the higher education institution.

Student Life at ESME Sudria School of Engineering

ESME Sudria School of Engineering is famous for its vast diversity, vibrant, and well-rounded environment.

Mosaic of Student Associations

ESME has a dynamic and colorful of student associations to create and maintain a good and complete student life. The clubs are diverse that includes sports, humanitarian enterprises, leisure activities, robotics, business and many more. These platforms offer the student of ESME school to develop their leadership skills, and creativity, serving the strong personal and professional growth.

Warm Welcome to the ESME parents and kids

Each semester begins with a Welcome Day to help students to know how the ESME’s engineering school structure is organized and steps towards the successful educational career.

Mentoring for International Students

The International Office of ESME offers a smooth transition from the old school to the new one in coordination with the project manager for international students.

Learning the Language

Moreover, ESME allows its international students to know the French culture through the language taught by professional instructors. Each class is designed to match every student’s level and the European Common Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Cultural Extravaganza

Besides academic life, ESME offers a wide variety of cultural and social activities that are organized throughout the year.

ESME Sudria School of Engineering Rankings

With its outstanding performance in the engineering education, ESME Sudria School of Engineering stands with the highest ranking.

Exceptional Overall Ranking

According to the Usine Nouvelle’s impartial analysis, ESIME has scored the 11th position among 131 top engineering schools across the country.

Recognition in Professional Insertion

ESME ranks 2nd place in France in the professional transition aiming at the school’s goals and mission in assisting students.

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