Université Angers

Université Angers

Universite Angers is one of the few best French universities guides its students throughout the entire learning process and helps to achieve their professional objectives. Educational approach offers 400 diploma courses with around 50 work-based learning programs. Integrating modern teaching techniques, with corporate tie Universite Angers embodies an academic brilliance.

Founded Year: 1937
Institution Type: Public

40 Rue de Rennes, 49100 Angers, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose Universite Angers

Focusing on building the congenial atmosphere, Universite Angers focuses on international features along with partners abroad and offers many international double degree programs.

Comprehensive Support Facilities

Angers accommodates the student needs and strengthens the student support by providing multiple facilities for the student development. The InfoCampus desk is used by students for networking provided by Ip’Oline to allow interaction with other students, alumni, teachers, and businesses.

A Commitment to Internationalization

With the context of internationalization and strategic priority Universite Angers aims at quality, visibility and attractiveness of the teaching/learning and research initiatives.

This international strategy includes:

  • Development of inter-university cooperation.
  • Increasingly integrating programs in English for the exchange students within and outside Universite Angers.

The Universite Angers has received the HR4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) recognition on December 2020 that highlights the effort that a university puts in utilizing its staff, researchers, and research associates in the best way.

Universite Angers has raised high towards attaining the principle and values seeking to achieve better results. While committing and signing of the Charter for Researchers of the European Union and Code of Conduct for Recruiting of Researchers Universite Angers affirms to fostering research environments.

The university has strong ethical norms and demands professional activity for free speech, academic freedom, equality, non discrimination and the rights of innovators to protect intellectual property rights.

University’s commitment towards ensuring the best environment to its workers is challenging still holds the strong values related to staff equality and practice of non-discrimination among employees.

The university is a centre of learning that understands the importance of staff training for increased research and agile concept to enable the university to develop market requirements and demands for certain skills and experience to its students.

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Universite Angers Scholarships

The Universite Angers does not provide a scholarship.

Universite Angers Placements

With the rich historical and cultural background in companionship of international exposure for its students, Universite Angers continues offers academic excellence throughout the learning years.

Valuable International Exposure

At Universite Angers, students can acquire the international experience learning purposed or business internships every year. This experience provides the foundation for enhancing and understanding the cultures, while learning academic education to get into the career.

Supportive International Programs

This largest university offers a variety of programs responsible for the coordination of numerous agreements and partnerships in the international level. The international students join the framework of this prestigious University and local students with an opportunity to travel round the world.

Supporting International Students: The Role of a Personalized Approach

Incoming international students are offered with the assistance to ensure smooth transition to a new environment and are offered the free French lessons.

Recruitment and Career Development: Through the principle of merit, Universite Angers uses its hiring process by prohibiting discrimination while hiring employees’. It enhances the experiences while providing comprehensive applicant information and advocating for standardization.

Student Services Offered by Universite Angers

Universite Angers (UA) focuses on delivering quality services to the students for their successful learning.

Comprehensive University Libraries

Universite Angers has three prestigious university libraries namely Saint-Serge and Belle, Beille campuses in Angers and Cholet. These libraries offer:

  • Off-campus shops for business between 9:00am and midnight, seven days a week
  • “Affluences” application to provide occupancy rate and waiting time in real time
  • Lending of the equipments like cameras, video projectors, headsets, charging equipment, and any other related devices.
  • Daily exhibition of contemporary art and photographs throughout the year

Student Medical Services

Prioritizing student’s health and safety, Universite Angers features medical centers in Angers and Cholet, providing:

  • A health inspection of each student when they initially arrival in the school.
  • Visit with family doctors, physiologists, nutritionists, gynecologists, and social services in the academic year.

Universite Angers also ensures holistic care for its students by providing services like general medicine, mental health services, sexual health counseling, nutritional advice and disability support.

Accommodation for International Researchers

Universite Angers cordially work in relation with halls of residences and hotels in the affordable reasonable tariffs to international researchers.

Student Life at Universite Angers

Universite Angers offers great facilities to make the living environment and the number of clubs with the varied and active students.

International Office: A Helping Hand for Global Students

For the safety and security of students and researchers, Universite Angers has the dedicated international office to assist all international students and researchers before and during their stay, by providing them –

Orientation week, Individual appointments, Administrative formalities guidance,Orientation tours of the campuses and the town, Cultural day trips to the region, Organized events for students during the academic year, A Buddy System as an inter-cultural Mentoring Program and Teaching French in the French Language Centre for Foreigners (CeLFE).

International Researchers: An Overview of the Research

Helpdesk contains information on administrative matters, accommodations, and many other things for the international researchers visiting the Universite Angers.

Connecting Culture at UA

Universite Angers offers free events such as shows, concerts, University Creative Days, art and painting, meeting, and contests in photography and writing. Le Quatre is a multi-purpose area in the Universite Angers that is the cultural hub that serves as a performance hall, stage and sound systems.

Students of the Universite Angers are given membership ID for offering various facilities in the courtesy of culture card system to encourage them to participate actively in several organizations and support them through special funds.

Sports at UA

The sports service team (SUAPS) has the mission to direct and promote sports, artistic, and physical campaigns among the students of Universite Angers. They also offer one free sport class per semester and also provide participation in activities such as discovery planning.

Universite Angers Rankings

The Universite Angers is the most renowned university across the globe occupying the World’s Top 1000 Universities System in the ARWU of 2019 and consistent with 2020 result.

‘Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS), has recognized the Universite Angers for offering the impressive research activities, especially in the following disciplines – Clinical Medicine, Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

CWTS Leiden ranking 2020 and CWUR ranking 2020-2021 have also recognized the Universite Angers in the World’s top 700 universities.

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